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AirBnB mysteriously changes from Bed & Breakfast zoning to short term rentals

Short term rental or short term friendship with the mayor?

First off, I agree with the city, a ‘short term rental’ like AirBnB should be just that, a rental. For it to be considered a Bed & Breakfast it has to have a ‘service’ kitchen that serves food to the renters that needs to be inspected by the health department. Since it does not, it is pretty much like any other apartment, but just for a shorter time. But this could ruffle the feathers of your homeowner neighbors who ARE not short term renters.

The rules seem simple. The state requires a tax license;

Beginning Sept. 1, Airbnb will begin collecting and remitting state and municipal taxes on all eligible bookings in South Dakota.

The City of Sioux Falls requires rental registration;

Short Term rental properties (such as Airbnb, VRBO, etc.)

This all makes sense, taxes paid, registrations in check.

But here is where it gets a little ‘sticky’ and all that ‘transparency’ thingy a lot of council candidates like to talk about lately. This story from 2015 paints another picture;

“A bed and breakfast requires a Conditional Use Permit and approval of the Planning Commission for that permit to be approved,” said Shawna Goldammer, Sioux Falls Zoning Enforcement Manager.

Goldammer says an Airbnb is considered a bed and breakfast. Chances are, Airbnb hosts are unknowingly operating illegally.

“What the ordinance does for us in Shape Places makes residential residential. So when you live in a residential area under a residential zoning district, you can expect residential in your neighborhood,” said Goldammer.

Like I said at the beginning, I don’t consider short term rentals a bed and breakfast. What I take issue with is that after Shape Places passed and Goldammer made these statements, somehow the rules disappeared into the night without any action from the city council . . . that I can find.

What is also very interesting is that council candidate and incumbent, Christine Erickson’s main business is ‘short term rentals’ and AirBnB. Please tell me the rules didn’t change quietly in the night after a secret handshake with our mayor and code enforcement?

The irony of this is that Erickson could have had a very public debate about it, and would have probably won and got citizen support. Or maybe not. Would you want to own a home next to a short term rental in a residential neighborhood? I have renters in my neighborhood, I don’t take issue with it, but it’s not a revolving door either.

I would really like to know how these rules just magically change when it affects a city councilor’s business and a mysteriously renewed friendship with the mayor.

Kind of like the Downtown Parking ramp deal, Erickson got a little back peddling to do.

Sioux Falls City Councilor Theresa Stehly’s message to the Mayor & Media

Theresa sent this out this afternoon to the mayor and media after the tragic incident at Falls Park;

Dear Mayor Huether and Director Kearney,

I am writing to voice my concerns about the tragedy at the Falls.  Citizens have also been expressing their concerns with adequate safety while preserving the beauty and access to the falls.

I am urging your support  of increased signage and a temporary barrier  during the spring season due to the  dangerous foam and slippery terrain at the site of the three tragic deaths. I will support appropriating funds to make these safeguards a reality, along with any effort to clean out the foam in the area.

A temporary Spring fence could be done in a way to enhance the beauty, while adding extra protection to visitors.

Our prayers go out to the family of visitors who lost their beloved daughter. Let us work as a community to ensure that this does not happen again.

Thank you for your consideration,

Theresa Stehly

I’m against permanent fencing, I think when they put up the chainlink fence around the Japanese Gardens at Covell Lake it ruined it.

I do agree though there should be a much bigger and prominent signage that is permanent, and maybe temporary fencing in the Spring when water levels are high around the dangerous areas. They have put in temporary fencing in the past after heavy rains. It’s not a matter of funding, the city has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars decorating Falls Park during the holiday season, we have the resources to put up temporary fencing. Another thing that could also be added to the larger warning signs is the potential hazards with just touching the water which has high levels of chemicals and E-Coli in it (the mayor has refused to put up the recommended signage in the past). If the rushing water doesn’t scare you, the possible health affects should.

It would be hard to clean up the naturally occurring foam.

But I also believe people must take some personal responsibility, and no amount of signage or fences can fix ignorance. If something looks dangerous, it probably is.

Dem Forum; At-Large ‘B’ Candidate Forum, Erickson & Weiland

Notice later on in the debate how Erickson tries to blow off her involvement with the Downtown parking ramp. She mentions that Hultgren is no longer involved and Lamont properties is in charge.


When Erickson sat on the SECRET RFQ (Request for Qualifications) Committee, she picked Legacy, ran by Norm Drake and Aaron Hultgren. When she voted for the Parking Ramp, it was being developed by Legacy, Norm and Aaron (no mention of Lamont). When it was found out that Norm, Aaron and company were dragging illegal asbestos across our city and being criminally investigated, Erickson voted AGAINST the repeal.

Don’t let Christine fool you, she was all in from the beginning with Norm and Aaron, and she continues to support a private/public partnership with a company that is being sued in civil court and criminally investigated by the Feds.

There ain’t no splaining that will get you out of that.

Sioux Falls City Council Agenda March 20, 2018

Woot! Woot! There is only ONE meeting this time around, the regular Council meeting, and it doesn’t have much.

Item#1, approval of contracts, apparently our own parks department can’t bother themselves to mow the grounds around our water plants, we contract it out.

Item#48, Inclusion Resolution, I guess the mayor had to get one more feel good thing in before he left. While I certainly think that there isn’t anything wrong with this resolution, it really doesn’t mean a hill of beans coming from an administration that has totally ignored our social issues in this community for an entire 8 years.

The next mayor and council need to move forward with putting some legislative teeth into inclusiveness, not just words on a piece of paper.

It was Sioux Falls City Councilor Pat Starr. Why not just say his name?

Mike Huether’s administration decided to take the ‘passive agressive’ approach when throwing a fellow elected official under the bus;

Recent comments made to a local news organization regarding Sioux Falls Fire Rescue and the Sioux Falls emergency medical services (EMS) system are a disservice to the residents and visitors of our city. When it comes to medical emergencies, our community is in safe hands.

What were the comments and who made them? Your press release doesn’t mean anything unless you tell us these important details. Maybe Mike’s communication director needs to go to ‘Writing a Press Release 101’ class.

Oh, and it gets better;

Sioux Falls Fire Rescue is exploring the potential to utilize paramedics, currently employed within their department, to be advanced life support responders during specialty incidents. Specialty incidents include events like water rescues, structural collapses, and SWAT responses. The addition of this response capability will have no impact on the City’s contract for surface ambulance service.

It will in fact have a HUGE impact. First off, we will be subsidizing our private for-profit ambulance service more AND we will finally be allowing 1st responders from our SFFD to perform advanced life support instead of waiting for a phantom ambulance to show up.

It’s time to move forward with a public ambulance service and stop the games.

Sioux Falls City Council Public Input, Mar 13, 2018

Don’t we wish his time was over? Since we all know the expiration date is near the countdown is on. Just 60 days left before our misery is over with the guy who makes these meetings a pain. We had an amazing experience with someone running the meeting the week before who actually wasn’t trying to hide something. The man who complains he can never recover from the accumulated Public Inputs he’s had to suffer through will soon never have to sit through them again.

Why do we go through this pain every week? It was great to see Sioux Falls lawyer Bob Trzynka, our regulars Sierra Brossard, Tim Stanga, David Zokaites, Mike Gunn, Detroit Lewis, Cameraman Bruce be joined by Thor Bardon and Jim Guisler to let the Council and city in on the latest.

The main theme seemed to be about how nice the meeting was the week before with someone else in charge of the meeting. The overflowing number of thank you comments to the Council Chair did not seem to go over very well. Hmmmmm…..

Bob Trzynka, Mike Gunn and Jim Guisler did a nice job letting everyone think about the sound issues in Sioux Falls. It turns out the sound levels they are trying to enforce are lower than the regular ambient levels. Do ya think there’s a problem? Enjoy what the MayorCam caught of the moderator’s fumbling meeting management.

There was a few moments caught on video of Tex Golfing’s smug attitude in pulling off their attempt at 2018 election rigging. The moderator and soon to be gone Tex Golfing only have a few more meetings to be smug in, then it’s the classic “don’t let the screen door hit ya where the good Lord split ya”.

End the Rex Rolfing Nightmare on May 15

If you watch the City Council meeting last night you will see councilor Rolfing up to his normal head shaking, I am right attitude with his right hand man, Mike ‘Rude Boy’ Huether returning to run the meeting.

It didn’t take long for Mike to insult someone at public input, accusing a local attorney of not being ‘organized’. In fact, the attorney was doing what a good attorney does, speaking slow and methodically to present his case. But Mr. Ramrod wasn’t having it, luckily though councilor Stehly was able to extend his time.

So after 8 long years of MMM and his lap dog Rex Rolfing, imagine my surprise when I heard Rex was running in my district (13) for the House race. SAY IT AIN’T SO!

I have already threatened to register Republican so I can vote for Noem in the primary, but with this latest revelation, I could also use my switcheroo to vote against Rolfing.

Please, my Republican friends, let’s retire this disaster of a public servant on May 15th for good.

Is Sioux Falls city government bailing on changing Downtown noise ordinance?

A great view, of a nightclub roof.

After several citizens showed up last week to ask the city to AT LEAST do a study of decibel levels downtown, it seems not much is happening, except more complaints.

Common sense would tell you if you have mixed use with commercial (a nightclub) next to residential, the one producing more decibels would get precedent, NOPE. The quieter use is used instead of a fair balance between the two uses.

As we all know, ambient noise downtown alone is probably between 58-60 decibels. Wouldn’t a study by the PD and Health Department using the ‘L’ scale be worth it? The scale takes a 10 minute reading of the lows and highs of decibels and gives a 90% average reading. Makes sense.

I think 10-20 locations should be picked downtown to do the reading, and each location should take readings every 2-4 hours, Monday-Sunday. Once those readings come in, we could figure out an average at those different times for downtown.

I think the city just ‘telling us’ what is acceptable is unacceptable until we really know what is reality. Maybe 55 is a good place to be, but until we know what the averages are, we don’t know where the starting point is.

I also think some building codes and zoning needs to be changed for residential units. Even if we didn’t have a nightclub next door to a residential unit – traffic, trains, airplanes, etc., are probably louder than what current code is.

Let’s face it, if we are going to continue to develop housing downtown and other development like hotels and commercial we are going to have to come to grips with the fact we have turned downtown into a bustling entertainment district. We MUST make changes NOW while we are still growing, otherwise we are going to have a code enforcement nightmare down the road as downtown gets more dense.

Marty Jackboots to make a campaign stop at the Sioux Falls City Council Public Services meeting

I heard yesterday that Marty will be making the presentation to the council on Tuesday to talk about crime and drugs. I’m sure it has NOTHING to do with running for Governor.

It was sure nice of Councilor Erickson to invite our AG to campaign at Carnegie. The rumor in Republican circles she is on Jackboots ‘short list’ for possible Lt. Governor. First he has to beat Noem.

Sioux Falls Candidate interviews: Sioux Empire Podcast

Robert and crew have put up several VIDEO interviews HERE. Scroll down to bottom of main page. So far Gunn, DeBoer, Weiland, Anderson, Entenman & Bardon have done the video interview. I do know that Jolene is also scheduled for next week.