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Video tape Parks Board Meetings

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Kermit is asking for open government in Sioux Falls again and guess who doesn’t like it, again? Yup the old schoolmarm. She just doesn’t stop hating everything to do with open government. It’s as if we the people are too stupid or dense to understand the basics so she has to keep reminding us of her special place.

Kermit asks a very simple question about holding the super duper top secret Sioux Falls Park Board in the open in the Carnegie Town Hall so they could be broadcast for the Citylink viewers ability to watch.

Here we have a city department sucking and spending a major part of our city revenue with no oversight. We ask a question and they close down the meetings. The schoolmarm was once on the Park Board and still protects it from the Council. She still is so protective she doesn’t want Kermit to bring it up.

We also ask all to consider the questionably legal maneuver she has performed recently getting named to the Spellerberg Aquatics citizen committee. She got herself named to the committee to make decisions for her special interest then she turns around and votes as a councilperson on those very same proposals.

A few conflict of interest type issues to work out her and she does not want anyone to see it. Open government anyone? Next thing you know the schoolmarm will bring out her ruler to smack fingers for raising questions.

Sioux Falls & Weirdsville City Council holds first ‘informal’ meeting

I’m told the meeting is NOT at Carnegie or being recorded because this is an ‘informal get to know each other’ meeting.

I’ll bring the snacks and handycam, who is bringing the beer?


Public Input 3/3/2015

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City worried about Mobile food vendors, still waiting to hear about restaurants recycling


While the city worries about where these trucks park and sell taco in a bag, they still haven’t addressed my issue with restaurants recycling glass, aluminum and plastic. They claim there has been ‘complaints’ about noise and litter. How many? And did they know that current ordinances already cover litter and noise? This is a non-issue looking for a solution.

Kill these proposals!

Rumblings about joint County/Council meeting


There has been some discussion about whether the denial of the solar farm CUP permit last week during the Minnehaha County & Sioux Falls city council joint meeting was even legal? Why? Some motions were not voted on.

Not sure what will be done, but will be interesting to watch.

Where was City Councilor Huether last night?

I’m not the only one asking the question. Several public officials asked me if I had any insight :) Besides Mike, Commissioner Bender was the only one that was not present with the two boards. Jean had a conflict of interest because her husband’s company has an appeal pending with the solar farm land, or something like that, ironically something I warned the Commission about when they were considering her for the commission, but hey, what do I know, I’m just a cranky blogger.

The mayor often calls himself a city councilor, and he should be available for tie-break votes. So why was he a no-show? Did he have a conflict of interest also? Bender fessed up with her conflict, will the mayor?

SF City Council (Mostly Rolfing) bullies Minnehaha County Commission in denying solar energy permit

And the ironic part about it all, the permit was OUT of the city limits. The city council should not have even been voting on the project.

I have never seen two bodies of local government at the utmost level of immaturity.

Maybe City Attorney Loop-hole Fiddle-Faddle needs to give them a lesson in ‘civility’.

Watch the whole thing here. The arguments at the end are rich. The pure ignorance of the permitting process and attaining investors went straight over their heads. I even got to go up and poke the eyes of the Koch Brother-Teabagger dirty energy lovers and all of their BS rhetoric.

The only two members of the boards that showed any inkling of intelligence on the issue were a Staunch Conservative and a Staunch Liberal, Staggers and Barth.

If you wanted to pour yourself a big cup of ignoramus, they were serving it at Carnegie Hall tonight.

Is the city overusing consultants when we already have overpaid professionals?

I know I have brought this up several times over the years, in fact, I believe in Councilor Staggers 2nd term (he is in his 3rd now) there was some numbers presented to the city of what they were spending on consultants, and it was staggering (excuse the pun).

You have to realize that the departments that use consultants, outside counsel and professional advice are the engineering, the legal and finance department.

According to the January 2015 salary report (DOC: 2015-Wages-January) Read this a few times and your stomach will churn) there are these many people on the payroll in each department;

Engineering; 73

Finance; 29

City Attorney’s office; 13

You would think that with this many ‘professionals’ working for the city in each of these departments they wouldn’t need ‘consultants’ to tell them what to do?

So why is that?

Well the obvious, they need an outside consultant to give them the answers they want, and if they get their tits in a wringer, with a decision they make, they can always blame the consultant.

But get this. If a consultant sends a plan to the city, let’s say an architect’s plan, and a city engineer signs off on it, if something goes wrong due to the plans, the city engineer is liable due to their sign off. Which of course doesn’t mean a hill of beans for the consultant or the engineer, but costs the taxpayer in the end (EX: Events Center siding fiasco).

Let’s look at some examples. On Tuesday the city council watched a presentation on the parks. The consultant charged around $59K. In his presentation he pretty much said the city was doing everything right, which is fantastic. So councilor Staggers asked, “So if we are doing everything correctly, why should we pay you to tell us that?”

Another example is the water rate increases, which the city was WAAAAYYY off on. Why is it that our water department can’t get with the finance department and figure out how much money needs to be raised for the enterprise funds to maintain water and sewer? This is simple accounting, projecting and algebra, but we had to hire a consultant (who was wrong) to justify the increase.

Lastly, it’s story time on DaCola, and Ol’ Man Detroit is going to tell you a story about a hole in the wall. Recently a former city employee told me about how their department needed a hole in the wall at one of their department branches and it had to be done to a load bearing wall. When they approached the engineering department about plans, they referred them to an outside architect who came in and essentially chuckled and said, “This is a hole that needs to be made, you need to contact an engineer.”

So I ask again. Do we need all of these consultants? Or better yet, do we need all of these ‘do nothing’ city employees?

Public Input ‘High Five’ 2/17/2015

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Spellerberg neighborhood advocate Liz Mulenburg is still trying to get the city to settle the Quit Claim Deed issues with the Veteran’s Administration before the city spends $24 million on the aquatic center. If they are planning to build it, it might as well be with the VA’s blessing. But then again, this city does little with the people’s blessing so why should they care if they have the fed’s?

Remember the money borrowed to build up the flood walls? You know the money the city has to pay back soon? Yea, that money. The money the Feds finally reimbursed us for so we could pay the bonds. Well it’s going to be spent on this pool thanks to this sub-prime credit card administration. So when the Feds need the space and take the park with everything on it, we get stuck with the bill.

I hung out the wash in our 5 minutes (timed myself to the second) and getting the guys upfront to high five each other was a class act. (during my testimony, the mayor and city attorney high fived each other about something) Our city administrators seem to think they can do as they please so long as we are given five minutes to blow off a little steam.

It’s as if they are saying “Who cares if the public is right, we are in charge and will do as we please”.

Call in the clowns

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