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Does councilor Rolfing foresee legal action against a fellow councilor

WOW. The Rhetoric couldn’t be more ridiculous. Better put a hat on it, or take it off, or make people sit down . . . I forget.

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Huether says government can be run like a business

I have often shaken my head when Huether suggests this. They are not the same, for several reasons.

To my surprise I found this page in a booklet I was reading from the SD Association of County Commissioners. The booklet is called ‘So You Want to Be A County Commissioner’.

I thought the one page was very concise in explaining the differences.

The middle part that I highlighted actually intrigued me the most. While they are referencing County Government, I think Municipal Government would apply. Notice ‘Sharing decisions’, ‘Public involvement’ and ‘Public Eye’.

Huether prefers to run the city like a business because he doesn’t like to share the ball with the city legislators, the council, or the general public. He acts as the CEO of the city instead of a fellow lawmaker.

I want to remind Mike, once again, that government and business ARE not alike.



For those who agree?

With Who?

Better put a Disclaimer sign on this dude.

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Councilors Erpenbach & Rolfing riding the pine today

Councilors Erpenbach and Rolfing missed the whole point of ‘conflicts of interest’ when it comes to the ethics of councilors last night (FF: 7:40).

In their disdain for Councilor Staggers (at one point, Rolfing told councilor Staggers to go sit down who was presenting his resolution from the podium, let’s talk about decorum Rex, that was a real classy move) in reference to Kermit’s resolution to allow councilors to be committee members in their respective parties.

Rex seemed angry when reading his statement, which he should be, but it was entirely misdirected towards Kermit’s resolution. I joked not to long ago, Erpenbach and Rolfing would vote against a promoting World Peace resolution if it was Kermit’s resolution.

Rolfing was angry about conflicts, but not once mentioned the obvious and blatant conflict Dean Karsky has with the Chamber of Commerce, which does do business with the city, unlike the party committees. He also didn’t even bring up the mayor representing Obama as a Democratic Party delegate. That apparently wasn’t on the radar. Nope, because Karsky and Huether are not Staggers, and let’s admit it, that’s all their NO votes against the resolution by Erpenbach and Rolfing were about (they were the only two to vote against it, because you know, the rest of the councilors used common sense instead of angst while voting).

To be honest with you, they looked like fools singling out Staggers and Erickson last night, when every single one of the councilors and mayor have numerous conflicts of interest that are more detrimental to governance in this city then going to a convention for your party every couple of years.

Some people on the council need to grow up, or at least grow a brain.

The Erpenbach hits just keep coming . . .


Michelle (a Democrat) Erpenbach seems to be concerned about councilors serving as party precinct peeps (mainly because they are not serving in her respective party), she says it is a matter of ‘council ethics’.


But the city’s Board of Ethics has determined, along with City Attorney Dave Pfeifle, that while the courts have held that the exercise of sovereign power generally refers to someone serving in some legislative or policy-making capacity for a sovereign government, a precinct officer in a political party wouldn’t meet that definition.

So it doesn’t violate the letter of the city charter.

But there’s this Canon of Ethics created by the council that is meant to govern members’ conduct. Right now that canon says councilors have a civil responsibility to support good government by all ethical and legal means.

For Erpenbach, that means staying clear of any hint of political involvement.

“Our charter says we run as nonpartisan candidates,” she said. “When I go door to door, and people ask me if I’m Republican or Democrat, I tell them I am running for a nonpartisan seat.

“Now we’re having this discussion. I do not understand how you can be so active in your political party politics and still be nonpartisan.”

Where does that line ‘Hint’ at political party involvement? Basically what she is saying is that if you are a registered Democrat or Republican and you vote in your respective party’s primaries, you are practicing partisanship as a sitting council member. I know, laughable at best.

Erpenbach isn’t going to vote for it. “Our Canon of Ethics gets to the idea of service,” she said. “It’s really about citizens’ expectations about what they want from the people on the council. … and that is providing equal access to everyone.”

She ‘howls’ about partisanship and ethics but says nothing about the MONSTER conflict of interest Karsky has with the Chamber, and the ethics of him sitting as a board member that does mountains of business with the city. Let’s talk about the equal access of citizens and NON-Chamber members when it comes to councilor Karsky, that is a discussion I would LOVE to have.

Kermit of course blows off Michelle’s silliness, confessing it really isn’t a big deal;

“A precinct committee member, at least in the Republican Party, we don’t do a whole lot but go to conventions. We select people to run for constitutional offices. It’s a nice time,” he said.

Kermit, kind of sounds like your Republicans are ‘Rock’in It’!


UPDATE: Lien on Me

UPDATE: As we have suspected all along at DaCola, the city and Mortenson forced the crappy siding job. Steve Young (BTW, Great Reporting) got Dalsin to spill the beans.

These were my theories;

1) Koch Hazard actually designed a paneling system that was workable, and Dalsin agreed to apply it.

TRUE. As I was digging through some of the first drawings of the EC, I noticed the panels were hexagonal in nature. These were the designs that were supposed to be used, but Mortenson and the city rejected them to SAVE money;

But Kuik and Dalsin dispute the claim that their company is responsible for designing, specifying and installing the metal panels on the west side of the center that appear to be bulging, creating a rippling effect on the curved face of the building.

Kuik said a mockup of the wall that was fabricated in Dalsin’s yard at Mortenson’s request showed what he called “deflection in the end swedge panel joints of the flush panels.”

Everybody looked at and saw that deflection issue, Kuik said, including city public works director Mark Cotter, as well as the Koch Hazard Architects design team and Mortenson officials.

Cotter has said in the past that the bulging panels were not something he saw in the mockup. Kuik apparently disagrees.

That mockup was built to replicate the design and curve of the west side facing Western Avenue, Kuik said, though he reiterated that his company was not involved in the design or specifications for the wall. In fact, he noted that a preliminary design by Koch Hazard called for an insulated composite metal wall panel, but that it was scrapped for a corrugated and flush metal panel that came in $3 million cheaper.


Hazard designed it correctly. Dalsin agreed to go with that design, then the city and Mortenson came in and said, Notta-Collata.

Make no mistake, just because Cotter is 3rd in charge in the city, doesn’t mean he makes these kind of decisions on his own. Think about it kids, think about it.

Here is Dalsin’s press release that goes into more detail (DSPC West Radius Metal Wall Panel Information)


We once again get to see our intrepid City Attorney David Fiddle-Faddle dance. This time around the M.J. Dalsin lien during Tuesday December 9, 2014 City Council Informational. He really fancies himself to be a smooth mover.

Kermit Staggers asked him several straight up questions and Fiddle-Faddle gave several left and right answers. If you remember one of our earlier videos, David told us how experienced and successful he was in these types of issues ( check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bo-R4… ).

If you build a house you can’t move in until the building inspectors give you an occupancy permit. If you build a building for your business, you can’t use it until the building inspectors give you an occupancy permit. In Sioux Falls recently, the building inspectors did not show up before the scheduled opening of a business and it almost had to postpone the grand opening.

If you moved into your house without one, Fiddle Faddle and crew would issue a Notice to Abate, tag your door, take you to jail or other “official” documents to force you out.

What about the Sanford Event Center? There has been no occupancy permit made public. Why is this? Consider this, if the inspector issues an occupancy permit to an unfinished building and something happens, the inspector who signed it could be brought up on murder charges. This has happened in many other cities. Look it up, it is interesting.

Why does the city operate a building with thousands of people inside with different rules than we citizens have to follow? If something happens in the building or on the grounds, would the building’s insurance company cover the losses?

Who or what is the city and its officials hiding from us. You will love Fiddle Faddle’s claims of transparency, HA!

We just want answers and M.J. Dalsin just wants their money.

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Councilor Erpenbach grasping at straws over snowgates

Like the Drake Springs pool vote, it seems some on the city council just can’t stand the fact that citizens passed snow gates. Like Drake Springs*, they need to get over it and move on. Like I told a person yesterday, I didn’t vote for the Events Center, but the citizens said they wanted it, so it is what it is, all I can do now is make sure the facility is ran properly, and the councilors should do the same about snow gates. Huber put on a great presentation that was factual, positive and forthright, and all Rolfing and Erpenbach did was grasp at straws about snow gates usefulness. Michelle even went as far as saying it might potentially affect real estate values. She mentioned that people on the end of the block may not get as good of service as people in the middle, and somehow in her crazy reasoning, this would affect home prices on corner lots. (Actual Presentation, starts at 1:04)

WOW. Michelle has said some pretty ridiculous things, but this takes the cake. It also shows how little she knows about real estate and should concern us that she is voting on affordable housing issues and planning and zoning.

First thing I was told when I was looking for my first home, “Don’t buy a corner lot.” They are notorious for more sidewalk to scoop, more yard to mow, more trees to trim, and you are responsible for scooping the sidewalk ends. Some people like corner lots, but they are known for more maintenance, this isn’t some real estate secret, and certainly, snowgates are not going to change these facts.

Michelle and Rex need to accept the vote of the people, and move on, snow gates are a part of city ordinance passed by the citizenry by over 70% of the vote. Stop crying about them.

*Actually, ironically, it is good thing citizens voted for an outdoor pool at Nelson Park, since the Aquatics Consultant the city hired said due to groundwater issues at the park, an indoor pool at that location would have had maintenance issues.

Another Patty Cake night at the City Council Meeting

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Sioux Falls City Council Agenda, Item #8

Screen shot 2014-12-06 at 5.43.51 PM


The above piece is satire. To see the original document, click on above image.

Interesting to find out why we had to send half the SF city council and staffers to Austin


Besides the fact that Austin, TX is really freaking fun, I think one councilor and one staffer would have been fine. Funny how they need to have a full blown interrogation of Dr. Staggers when he wanted to go to the American Dream Conference, but ZERO vetting when they had to send this many councilors to a conference in Austin with their overpaid $80K+ a year presentation maker.

Maybe Kermit messed up by not making his trip expensive and purposeless.