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UPDATE: Huether VETOs Repeal of Admin Building

He gives the middle finger to a majority of the council and citizens. His ego and arrogance takes the day once again. He claims that the city employees have done their due diligence (taking orders from him). Expect a petition drive and initiative to be announced today.

Admin Presser


Where was the importance of the Admin building when Mayor Mike was cheerleading for the indoor pool?

I asked this same question at public input (FF: 16:00);

Caller John asked (and re-asked a couple of times) why the mayor supported the indoor pool before the proposed city services building.

A good question. A really good question, it just didn’t need to be asked four or five times.

Which reminded me how the RR relocation project got buried when the ‘Build it Downtown’ peeps wanted that area for parking of a Downtown Events Center.

He did say he wasn’t going to reveal whether he would veto the Council’s decision to resend the previous vote by the previous council to approve the building. I hope that makes sense (he also said he made his decision, but wouldn’t reveal it yet).

Always when it is convenient for Mike and not convenient for the citizens. Way to lead with the time God gave you Mike.

Sioux Falls City Council public input, July 19, 2016

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Kicking back night & donuts at Council

There’s the troubled five again. Good thing the mayor has given them a name even though the membership is always changing, Tim Stanga proudly wears the label July 19, 2016 at the Sioux Falls City Council meeting.

is the label because he is trouble or because it troubles the mayor when he and his cohorts show up to speak?

Sierra Broussard did a photo presentation thanking some police department personnel for the assistance she received the previous weekend. The police seemed to be pleased with their free donuts.

Shocking behavior. All is good and not one got hurt.

Waambulance Rate Increase Vote, July 7, 2016

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Call the wambulance, the people are going to be shocked I tell you with the rate increase. If the citizens are shocked by the crappy service the ambulance company gives now, what are they going to do next? Shocked and appalled is one way to feel.

Shocked I tell you shocked. The next thing we are going to need to do is give several people in the room hearing tests or issue Red Bulls to keep them stimulated enough to pay attention. Shocked I tell you, Shocked!

Mayor Huether set to give 2017 budget address on Tuesday

I wonder if he will make a decision on his veto by the time he makes his address?

Mayor Huether will probably veto admin building repeal

During Dem Forum today, he brought up the administration building and the importance of the proposed structure, he also ‘claimed’ the last council approved the bonding of the facility. That is not true, it was a 4-4 tie with him being the tie-breaker.

After his words today, I suspect he will veto the repeal.

He also told councilors Neitzert and Stehly that were in attendance today that they need to learn how to work together as a team . . .

Admin Building Re-Vote, July 19, 2016

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The new Sioux Falls City Council has spoken and it was strong. Our newest members worked as a team with Christine Erickson and slammed the brakes on the administration’s new office building.

It looks like we might be seeing a Council working together to help forge a new vision of possibilities. Actions taken July 19, 2016 show the Council is the policy making body of the Charter. The policy is look and see what else we can do to do it better.

The administration decided to spring this building idea on the town and City Council April 14, 2015. With no warning and in the usual great secrecy, the mayor started swinging (with a PowerPoint). It appears his elbow surgery had been a success, allowing him to aggressively push his plans and knock out people’s teeth.

It took 15 months to get some sanity into the building discussion and sanity said stop until there is real dialogue with our other state and local governments.

With five years in this gig, the mayor and his staff were a bit off their game getting names confused and losing their places. It was interesting to watch city employees popping up like it was their spur of the moment decision to get into the fray.

Councilor Rolfing & Mayor Huether are planning changes to public input


The key word here is ‘planning’. I warned councilor Rolfing last night in public input that he should be cautious about moving forward on changes because he would have a big fight on his hands.

He supposedly cooked up his proposal in the top secret operations committee meeting in the basement of Carnegie on Tuesday. I am unclear what is all in the proposal, but I heard it involves ‘comment cards’.

The plan is to have each commenter sign in with a comment card and write down the topic they choose to speak about. Then the mayor or Rolfing would sort through the cards and pick the commenters they wish to speak by calling them forward.

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

While I am not opposed to signing a sheet to say I will comment (it’s good for the clerk to have the correct spelling of the commenter’s name for the minutes and the record) I am not in favor of being called up like I am in 3rd grade speech class.

Picking and choosing the commenters is a blatant disregard for the spirit of free speech and the 1st Amendment. Elected officials are in place to serve us, not the other way around. I often say if they have a problem with that arrangement, do us all a favor and resign.

As I have reminded the mayor and council in the past, if public input is disruptive or offensive, the commenter can be gaveled at that time and asked to stop or even leave. The chair has that power and I agree with that procedure. Some people do get out of control and can be frivolous.

But picking and choosing who can comment and about what is favoritism and goes against transparency and open government as a whole. Something the mayor absolutely hates with a passion.

I know that some other folks in the media are aware of the proposal and won’t stand for it either.

Like I told Rolfing last night, I welcome the debate about changing public input, bring it on, because you are going to lose, and lose big time, and in the process you are going to look very foolish, if you don’t already.

In the dark of the night?

Will Huether veto the admin repeal in the dark of the night, or is he really taking his time to decide whether or not he wants to waste his political capital on a veto? He could also be just dragging his feet to as close to the October due date so the council couldn’t try to stop it again;

On Wednesday, Huether issued a statement saying he will hold off on responding to that vote, though he did not give a specific timeline.

Huether said he “recognizes the interest and importance of the project and also celebrates the due diligence and sacrifice put forth by the city’s project team and the city council.”

Don’t expect a press conference either way.

Mayor Apology?

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