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So where is the Origami sculpture?

It seems like the Statue of David, once a piece of public art is moved for construction projects it will take several years and some needling to get the city to pull it out of storage. I believe the city paid over $30K for the original sculpture. It was placed in storage after Stockwell Engineers bought the land to build their ugly rectangle building on Falls Park Drive. While I may be indifferent on my opinion of the piece, I do like it’s uniqueness and could fit in well within any park in Sioux Falls or public space.

My suggestion would be to place it in the refurbished Van Eps park on the East border facing West. Speaking of Van Eps, drive by sometime. It looks like the city had NO CHOICE in refurbishing Van Eps since the construction of the UNNEEDED and GROSSLY EXPENSIVE Romantix Annex Administration Building, they are using the park for a place to store piles of dirt.

Either way, curious just what are the plans for the Sculpture.

Interesting Sioux Falls City Council Working Session on Tuesday

Besides the mayor blabbering about the State of the City and the Joint Minnehaha County meeting the most interesting meeting will be the Working Session;

City Council Policies & Procedures Discussion

I guess the council will discussing the council’s procedures manual. I’m sure they are going to go after public input again.

Bummer. Sioux Falls City Council meetings are not this fun. (H/T-SO)

City Council Public input in San Clemente, CA • March 2017

The Mayor doesn’t understand appeals and the council doesn’t understand hydraulics

Who thought this thing would cause such a fuss?

When I watch the council meetings from home, the fun stuff always happens.

Oh well, I’ll give you my ‘tractoring’ advice from home.

I am already exhausted before I even start explaining the city council meeting tonight.

Deep breath.

I asked councilor Stehly to question why the city needs to buy a brand new snow trimmer at a cost for $300K tonight by pulling it from the consent agenda. I never thought it would turn into an argument about public input and appealing the mayor’s decision.

But it did. (please watch the spectacle – right after public input)

It amazed me that councilors Starr and Stehly (with 2 votes from Erickson and Neitzert) pulled off an appeal of the mayor’s decision to close down public input on a consent agenda item, but what was even more interesting was when the mayor asked what the appeal meant? And questioned if Starr knew more about Robert Rules then he does (yeah, he actually does, it’s kind one of his ‘things’).

So after that fight was won, a board member from Great Bear came up and testified AGAINST Stehly saying the new trimmer was needed ‘for the kids’ of course.

Poetic justice?

Well not really. Growing up on a farm and working construction I know a little bit about ‘hydraulics’ it’s those greasy tubes that have hoses that break a lot (that’s the unscientific version, but stick with me.) Before the public was ‘allowed’ to speak during a 10 minute melt-down and a confused city attorney, a Parks Department mid-manager explained that the current snow trimmer was ten years old, at the end of it’s warranty life, and had 7,000 hours on it.

Uh, okay. So?

He then tried to explain that it was at the end of it’s life. LOL.

Not quite. He continued to say that replacing the hydraulics on it (if they break) would cost around $60K.

So I guess in his world if you get a chip in the windshield of your car, you need to replace all the windows and headlights.

First off, in ‘tractoring’ life, 7,000 hours is ‘breaking it in’. That is basically 6 hours a day, 116 days for ten years.

Secondly, on the farm, if a hydraulic or hose breaks on your tractor, you don’t replace every piece, you fix the problem. It’s like saying you need to replace a $500K combine because it got a flat tire. It’s ludicrous.

There’s also the argument that if ONE of these hydraulics breaks you have to be shut down for a long period of time. Not true, a good mechanics garage with the city would have back up parts that could be replaced in a timely fashion.

So there you have it, a lesson in Roberts Rules of order and greasy tractor parts. Who says that city council meetings are not interesting?

The South DaCola straw poll sucks

I sometimes wonder if Sioux Falls City Councilor Christine Erickson is Clash fan?

Over the last couple of months I have heard pretty much an equal amount from both sides that she is either running or she is not for mayor.

It really heated up today after Diamond Jim’s announcement. I got two calls she is in and one she is not in.

(I have a bunch of snarky things I could say between these parenthesis, but I’m not going to, you can thank me later Christine).

Please run for a 2nd term on the council, and make the announcement TODAY, so I can free my phone up for the latest deal from Expedia.

2016 Code Enforcement Annual Report

Matt Tobias, Code Enforcement Czar will give his Annual Report Tuesday to the city council at the informational meeting. I will say this about Matt, I like his approach to code enforcement and by looking at the numbers it looks like he is taking a ‘softer’ approach. But there is a ton of work to do. I hope when the NEW administration takes over in 2018 they keep Matt on board and do a complete overhaul of code enforcement (Making it constitutional and all).

While they often brag over 90% compliance, it seems they struggle with collecting fines. You can see the full document here (DOC: code-enforcement)

Neighbor Zoning (SF City Council, March 7, 2017)

Zoning, done to abuse those who can least fight the abuse. Notice how the neighbors are once again thrown to the side in a quest to park a semi? Well as long as Jeff Schmitt says it’s OK, we better just suck it up and do it?

The March 7, 2017 Sioux Falls City Council was asked to approve the old Franklin / Joe Foss School building property to C2 after attempts to make it C3 failed. The possible church to whatever is now going to be a bunch of smallish shops. Well, good luck to all of them.

Sioux Falls City Council update (3/21/2017)

It’s about time we got one of these for the prudent tax payers of Sioux Falls!

There will be 93 items on the city council agenda Tuesday night, including many abatements.

In the interest of that, six city councilors and one school board member will be having equalization meetings next week when it comes to property taxes. Councilors are asked to serve on this board and REQUIRED to do so, but somehow two councilors (one of them who is in leadership) conveniently got out of it. Funny how it coincides with their vacations. Things that make you go Hmmm.

Land Use Committee

Annual Development Summary (there was NO docs attached)

City Council Informational (once again no supporting DOCs posted yet)

Fuel Control Audit

SculptureWalk 2017

Code Enforcement 2016 Annual Report

Sioux Falls Thrive (I’m sure is the similar presentation Candy did for the Minnehaha County Commission)

Regular City Council meeting

In the Approval of contracts, I saw our annual contribution to the Sioux Falls Arts council of $47,000 (which I support) but I find it ironic that we had a good thing going with the SE Arts Council at the Horsebarn and we pulled that funding (which was less) and had a lot of great programs going thru that building that were FREE to the public. Now we are subsidizing a butcher shop museum at Falls Park that is NOT free to the public. Let’s talk about our arts funding priorities.

In the same Approval of contracts we have $1.6 million going into the Convention Center. Pretty amazing right after we just spent $100 million on a new events center.

For Parks and Rec they are getting a Snowcat Groomer (which I have no idea what that is) but she’s spendy, $300K

There are many tax abatements and 1st readings for ZONING items. Looks like a very long meeting, would have been a good time to take a vacation if you were a councilor, oh, that’s right two of them are.

Sioux Falls City Councilor Theresa Stehly guest on Belfrage Monday Morning (3/20/2017)

Theresa will be talking about several things Monday morning at 8 AM on 1320 with Greg Belfrage, including affordable housing and the downtown parking ramp.

What happened to the denied raises budgeted to the City Unions?

Remember the argument the city unions gave to proactively pay them? They said the money had already been budgeted. In other words the approximately $150K was already sitting in the account.

As the mayor reported on B-N-B’s show this morning, a resource officer at a local school recently shrugged off the mayor and wouldn’t look at him. Gee, I wonder why?

So what happens with the money now? I asked a local reporter and several city councilors to ask the same question several weeks ago, and haven’t gotten an answer.

One of the councilors had the idea of using the extra money on some training programs within the Police Department.

Not sure where it is, but I am still waiting on an answer, because knowing this mayor and administration, it certainly didn’t go back into the reserves, it got distributed, but if not to the unions, then to who?