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Sioux Falls city council tidbits

Holy 2nd readings BAT MAN!

Items 49-72 are all second readings mostly doing with rate increases. Looks like city hall is trying to pack two pounds of crap into a one pound bag before the new council rolls in. To be honest with you, I have never seen this many 2nd readings in one meeting.

Then fast forward to item #78, appointments to boards. In some strange bizarro world, 3 names popped up that I wouldn’t expect.


So a congrats to local freelance journalist and preservationist Lura Roti for her appointment. Lura and her husband Shon own a darling little home in central Sioux Falls that is about historic as it gets (from the roof to the foundation). Lura will make a good fit on the preservation board.

Katherine is the daughter of Dell Rapids Mayor and State Legislator, Scott Fiegen. I believe Katherine works in the architectural drafting industry. She is also my neighbor.

And, it looks like John Paulson got the consolation prize of planning commission after losing to Theresa Stehly recently in the city council election. That didn’t take long . . . wink . . . wink.

NEW Sioux Falls City Council Elect introduces themselves to the Minnehaha CC today

IMAG5356~01 (2)

Starr, Stehly, Neitzert, Selberg

They talked about intergovernmental cooperation, etc.

You will notice goat roper Karsky in the back row pretending to learn something about county government.

Quote of the day

“For the ethically challenged, people with integrity are their most dangerous enemy. If you can’t be bought off or bullied into submission, they have to destroy you.” 

I have been watching behind the scenes since the election, and oh boy, if a blogger could blog about everything.

My friend nailed it above. They worry about me a lot. I appreciate it.

I knew this election would be different, and I knew their would be a lot of butt hurt.

What’s that old saying, ‘No pain, no gain.’

Councilor Staggers will be missed


I still remember the first time I talked to Kermit. He patiently listened to my rant and a few days later he offered a solution. I’ve been hooked ever since. A man who quietly helps regular citizens with their sometimes mundane problems behind the scenes.

Over the years I have caught myself defending him to no end, not because of some of the big votes on policy on the council but because of his quiet stands behind the scenes.

We have disagreed on many issues. We were on completely on opposite ends of the page when it came to funding Lewis and Clark and the Safe Home. Kermit also defended the Jesus snowplows contending that separation of church and state is up for interpretation and not really constitutional. (Kermit is a devout Christian).

While being on the council, the media coined him as ‘Dr. No’ something I am sure until this day was concocted during an editorial board meeting at the Argus Leader between Patrick Lalley and Randell Beck, though I don’t have proof :)

The fact is, Kermit has proposed many progressive ideas as city councilor in the 12 years he was there. Many he never got credit for, which I’m sure doesn’t bother him one bit. His modesty is one of his best virtues. Besides pointing out the benefits of snowgates over the years, it was the mayor who scooped the idea up during his mayoral campaign got the ball rolling, then realizing the council didn’t want to play ball (mostly because of their disdain for Kermit) Stehly grabbed it and slam dunked it.

Another brilliant idea by Kermit that was mocked? Build an Events Center without raising taxes. Which was later proved by Mike Huether, except Mike never followed through with Kermit ‘entire’ proposal, funding the center with mostly private investment. While our taxes did not initially go up, our user fees have due to the enormous debt service of our 2nd penny.

Kermit was also a fighter for history and our museums in the Siouxland area. He has been committed from the beginning to get the museums an archive building to preserve our history, something that is still floating out there, and hopefully will be achieved by this new council.

Say what you will about the little guy, he has perservered, one of the main reasons and why Kermit has been so important for serving our city is his big heart for the little man. A guy who has probably knocked on and talked to over 40,000 constituents since his time on the legislature. The Argus has often never understood why Kermit would keep getting re-elected. I believe it is because he is and was well liked and spoke up for Joe Six-Pack.

But don’t be discouraged by his retirement. Several councilors elected in this past election, not just Ms. Stehly will continue to fight for that guy. While I will admit getting to know both Stehly and Staggers over the years, they do not have the same leadership style, but they do have one thing in common, service to you. While Kermit will be missed, his legacy will continue well into the future.

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LuAnn Ford’s Lawnboy (SFCC Public Input 4/19/2016)

YouTube Preview Image

Piss off the Mayor of Sioux Falls and he sends LuAnn Ford to your house to dig through your garbage? Yup thanks to Project N.I.C.E. Sioux Falls city government is in full force to go after your dead Lawnboy. We’ve been hearing the stories for a while now. As of Monday April 18, 2016 we finally have photographic and video proof of their depravity. Looks like Cameraman Bruce should have put out the Frick and Frack’s litter box for her to dig through for whatever evidence the mayor thinks Bruce is throwing away.

We’ve been busy the last few months and a few of his friends showed up to the City Council April 19, 2016 meeting to let off some steam.

Our new Council member Theresa Stehly started the ball rolling by discussing the administration’s latest scam to pay for the water and sewer upgrades needed for the new industrial park. You know we wouldn’t need to raise the water and sewer rates if we didn’t waste the 2nd penny on the Denny and other mayoral playhouses? If you think the Denny is making money for the city you probably need to understand basic accounting.

We also had Dan Daily giving thoughts on the questionable nature of the Elmwood Holiday Inn being built by the airport runway. Wonder how much sleep is going to happen there with air guard jets kicking in the after burners?

Bob Kolbe showed up to give historical perspective to the Council and wish the soon to be retiring member a sendoff.

Our friend David Zokaites returns to Public Input to continue his lessons in police tactics of questionable behaviors documented across the country. Since he has only 5 minutes to talk, he has decided to tell his story of police abuse in sections. Maybe someday we will put all of these sessions together so his story can be told in a complete form. We wonder how many more sessions will it take?

What can we say about Tim Stanga. Here is a guy, a certain bully of a city leader, tried to start a fight with in the parking lot after a Council meeting just because he speaks truth to power straight on. There are few words we could add to his message except DUCK!! Great job Tim.

Greg Neitzert will soon be joining the august body otherwise known as the City Council in May. As a consistent attendee and advocate he showed up as usual to the afternoon Informational meeting. Oh the pain of the sitting through the theater he witnessed. It was so painful, Greg added to Theresa’s words concerning the staged event to justify the horrible sewer and water rate 18% increases we likely will soon have to pay.

The administration is working overtime to push everything through the Council they can before fresh for fighting members are sworn in. If you do not want to pay for new office palaces and higher water rates for developers, start calling all the council members and complain. NOW!

Stehly VS. Cotter, Greg Belfrage show, 8 AM Thursday (4/21/2016)


Councilor Elect Theresa Stehly and Public Works Director Mark Cotter will be on Belfrage’s show KELO AM 1320 talking about the water/sewer increases. Greg will turn on the phones for public comment at 8:30 AM. Should be interesting.

Project NICE? More Like Project Nosey.


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Press Release, Council Elect Stehly


Why wasn’t the 300 building considered an option? Because existing buildings don’t make contractors money

Lets’s face it, this isn’t about space needs, this is about rewarding contractors, architects and consultants with new jobs to do. Buying existing property that just needs some new carpet doesn’t require the millions in consulting fees;

While it wouldn’t be move-in ready for the city, Merrow’s Realtor Dennis Breske said a full restoration “down to the bones” could be completed for an estimated $4 to $5 million.

“Even if it’s $70 per square foot for all 76,000 square feet, that’s $5.3 million,” said Breske, who used to be part owner of the 300 Building. “That’s $11,320,000 (for purchase and remodel), which is still a savings … of almost $14 million.”

Of course the city has all kinds of excuses;

Officials at City Hall, though, say the 300 Building was considered before deciding to build new. Sue Quanbeck Etten, Central Services Director for the city who’s led the administrative office building project for Mayor Huether, said the floor plan, a limited amount of parking and the sheer number of tenants leasing space in the building kept the 300 Building from being seriously considered when other space solutions were being vetted in 2013 and 2014.

“It wasn’t even something we considered because that building didn’t meet any of the criteria that we needed,” she said, although admitting the idea of purchasing the building out right wasn’t entertained – only leasing space.

So which is it? You considered it or not?

In all the discussions concerning the proposed office building we hear and read, there is a concern for parking. As of right now there is a lightly used parking ramp and Romantix ground parking lots on the west side of North Dakota. The parking lots to the north and south of Romantix are currently used by workers in the 300 Building. When city staff moves into the 300 Building, these employees will be putting their cars into the same parking spots being vacated by the leaving office workers. The lot south of Romantix would finally be used consistently by city staff.
The KSFY space has possibilities for the engineers and their sensitive equipment requirements. Most of the 300 Building tower could be used in it’s current configuration. Little remodeling would be required to make the building very useable. The south wing could be remodeled, removed or expanded easily for future growth into the current city parking lot.
So there should be no further discussion of parking needs in this building purchase a possibility.

Sioux Falls Council Agenda (4/19/2016) – $189K home, affordable?

As an outgoing city councilor said to me the other day, ‘there is going to be some busy and full agendas up until the new councilors get sworn in.’

And when you read them, you understand why, a lot of agenda items the new council may not approve of.

Let’s start with Item#1, approval of contracts;

Affordable Housing Solutions, $547,000.

Wow, they must be building at least 6 single family homes with this. Nope. Three, at a cost of $189,000.00 a piece. In modest central neighborhoods on existing lots. Think about that for a moment. While our affordable housing waiting list hits about 4 years with thousands of folks looking for housing, we are blowing over a half million on THREE HOUSES!

Inefficiency at it’s highest. And you should see what they sell them for to prospective buyers (about half that price). The contractors are the winners in the end, smiling all the way to the bank.

During the informational meeting, you will see a presentation about water rate increases, and you will see the city is quick to move forward on raising these rates again before the new councilors get sworn in.


Affordable housing grants, pensions, housing rights, WATER RATE INCREASES  with sewer and electrical.

Items#80, Elmwood Golf Course Hotel.