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City of Sioux Falls to explore options to Paratransit

In the consent agenda today at the city council meeting they will be proposing testing an alternative to Paratransit for disabled riders;

Transportation Services for Persons with Disabilities

Community Coordinated Transportation Systems (River Cities Public Transit): $ 120,000

As I understand it they will be more like a taxi service for the disabled that are more ambulatory then those who normally ride paratransit, and will charge $5 a ride. It will be an experiment at this point. I expect a more detailed explanation tonight at the council meeting.


Let’s Eat n Get on the Bus SF City Council Public Input 2015 05 12

Cathy Brechtelsbauer and Melanie Bliss once again prove there are amazing people in Sioux Falls. They bring separate but equally great messages to the Sioux Falls City Council. Will the Council even listen much less act?

Cathy and five of her young friends are asking the city to provide free bus transportation for children during the summer. The buses are running anyway, why not let the kids go out and explore our town? This will teach the kids responsibility, schedules plus giving them the feeling of adventure while they see what can be seen. As Kathy points out, giving Sioux City found out it helps their federal funding by increasing the ridership numbers. What a concept! Instead of restricting service, Sioux City can grow their system. Wow… Why stop at high school age, let the college students ride also so they can go to summer jobs by using their school ID?

Come to think of it, why not make it year round? Guess we have to start somewhere…

Our next public speaker is another conscience of Sioux Falls, Melanie Bliss. Melanie speaks of the need to find solutions to the homelessness and affordable housing availability problems in the city of Sioux Falls. How can we keep encouraging people to come to Sioux Falls to work when we have no way to help the people who slip between the cracks?

We continually build palaces for the special people of Sioux Falls to enjoy while they drive past those who have no way to get to work. If we are to be so Christian like where is the lesson we were taught to help those who can’t help themselves? Really help and not pretend? Remember Paratransit?

Sioux Falls Text Ban group proposing total ban on cell phones in Sioux Falls while driving

This proposal is from SAFER STREETS FOR SIOUX FALLS;
Updated Synopsis

Here is the information that has been sent to the individuals, corporations and institutions that have expressed an interest in supporting SSFSF.  This is a new effort to improve public safety while driving in Sioux Falls.   SSFSF is a group of individuals, institutions and organizations in Sioux Falls formed to present a proposed ordinance to the City that would prohibit the use of any hand held portable electronic device while driving in Sioux Falls.  This would be a Sioux Falls ordinance and not have any application outside of the City.  It would prohibit, while driving, all forms of electronic communication while holding any electronic device.  That includes surfing the Internet with a smart phone, texting both sending and receiving, cell phone conversations, game playing, etc.  Austin and San Antonio, TX are the two most recent cities to ban hand held electronic devices while driving.

The use of hands free electronic devices to make and receive telephone or audio transmissions is permitted.  GPS devices are allowed if affixed to the vehicle.  Calls to emergency personnel are permitted.  All other uses of hand held electronic devices would only be permitted if you park your vehicle.  Emergency and medical personnel are exempt if they are acting in an official capacity.
I’m against this for a number of reasons, first the obvious. Educating drivers on how to be better drivers goes a heckuva a lot farther then any laws.
Secondly, it would be a nightmare for the SFPD to enforce. And thirdly, like the unneeded texting ban, there are already laws in place for reckless and careless driving. If you are distracted while driving (talking on phone, playing with the radio, arguing with others in the car, or even spilling hot coffee on yourself) and cause an accident, you can be charged. A total cell phone ban is unfair to those who can handle driving while talking on a phone.
Like I said above, I am all for EDUCATION. I would even be willing to have the city council authorize spending $100,000K on it. But a ban on cell phone use in cars, good luck with that.
I also believe this would truly set the city up for a battle with the state legislature, the Attorney General and the Courts.
I suggest to the group, if they want the ban, to have a petition drive and get it on the ballot. This is too complicated of an issue to let 8 people and a mayor decide. I think it would also be something that would be very difficult to pass on the council.


SF City Council Public Input 2015-05-12

Our MayorCam is in full use for tonight’s meeting. Let us know what you think.   While we’re at it we’d like to let you know what you can look forward to in this video.

Accountability is an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions. The one thing we can count on not happening in Sioux Falls city government is anyone willing to be accountable for their actions. They have a loophole for every possible way to spin a solution into a problem.

Bob Kolbe, Detroit Lewis and Greg Neitzert work to help spin the problems back to solutions.

We are reminded of the big oil pipeline break north of Sioux Falls and the damage to the aquifer with the added bonus on how the city screwed up the long-term fix back then. Why don’t we learn? Why does the city constantly spin everything to the breaking point?

Detroit takes on da Mayor’s Take My Answers Citylink show where he tells us we are going to need to clean our own streets. Is the city so broke the sweepers can no longer come by our houses? BTW, how much spendable cash is actually in the City’s cash register? It must be real bad when the Pavilion has to charge for the Visual Arts Center. You remember the promise made to keep it free if it went to the Pavilion? Yea, that one.

Last, we get an education in process and purpose from Greg Neitzert. The games played for the “Special” regular April 21, 2015 City Council meeting. Violating city ordinance is no big deal, so why should anyone care? Greg did and he lets the Mayor and Council know. Greg’s is one of the best to hit council in quite some time.

What do you suppose the response is going be when a member of the public uses words like malfeasance, disaster and “government can’t work without accountability and transparency” all in the same thought.

SIRE was not working real well during this meeting but we were able to make it happen for you. Sit back, have a beverage, popcorn and enjoy our MayorCam presentation of Accountability

Should we have a Events Center Construction Audit?

After many EC contractors I have spoken with told me about some of the stupid change orders, I think an audit would be wise.

And BTW, thanks Rex! We’ve been sitting here taking in your church dirt example of construction billing fraud. Interesting parallels to Kermit’s construction cost and labor questions at the Denny.

With an over budget indoor pool being built in the same billing method as the Denny, we need to really work the audit process. How many hidden dirt piles are we paying for? How may phantom employees did we pay?

If the siding came in under budget and we have thousands of gallons of water ready to flow through the walls, who audits the construction process? Every contractor willing to talk off the record (you know they won’t go on the record and survive in this town) says the siding was installed incorrectly. How do we get it audited?

Has Mortenson been paid everything? What’s the story on MJ Dalsin?

BTW, if any of our workers, builders and suppliers want to continue helping us with this construction audit, drop us a line. You will not be the only source for the answers to the questions we have. For those who have helped so, thank you. We are not done looking for the answers to the $117,000,000.00 questions.

So thanks again Rex for helping with the right answers to Kermit’s audit requests. We hope your church was able to settle the dirt.

Apparently either the Pony Express or Shopping News carriers are delivering code enforcement notices


Mayor Huether seems to be confused tonight at the council meeting about how to stack a pile of firewood

Minnehaha County treasurer Pam Nelson showed up tonight to explain to the city how to mail out proper notice in the mail for a code violation (you know, using a postman and a stamp and not a newspaper bag). Pam got a notice about her firewood stack, but instead of sending a letter to her office or ACTUAL home, they put a letter in a plastic newspaper bag and hung it to her secondary residence. Seems efficient.


Then Bob Kolbe showed up asking how private emergency for-profit services can be cheaper then city owned services. Well, Bob, have you seen the Fire Department salaries (DOC: 2015-Wages-January, Start on page 4)

Rob Peter to pay Paul


Here we go again, already robbing the pot for a facility we are paying ‘cash’ for. Yeah whatever. (ITEM#42).

Sioux Falls Parks Director, Don Kearney, says MOU with VA is ‘Not Required’

During the SF city council informational meeting today, Director Kearney told councilor Staggers that they pretty much don’t have a MOU, and when asked if they intend to get one, he said they feel it is ‘Not Required’.

So in other words ‘NO’.

Erpenbach chimes in and agrees with Don saying since the city owns the land the agreement is not necessary. I guess that Michelle has a degree in Federal property law, I was unaware, I sure feel like a jackass right now :(

We all know who advised them on NOT getting an MOU, Mr. Loophole David Fiddle-Faddle. And he probably didn’t have a choice, my guess is that the VA blew them off, and for good reason. How would it benefit the VA to have an agreement? It wouldn’t. Now if they need more parking, they have the quit claim deed on their side, the MOU would only weaken their control of Spellerberg Park. I don’t blame them for not participating in an MOU.

All and All, I don’t give a damn either way, never have.

This comes down to the continual broken promises, stonewalling and flat out lies from the administration and directors. The Mayor, the city attorney and Don have all said they were in ‘discussions’ with the VA about the MOU. It is pretty obvious they were lying once again.

They should have just told us from the freaking beginning, “We are not getting an MOU, and never intend to.”

Instead, Lies, Lies, Lies.

Why only thank FOUR councilors?

YouTube Preview Image

Notice that he thanks only FOUR councilors for support of the Events Center, I am assuming he is talking about the FOUR that voted for the Arena location.

UPDATED: Click on the below image to enlarge and read the bottom caption.


Food Truck Regulations Explained


Peter Chang (Who owns ‘Street Eats’ food truck) does a fantastic job explaining on THIS episode of ‘Inside Town Hall’ the GOOD regs and the BAD regs about food trucks.