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The City of Sioux Falls response to ADA complaints? Lawyer up and stall

I have been complaining about the horrible shape of the sidewalks and curbs on our city’s main retail corridor for a long time, and I am an able bodied pedestrian, imagine riding a scooter down this bombed up war path;

“I was expecting that the study would have been done, or it would have been enough to say that this fiscal year we will be doing this, this and this,” Santee said.

Crews from the federal agency cited 26 pages worth of ADA violations in Sioux Falls.
The city has four areas to work on.
The FHWA is asking Sioux Falls to enforce ordinances for private property owners, maintain sidewalks, correct public right-of-ways that are currently not compliant, and take immediate action to correct about 11 miles of sidewalks and curb ramps that were not built to code during overlay and reconstruction projects from 2009 to 2013.
The city’s response outlines studies and evaluations for each of these areas asking for up to nine months to lay out a plan.
This worries Santee.

“Will we live long enough to see anything happen,” he asked.

The city did cite a project in the design phase that would bring curb ramps into compliance on Minnesota Avenue from 18th to 33rd Street.

“I was hoping something might get done in the interim period between when it was filed and the Letter of Finding finally came out, that the city would start doing some stuff,” Santee said.

The irony of all this is that if the city just handed out code violations to the adjacent business owners, they would have to pay for the upgrades, not the taxpayers. Not only that, you would think that if you had a business on the busiest retail corridor in the city, you would want your curb appeal to look good and be safe? There is also the hypocrisy of the city going after (private) citizens for 8.5″ grass and an inch of snow on their sidewalk, but not bothering to hand out violations to businesses for crap sidewalks. Talk about bad neighbors.

Judge Salter will rule on the validity of the petitions by tomorrow


According to the AL’s Joey Snevaboloney’s live tweets, the hearing finished. There were two things that stood out from the Judge. He asked the city clerk, Tom Greco, if there was a difference in voter registration between the state and the city. (of course there isn’t, and Salter probably knew the answer, but wanted Greco on the record, he answered ‘No’).

The judge also admitted towards the end of the hearing that he will be ruling on the validity of the signers. This is important, and our argument all along.

UPDATE: Stehly apologizes to the council for ignoring the gavel and decorum


Theresa didn’t apologize for speaking out for the citizens, but she did apologize for ignoring the gavel;

“Today I want to apologize to you for not recognizing the decorum of the gavel,” Stehly said.

“I want to say that moving forward, I hope that we can work together with a renewed sense of peace, integrity and respect,”

I will give Theresa credit for taking the high road on this one. Can we expect an apology from the chair? I know this wasn’t easy for her, but sometimes we have to face our humility.

The timing of her apology is kind of ironic especially with all the different letters to the editor supporting her online today;

As for Councilwoman Theresa Stehly, “You go girl.” She can keep fighting for us, the voters.

And the graces keep coming;

We are still wondering why three other councilors made a huge change in their vote on the new city building. The only reason given was that Mayor Mike Huether would have gone ahead with his plan unethically, no matter what the vote was. To change your vote just because you will lose anyway, is neither staying with your conscience and values, nor good for good government. Those three counselors all passionately said it was a hard vote. Voting right is not hard, but making a wrong turn is hard if you have a conscience.

And one more for good measure;

I have read a few articles on what Councilwoman Theresa Stehly is doing wrong, but in reality, these articles are saying what we the people are doing wrong. Stehly is the voice for those of us who voted her in, and to date, based on many examples she is doing, what we want her to do.


Mayor Huether says Stehly’s performance last Tuesday was inappropriate

The mayor finally weighs in. And as usual when you give him a microphone he can’t resist to go on.

He says that he wishes he could say what went on in the executive session. Huh? Did I miss something? You were not in the meeting, so who shared it with you? I thought those meetings were not recorded and the people in those meetings cannot share what is discussed? So who shared that information with him? Is that a violation of the executive session?

He also goes on about the attacks to the city clerk and the city attorney. He claims the city attorney doesn’t just work for him, he works for the city. That statement in itself is hilarious. When Danielson brought up ethics charges against the mayor, he couldn’t walk 100 feet to his hearing, and the city attorney stepped off the dais as the advisor to the Ethics Board and defended the mayor as his personal attorney.

As for the city clerk, that is still unresolved as far as I am concerned until a judge rules in the case tomorrow.

Once again the mayor admits to some interesting stuff over the 34 minute interview.

What’s next for retiring Augie president Rob Oliver and term limited Mayor Huether?


Rob has accomplished a lot as Augie president. He could easily run for political office, and win. At 62, he could be weighing running for office as something to cross off his bucket list. Many retired people in high stature careers decide they want to serve the public after their successful private careers. More power to them.

Is Rob considering a mayoral run in 2018? Not sure, you would have to ask him. But there are some interesting factors if he decides to run.

It is no secret that Rob Oliver is close friends with Mayor Mike Huether, they are probably besties. That being said, an endorsement from Mike and even getting him to help with a mayoral campaign would be beneficial to him. I have always said Mike’s biggest accomplishment is getting elected after being a virtual nobody. Oliver isn’t a nobody and well known in the community. With the help of Huether he could be a real contender.

There is also the factor if Mayor Huether runs for governor or another higher office. He has hinted recently on the Greg Belfrage show that he may become an independent. It is no secret that Joe Lowe and Jeff Barth are seriously considering running on the Democratic ticket. It is also no secret that Jackley and Mickelson have already organized their campaign camps on the Republican side.

So what about the Huether camp? If he decides to run, will he want to challenge Lowe and Barth or go it alone as an independent?

The more I watch Huether over the past few months, it seems to me he isn’t running for higher office. I think he has loved being mayor, and wants to be mayor again. So how does he accomplish that? The rumor floating around is that since Mike is term limited, he couldn’t run again for 4 years, and he may be looking for a ‘place holder’ to run. That could be a lot of people. Anderson is seriously considering a run, Oliver could run and even Jim Entenman has been mentioned.

I’m not sure what Mike has planned, as a huge anti-transparency politician, he keeps his cards close, but some people close to him have mentioned to me, he may not be interested in the governorship.

Time will tell I guess because there is also the Noem factor. Maybe the secret is written on the tyvek behind the bent up siding on the Events Center? Now that is a conspiracy theory you can fun with.

God of Many Gavels


Now they are timing the informational meeting presentations?

I guess they are on a tight schedule now with the council. Maybe since none of them are getting very good raises they all have to start using public transit?


This is all very strange, and to tell you the truth I have NO idea what it is all about. Maybe this is why they got mad at Stehly, she was interrupting the bus schedule for the city directors that had to catch a bus.

As I have said in the past, anyone who works for the city or is elected is getting paid to be at these meetings, there are no time limits. If they start to go long they can always be postponed.

Mr. Yellow and not Mellow


In the things we miss but others report to us the  glorious and exalted leader of the Sioux Falls City Council (in his mind anyway) decided to be a smart ass at a pretty luncheon on Thursday September 22, 2016.

During a special CVB luncheon & meeting being held at the Sanford Pentagon, Rex Rolfing decided to brag about “his” soccer tournaments coming to Sioux Falls next summer.

To start the soccer presentation he thought he was in charge at Carnegie.

Seeing Theresa Stehly was not in the room and him never being mellow but quite yellow when the coast is clear, decided to start by calling the meeting to order.  His method? He repeatedly slammed his empty pop bottle like a gavel on his table top. Making a lot of noise as he called his meeting to order.

Someone in the room shouted “You’re out of order!” There was an uncomfortable chuckle in the room and likely two embarrassed City Council members.

Mr. Mellow and Yellow just shook his head and said “I’m just practicing for next week” as he finished. The crowd did not appreciate it.

What was even more embarrassing about this lack of decorum, this was a very special event being put on to show off the Pentagon to the hospitality industry. Our Rex was an ass and not even apologetic as he finished.

By the way if you need rooms for next summer, Rex made sure everyone there knew all Sioux Falls hotel rooms next summer were for his needs during the tournaments not your family reunions. Thanks hotel Czar.

 What a sick man.

Rex’s House Rules #1

Back to the Plantation & Whips, September 20, 2016

Before getting back to basics on budget night, the citizens who witnessed the earlier shameful Rolfing power play and the cowardly behavior of some of Stehly’s “colleagues” decided to let the large in-house crowd and the massive viewing audience in on the joke called Sioux Falls City Council. September 20, 2016 will be remembered for what NOT to do to your fellow member. The speakers reminded them.

Did we witness, how to be a turncoat just because? We’ll put it out there as a question which only can be answered by the offending member(s). The public input speakers got it. The audience got it. The massive number of people watching TV, CityLink, internet and more could not believe what they saw when they got it.

Should we be ashamed of the help given to certain people in the recent campaign? We’ll decide because we all must decide. Trust built on pledges and promises is hard to earn back when lost.

Tim Stanga was eloquent. June Staggers started off the festivities with a quiet dignity. Our own L3wis took us down memory lane while the clerk’s staff got David Zokaties PowerPoint running. Did Sierra let the Council know they should be taking sensitivity training in Pierre also? If not, it is a great thought though.

Cameraman Bruce just wanted to know if the Mayor, Kiley and Rolfing got out their whips to beat down the plantation inferiors, trying to get them back in line for work. Did they get upset when a couple of them didn’t line up?

Everyone should be calling and emailing Rex Rolfing at Phone: 367-8808 and email: rrolfing@siouxfalls.org to let him know what kind of person he was and will remain in our hearts.