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Poorly written Taxi Cab ordinance


I will start by saying that there are many GOOD things in the new vehicles for hire ordinance that was passed on Tuesday (Item#39):

• Background checks (I actually think there should be drug tests after seeing a cabbie tug on a number last summer while sitting in a parking lot downtown).

• Sealing meters & vehicle inspections (this is great for public safety and consumer protection)

• Taking the shortest route and posting the rates

• Proper permits and licensing

YES! These things needed to be done. Now to the bad parts of the ordinance;

• Eliminating the fuel surcharge (this makes cab company owners suck up the loss when gas prices fluctuate).

• Fare limitations and regulation (while many of the regulations I mentioned above are good, they are going to cost cab companies money and profit loss. Since they are listing the rates, they should be able to charge what they want, with minimal limitations. Not only will it help them recover the regulation losses, it will create healthy competition, which helps lower rates).

• Permanent signage (this is silly on many levels. Some cab companies use their vehicles for personal use, why should they have to do this? I think magnetic signs when they are in service is fine).

Staggers said it best, service will only get worse and our options will be limited. It amazes me that while we are arguing about better public transit in this city we would regulate cab companies out of business.

I think this ordinance will need a major overhaul in a couple of years because taxi service will become less convenient and frequent. While it will be cheaper to ride in a cab, you may have trouble getting one, and your wait times will go up. I also see a possibility of a taxi ‘black market’ being created. The internet is a strange beast, and I see people looking into running non-permitted taxi services during the peak times on the weekend advertising on the internet.

Time will tell if the new changes will work. My guess is they will not.

UPDATE: City Councilor Elect, Erickson to start a petition drive

UPDATE: While Christine may be involved with the petition drive, it is Wendy McDonnel who is heading up the drive, NOT Christine.

113Christine M Erickson_PRlr

Soon to be newly sworn in Christine Erickson, will be starting a petition drive (referendum) to change the school start date in the SF school district to after Labor day. I guess she addressed the School Board about it in the last meeting, and they rejected her request.

It will be interesting to watch a city councilor chair a petition drive.

The city clerk’s ‘Double Standard’ when it comes to financial disclosures

This is what Huether submitted for his financial disclosure. City Clerk approved it saying it was ‘unintentional’ that he did not file everything. Heck, he doesn’t even list his mayoral salary.



This is what council candidate Bonita Schwan filed from the advice of city clerk Lorie Hogstad (Doc:  bonita-schwan_SFI)

It’s been known for a long time that city clerk, Lorie Hogstad, singled out Bonita Schwan in misleading her on her financial disclosure. Instead of just telling Bonita she could be ‘vague’ and ‘general’ in her disclosure, she asked for a detailed report. I won’t speculate why this was done, I could have a million reasons, but read the email transcripts for yourself (starting with the earliest);

From: Bonita Schwan
Sent: Monday, January 27, 2014 9:37 AM
To: Hogstad, Lorie
Subject: Re: City Council Meeting Calendar

Good Morning Lorie it is Bonita Schwan.  I was reviewing the forms in my Election Packet this weekend and had a question regarding the Statement of Financial Interest Candidate for Public Office form.  My question is specifically in regards to question number seven (on page 1) and the definition of “Nature of your association”(page 2, 3.) and “Close economic interest” (page 2, 4.(2)) and “Enterprise” (page 2,4.(3)).  For example, do I need to list municipal bond income that I received in 2013 from St.Paul Minnesota that is in excess of $2,000?  Thank you for your help
Lorie.  Bonita Schwan.

E-Mail Dated 1/29/14

Hi Bonita – My apologies for the delay in responding to your question. The answer to your question would be yes, that you would need to report the municipal bond income.  Please let me know if I can furnish any additional information.

Sincerely, Lorie Hogstad, CMC

So why wasn’t this important piece of information given to all of the other candidates? Why is it that Bonita was the only candidate that needed to be ‘unintentional’ in her disclosure?

This shows us a couple of different things. Huether plays by his own rules and the city clerk and city attorney allow him to do so. It also shows that the clerk’s office lacks consistency on implementing the rules. But they also don’t know how to write a simple ballot correctly, go figure.

Citizens for Integrity Statement

By Bruce Danielson

Citizens for Integrity is a good government mission. Spending a life fighting battles for equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunities for all forms a compass to move forward in the darkness of greed.

Citizens for Integrity is not a NIMBY project. Many of those who have come together in this effort do not live close to any of the neighborhoods in question. We have nothing to personally / financially gain from these issues. My personally work will never intersect with any of the parties to these issues.

There are those who criticize what we are doing in order to expedite the ability to get a construction bid or some other favor.

The goal of Citizens for Integrity is only good government. The Ballot is Sacred. How hard is it to understand?

Just imagine any of you were running for election, supporting a measure to say make green the new purple, you would want to make sure every vote counts. You would wish the ballot reflected the hard work you put in to get the Initiative on the ballot so your neighbors could vote on it.

We have processes in place to make it happen. We have problems with the current cobbled up mess our city government is showing. We have a mayor who has shown no bounds for breaking long established customs and rules. He has fired (or arranged for) quality personnel, appointed replacements to do his work and then gets upset when someone finds out what is going on.

We are pointing to problems with an election and the system. The leaders of the four petition efforts are not driving this effort, I am.

This is not a NIMBY effort, this is a moral and legal effort. When will you get off your computers and fight for something good on behalf of your least able neighbors in the name of good government? If you sit at your computers and complain all day, you are doing nothing to improve the system for all of us.

So to those who only want building projects so they can sell materials to it, sell land, have their kids going swimming or sneak a special code into a big complicated document, we are sorry for you. You have lost the value of our system and ways. This is not a greed movement, this is a good government movement.

The next few days will tell a lot about our system and the way we move into the future. Hang on, it could be a bumpy ride.

SIDENOTE (Detroit Lewis): I watched the Minnehaha County Commission meeting it shows why the County Commission differs from the City Council. Bruce receives praise from the commission for finding errors and asking them to get resolved and even the county auditor, Litz attests to Bruce’s diligence. Walk over to Carnegie Town hall, and all he receives is scorn for finding mistakes. The tale of two cities I guess.

And now onto the Council meeting. Crickets. No explanations, no apologies, no remorse.

Now we have this to contend with


“The mayor needs to keep his nose out of some things.” – Steele


Just a few minutes ago when Manny Steele was asked by Patrick Lalley on ’100 Eyes’ about the communication between the council and mayor . Manny made the above comment in reference to the termination of former city clerk Debra Owen. Wow! It was nice to hear this finally from someone running for the SF city council.

What does SF Council Candidate Kiley exactly ‘do’ for the safety council?

Rick Kiley

‘Helmets are for wussies!’

While the Argus Leader allowed council candidate Kiley to tout his government experience today;

Kiley, 60, is retired from teaching high school biology and now works as director of the South Dakota Safety Council’s motorcycle rider education program.

He’s served on a number of community boards, including the city’s Falls Community Health board, the Sioux Falls Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Interstate 229 corridor study. He’s also vice chairman of the National Association of Motorcycle Safety Administrators and served on the governor’s task force on impaired driving and roadway safety.

One has to wonder how successful he has been in those roles and may explain why he isn’t very good at answering questions saying he likes to base his decisions on ‘facts’. Sitting on several safety boards, he must know where the state sits on safety standards;

Worst States

The red rating indicates that the following states are dangerously behind in the adoption of Advocates’ optimal laws. States receive a red rating if they have fewer than 7 laws, without both primary enforcement front and rear seat belt laws.

(1) SOUTH DAKOTA Only 2 laws. Missing front and rear primary enforcement seat belt law, all-rider motorcycle helmet law, booster seat law, 6 of the 7 teen driving provisions, an ignition interlock law, a child endangerment law and an all-driver text messaging restriction.

It would seem to me, that while Mr. Kiley would like to tout all his government experience on safety councils and boards, he should probably hope that no one looks at the state’s record on traffic safety, because those ‘facts’ reveal that Mr. Kiley hasn’t been doing much except keeping a seat warm, because he surely isn’t helping us to be much safer.

Can Huether fill Janklow’s shoes?


South Dakota’s original A-Hole politician

Scathing. I told a person this afternoon that I haven’t read a column like this in the Argus since Randell Beck wrote the Dan Scott parody (and they had to settle out of court on that one).

Amazingly, while I have known Mr. Ellis for several years, we don’t exactly ‘hang’ but I was surprised by some of the same observations we have, this one particularly got my gander up;

He isn’t the first politician in South Dakota to exercise politics with brute force. Another guy was Bill Janklow. They come from different backgrounds, but they share similar governing styles. Get in their way, and you’re going to be a victim of blunt force.

It’s something I have coined as the ‘Janklow Complex’ I often tell people that Huether possesses it. It’s this notion that it is okay to treat 50% of the public like dirt as an elected official as long as you are charitable to the other 50%.

It’s the policy of a person weak at heart. Someone who must justify their bad behavior by being good to others. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect. But this isn’t about me, it is about those asked to serve the public.

Don’t believe this most obvious comparison? Take Huether’s financial interests in local development, then think Janklow. Isn’t it amazing how a person (Billy Bob Janks) who worked in public service most of his life became a millionaire? In SOUTH DAKOTA!

Wow. Huether is 2 for 2 in the last couple of days being compared to corrupt Republican politicians. First Mundt, now Janklow.

But let’s get on to the finer points of the article;

It took a little more than a year for Huether to lead a successful effort to build a $115 million events center. It took the council just as long or longer to decide how many chickens residents should be allowed to own.

I busted out laughing on this one, just yesterday at the Listening and Learning session I told people in attendance that our city council was more concerned about chickens then barking dogs, and it took them a year to figure out how many we can own. To which Huether agreed, saying, “That’s true.”

I would not be surprised to one day see a picture of Huether screaming at street crews at a construction site to move a pile of dirt,

Just to note, there is a video floating around of Huether dropping F-Bombs at a street crew on 6th street. Trust me, Detroit Lewis has tried to obtain this elusive video, but no success yet. but I hear it competes with the original South Park movie, except no one is screwing any uncles.

Vote Lex Luthor this April 8th

When a politician has to tell you they are honest, ah, well . . .


Emmett Reistroffer for Sioux Falls • At-Large City Council


My Bold Vision includes the following TEN commitments:

  1. Adopt a fiscally conservative budget that doesn’t increase the debt without cutting spending or reducing taxes
  2. Improve competitive bidding and assessments and evaluations for contractors
  3. Stop the “Boom Town” mentality from sacrificing smart development
  4. Bring high-income jobs to Sioux Falls
  5. Provide tax relief to working families
  6. Use our strong economy to the advantage of City Government
  7. Address the rising crime rate with evidence-based practices for public safety
  8. Promote fairness and transparency in government
  9. Work with the County and State to ensure a productive relationship between all sectors of the government
  10. Put our brains together to enhance our city with amenities and attractions that sustain an active population

Read the details of his Vision here (Doc): BoldVision_packet