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Another Candidate for Sioux Falls City Council, Northwest District


Erin Srstka is the JDAI Coordinator for Minnehaha County.

One more throws their hat in the ring


Tammy knows she is a woman.

“As a woman and a minority, I can have conversations that other people don’t have,” said Enalls-Fenner, who identifies bi-racial.

Really. I talk to women and minorities every day, in fact I consider them good friends, not sure what conversations I am missing out on?

Take a look at Tammy’s website, not sure what she does, but all I can say is she is probably more qualified then most who sit on the panel. :)

This part peaked my interest;

Partner with like minded Christian Conservatives to educate them about their responsbility to participate in political issues.

Oh boy.

Heavy Hitters from the Argus Leader

They showed up to the Sioux Falls city council meeting to support open meetings and agenda notification times.

Trust me Pat, I often have that expression while watching these meetings. I wonder what taco shop Cory is thinking about?


Sioux Falls Mayor Huether and crew blew a lot of smoke over the past week

Forget about the straight winds pelting us with snow today. The smoke flying from city administration buildings is a whole lot harmful.

Yesterday during the SF city council informational meeting, during the indoor pool update, councilor Erpenbach pre-arranged a little theater with the admin’s staff. She had to get her gripe in about Cameraman Bruce (without using his name) talking about secret change orders and costing more money for the lobby. Michelle is probably partially correct. While the entire project may not go up in cost, certainly money was diverted from other parts of the facility to put the luxurious fireplace in the expanded lobby. But where the theater gets good is when Michelle has an exchange with the project manager, Kendra, about change orders. Michelle asks is anyone can see the change orders, and Kendra says they can, they just need to request them from her.

It’s the normal Huether bait and switch, tell you one thing in public, do the opposite when the rubber hits the road. We will see if requests are responded to.

But let’s go back to last Thursday when the old steam engine Huether was huffing and puffing about 2015’s TOP TEN WINS & SINS. Towards the end of his blustering, he couldn’t resist to mention that the city has won ALL of the court cases against the SON neighborhood in reference to the zoning and building of the Southside Walmart. He wasn’t lying, they have won them all, no thanks to a bias judge and the mayor pulling a surprise colonoscopy the day he was supposed to testify in court. In fact, his testimony would have been the lynchpin of SON’s case, but apparently his hemorrhoids were acting up so badly he had to setup (demand) and emergency procedure, in which I heard the only thing they found was a ‘perfect asshole’.

What Huether is not mentioning (which technically isn’t lying) is that the case has been appealed to the SD Supreme Court. Not sure how the high court will rule, but the city has a really bad track record when it comes to winning there. Really bad. So I wouldn’t be pulling a GW Bush ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner out just yet.

I have no doubt if the SC rules against the city and Walmart, the store will remain. I think the bigger repercussions will be against the city. If the mayor thinks he had a butt emergency a few months ago, he will quickly learn what a real pain in the ass feels like.


Northeast District candidate announces for Sioux Falls City Council, Pat Starr


Pat will have a press conference tomorrow at the Oakview Library at 4 PM.

While I don’t live in Pat’s district and can’t vote for him, I do support him.

There are also rumors he may have a challenger, but she has not formerly announced yet.

UPDATE: Is SD Democratic Party Chair, Tornberg considering a run against Thune?

UPDATE: I got word tonight that Ann is NOT running for the position.

Over lunch, the rumor mill gets a going. The latest is that Ann Tornberg (or a close relative) are going to put their hat in the ring to run against Thune. We will wait and see.

I also heard that Pat Costello is considering a run at mayor again. I jokingly responded, “Did he also say, AND this time I am spending TWICE as much!”

There should also be two announcements next week for the Sioux Falls city council Northeast District. I will keep my opinion to myself unitl after their announcements, but let’s just say, this will be the race to watch in the upcoming city election.

Citizen’s Top Ten City Government Losses of 2015

On the eve of Mayor Huether blabbering about his TOP TEN WINS of 2015, I decided to post the anti-wins that occurred in 2015.

  1. The $1 million dollar events center siding settlement done in total secrecy.
  2. City councilors approving of a new administration building and construction manager at risk before they get a price estimate.
  3. The lies of the Parks Department become reality when the cost overruns on the new Aquatic Center are revealed to a surprised city council.
  4. The Tuthill shooting incident and the apparent secrecy of the SFPD, that now consider the case ‘inactive’.
  5. Falsehoods about the Events Center profitability.
  6. Violent crime was on the rise in 2015, and continues to spiral upward.
  7. Embarrassing fight between the city council and mayor over free pool and bus passes for kids.
  8. The RR relocation project proves to be the biggest waste of Federal tax dollars in Sioux Falls history, and still doesn’t solve the problem of rail traffic in the heart of our city.
  9. Mayor Huether proposes the largest budget in city history, then goes out and starts looking for ways to pay for it.
  10. SIRE is still broke, heck even more broke.

Honorable Mentions;

  1. Two TIF’s are granted to projects that are NOT in blighted areas.
  2. Paramedics Plus is granted the ambulance service contract for the city, even though they are the most expensive and had several conflicts of interest with the consultant helping to choose them.
  3. Stormland TV’s cozy relationship with the mayor is ignored by the station’s GM and the company’s corporate owners.

Bruce Danielson on Viewpoint University, Jan 22, 2016

YouTube Preview Image

KSOO gave permission to replay broadcast

He was also on Belfrage this morning. You can listen to the podcast here.

Cameraman Bruce to appear on Belfrage show, 8 AM Monday (Jan 25, 2016)


Bruce is fresh from speaking on Knobe this past Friday. He will continue the convo about council agenda postings this Monday on Greg’s show.

Argus Leader agrees, agenda musical chairs not a good idea

While we are called ‘hurtful’ and ‘meddling’ with city business, seems the city’s newspaper agrees with our stance, status quo is working just fine;

We all know that deadlines force decisions. Moving the deadline to get on the agenda to Monday will just delay the decisions and actions required to bring the issue to the council in the first place.

As if to illustrate that point, Hogstad told Argus Leader Media that even if the deadline where changed to the 24-hour system that in most cases the agendas will be available on Friday in most cases.

Which begs the question: Where’s the problem?


There are no problems, that is why after pressuring them, they are considering leaving it as is, which still permits contracts to be presented as a late as 5 PM on Monday.

This is about a bigger issue, some councilors and the administration trying to eliminate public input. They tried once before and got shut down, they must have short memories.

The rumored plan is that Councilor Rolfing plans to take the council chair position after the election (he is assistant now) and make a concerted effort to eliminate public input, or push it to the end of the meeting or at the 4 PM informational.

Not only do I not forsee that happening, I would like to go back to old form of public input in which the mayor and council actually interact with the public when questions are asked. I would also like to see a different council chair elected, several are gunning for councilor Erickson, who can actually complete full sentences when arguing a point . . . I’m just saying.

This of  course will depend on the next council makeup, which looks promising.