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What are your thoughts?

I found this image of Christine Erickson interesting. A sitting Sioux Falls city councilor essentially endorsing a Senatorial candidate. While I don’t have a problem with her endorsing a candidate (even if he is a crooked snake) I question why she would want to emcee the event and put herself in that spotlight?

The one thing I have learned about following SF city government, whether you are Republican or Democrat it is always best to portray yourself as a non-partisan in the capacity of your service to the city.

It will be interesting to see how residents portray Erickson now and the decisions she makes as a councilor, no matter if Rounds wins or loses. Some will ask,

“Is Christine a puppet for the SD GOP? Will she treat Sioux Falls Democratic business owners the same as Republican business owners? Will her decisions be based on ‘Big Republican Government’ or common sense. Does she approve of how Rounds has handled EB-5?”

These are important things to think about when you are serving on a non-partisan body of government while out publicly endorsing party members. There is NO fine line. Endorse away, but stay out of the spotlight.

Not sure about you. But it has changed my opinion about her.

SCREENSHOT: Dakotawarcollege.com


SF City Council Public Input 14/10/14

We learned tonight how the Sioux Falls Water Department gives out personal data to complete strangers, not good. The property owner, John Stratman, also has been trying to get a neighboring property cleaned up without success. Were the code enforcement officers so concerned about breaking the law and then prosecuting their own lawlessness they ignored our speaker’s concerns? How about sending someone from social services to see if there is a problem needing to be addressed?

Our friend Robert Kolbe showed up to remind the Council and Mayor of many stupid things done in the name of progress or greed in recent Sioux Falls history. Our South Dakota temporary – permanent mentality is kind of warped. Why do we consider something our grandparents built of amazing natural materials, always have to be torn down to put up a tin shed with flaking concrete?

Our own I.L. Wiedermann brought a few concerns up about the event center siding tonight. Earlier in the day, Michelle Erpenbach let him know she did not care how it looks or turns out. Ever the watchdog, he publicized her lack of concern and for her lack of responsibility to the people of Sioux Falls. Way to go Michelle!

When I.L. was finished speaking, Rex Rolfing decided to add some fire to the embers and the mayor firmly shut him down. Then Michelle decided to come clean about her disregard of the process.

It brings up a few questions;

1. Why didn’t the mayor want Rex to engage I.L.?

2. Why do the Council members sit like bumps on a log when they could ask more questions of citizens?

3. Why do council members not allow each other the courtesy of getting answers?

4. Why is it, the Mayor can have exchanges with speakers but not council?

5. Why is the Mayor so tightly controlling the meetings, past mayors have allowed good exchanges?

6. When will we get an actual accounting of the E.C. project with the list of ALL contractors and suppliers?

Tonight’s meeting left us with more questions then we could ever get answers to from our transparent administration.

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Stehly’s recognition at the SF City Council meeting

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SMG, Ovations & Events Center change gratuity policy

To my surprise, I was listening to the SF City Council informational meeting and Councilor Erickson mentioned that she was able to TIP on her debit card at the Events Center at the Jason Aldean concert. At the Joan Jett concert, I could not.

After the informational I spoke to someone (city official) who attended the Joan Jett concert, and I said to them, “I wasn’t able to TIP on my debit card at the Jett show, were you?” They said “NO.” Then I said, “Did I speak to the city council about tipping ‘before’ the Aldean concert?” They said, “Yes.” I attended the city council meeting last night to correct councilor Erickson on her ‘assumption’ that tipping on debit cards was available at the Joan Jett concert and grand opening events. It was not.

Not saying I had anything to do with the policy change, but am glad the policy was changed, and hopefully they will also be able to put out tip jars at the beer stations in the future.

History Lessons, 7/10/14 Public Input

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, lots of typos. If you don’t like it, complain to my boss :)

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SF Central Services and Risk management doesn’t bother sharing their drone policies with the City Council

This goes back to what I have been saying all along about the administration lacking transparency with the council and public. The departments make up their own rules and don’t bother sharing them with our city legislative body;

Central services staff came up with a set of policies for the drone, which was reviewed by the risk management department.

So not only did they go buy a ‘toy’ without council approval and checking FAA rules, they came up with their own set of rules. That’s like saying since I own my car, I can drive it as fast as I want to.

Before the drone goes back in commission, the city council needs to review all of the rules and policies pertaining to it’s usage.

SF City Council Public Input 7/10/14, Poverty Lesson

Sioux Falls City Council received an ear full during Public Input about our wonderful city economics.

Learn about the excellent employment opportunities available to those excluded from the ivory towers of the Best Little City in America.

Listen to the wonderful childcare programs Sioux Falls has to offer the least amongst us.

This should be required viewing by all. Do something positive about it, don’t just make fancy speeches at press conferences. Get real jobs in South Dakota for the real people.

Positions like Mayor of Sioux Falls, Governor of South Dakota, and more have the ability to change the economic landscape for the people struggling at the bottom of the economic ladder.

We don’t need more fast food jobs, drug mule jobs, prostitution or clerking in a Walmart to grow the South Dakota economy. We need stepping stone jobs to train the young to become productive in holding the ladders the wealthy stand on.

Our society cannot continue to strip the dreams of a parent to pass on a better life for the kids. We don’t need more playgrounds for the wealthy, subsidized for the wealthy and allowed access to the privileged.

When will our self-serving City administration, State government leaders and Federal officeholders realize they are setting America for a big fail by ignoring the economically struggling people of the hidden Sioux  Falls economy.

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SF City Council Informational Meeting 10/7/12

So now Dean just proposes ordinances without talking to the rest of the council, just the homebuilders association?

While this is a great debate to have, I think the issue isn’t the building permits,

1) There was a bad hailstorm

2) Building services has one speed (very slow) and can’t keep up

3) Dean is trying to look important (again)

At the end of the day, this will probably fail, building services and contractors will catch up, and the head of the department can go back to having a beer at Monk’s at 5:05 each weekday.

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Get to googlin’

Love the consent agenda (Item 1), they bury a half-million of affordable housing expenditures in it with some ‘vague’ ownership names, when you  start googlin’ the shit you get a wide array of fly-by-night attorneys, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the city should contribute to affordable housing  . . . but through legislation & regulation, not tax dollars.

Like I said, just start looking up this crap, sad how some attorneys in town are lining their pockets with our tax dollars to house the poor. Just imagine if the entire $500K went to rent, how many people that would help? But hey, lawyers need a roof over their heads too :(

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NEW Meeting apparel for the SF City Council

To heck with watching TV or scolding Kermit because he doesn’t have the infinite wisdom that Erpenchickenbachbach has, it’s nappy time.