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Do we have a different epidemic besides texting and driving?


There will be a presentation to the city council on Tuesday about saturation patrols in Sioux Falls. I found it interesting the number of people caught with no driver’s license or insurance.

This has been a problem for a long time in South Dakota. It’s one of the reasons I drive very defensively, you never know who is on the streets with no insurance.

Sioux Falls Police, Sensitivity training and Entrapment

Sometimes you would think I had a crystal ball. I have been warning for a long time that our police department needed to go through sensitivity training and not just because of the LBGTQ community, but for diverse cultures, etc.

The department plans to send representatives to Pierre in December for a three-day training workshop that will include sessions on interacting with transgender people. Attendees will share their training with the rest of the department upon their return.

One of my native friends used to joke with me that the SFPD would often pull him over for DWI (driving while indian). This isn’t just a a transgender issue, this is a real issue in our community. With the dramatic increase in violent crime in Sioux Falls, it is time our police force bucks up and becomes more professional.

I knew this ‘sex sting entrapment’ crap would eventually blow up in the SFPD’s face

A few years ago a judge warned that posing as Mickey Mouse to entrap potential sex offenders wouldn’t fly. Now it seems the tax payers of Sioux Falls may be paying for their stupidity;

Murphy in his lawsuit claims that he tried to leave the meeting after learning the age of the woman he was supposed to be meeting with, but was held against his will. He was then arrested by undercover authorities.

The lawsuit alleges that Murphy’s rights were violated because he wasn’t allowed to leave once he refused the undercover officer’s offer. The lawsuit alleges Murphy’s Fourth and 14th Amendment rights were violated.

Is a person who is seeking a prostitute a creep? Well, yeah. But in his defense (I use that lightly) he did refuse the service once he found out it was an underage girl. All that aside, I have never understood why our PD wants to ‘create crime’ to make it look they are tough on sex trafficking. Our State’s Attorneys office is overloaded with REAL criminal cases, why create more work for them? Like I said, the guy is a creeper and probably deserved the 2 year sentence. But instead of creating situations for people to commit crime, why don’t we crack down on REAL criminal activity. I’m starting to get more and more why our PD didn’t get a raise.

What about the ‘morale’ of the Sioux Falls Police Department?

Some people say I am hard on our police force, I am, they should be held to a higher standard when it comes to ethics, I think most understand that. But when it comes to pay of public employees, I am a BIG advocate in paying our police force what they deserve;

The Fraternal Order of Police and the City of Sioux Falls have been holding several bargaining sessions trying to put together a labor agreement able to satisfy both sides.

After seven meetings between the two, the City put forward what they say is their final offer for a two year agreement that includes a one-point-five percent annual wage increase.

“I don’t know if that was the best offer the city could make but it’s the offer that the City said it was the last offer it was going to make. We believe that the City certainly has the financial ability to do better by its employees, particularly its police officers,” explained Wilka.

“It has become more and more difficult to preform the job of a policeman without everyone looking over your shoulder. It’s gotten more challenging not less challenging, so if anything the raises should be greater not less than what they’ve been historically,” stated Wilka.

I agree 100% with Wilka. With all the tension with police these days between the public and them, and the FACT that violent crime in Sioux Falls is on an extreme upward spiral, this is a piss poor time to offer them a piss poor raise.

That and the irony of wanting to build a new $25 million dollar admin building to increase the ‘morale’ of city administration workers. What about the ‘morale’ of our police force?

“The city has all kinds of money for this project or another project, the latest being the 25 million dollar administration building,” Wilka tells KELO Radio News. “and then to turn around and be told that you are only going to get a raise that is less than is what is commonly done in both public and private sectors in this region, that really produces a negative reaction on the part of people.”

I want to fill Mr. Wilka in on a little secret, the building that is being proposed ISN’T being built for the public or the employees, just sayin’.

Ethics Meeting, August 10, 2016. Giftcards for Cops

The Sioux Falls received a “couple” of donations or was it 300? An interesting Board of Ethics meeting in late morning August 8, 2016 happened where two Sioux Falls churches wanted to do something nice for Police Department employees by giving them thank you cards with random dollar amount gift cards.

We attended because we wanted to show the people of Sioux Falls how the process works and to watch how certain participants worked. This came down to the police department employees were getting “discounted” dollars off meals at certain food joints in town. We don’t know who or where but after the Police Department fills their collective stomachs at the hospital cafes, they now can get discounted food at these select food joints. No ethics problem with this is there?

Cameraman Bruce was there so the rest of the town didn’t have to go. To the credit of a couple of the board members, it was not a hard decision to make in rejecting the cards.

Sioux Falls Ethics Commission Rules SFPD must return gift cards


I hope to have video up by tomorrow. You can read the ethics opinion request DOC: policegifts

The SF Police Department has a policy against receiving gifts (consumables, such as food) unless it is consumed on premesis (explains how they can stuff their faces at Avera).

The Ethics commission ruled they should return the gift cards they received from two local churches in appreciation for their service. While this may sound harsh, I agree with the ethics commission. I don’t think they should receive any monetary gifts. They get a paycheck for what they do, if that is not enough, they should talk to their union rep.

I hope to have more details soon.

The Sioux Falls ‘Fireworks’ debate

There has been a lot of discussion about cracking down on fireworks use in the city and for several good reasons;

 – The noise is emotionally stressful for pets and people dealing with PTSD

 – The fireworks could cause home fires or other damage to property

 – Shooting of pyro in close quarters is dangerous and could cause personal harm

While I am not bothered by the noise, the fire hazard concerns me, especially people shooting off the larger cakes and roman candles. But I think the debate really comes down to fairness. While the parking attendants downtown have no mercy and if your lawn gets over 8” a professional crew is sent in at $150 an hour to mow it, it seems when it comes to fireworks, the police (or more importantly the police management) don’t really care.

I also saw this during Hot Harley Nights when I joked with a couple officers they should have their decibel meters out and hand out some tickets. One of them said, “Yeah right.” And I knew they wouldn’t. It seems some things are just given a blind eye in Sioux Falls. But tomatoes in the boulevard, long grass and low tree limbs, then we really have a problem.

I’ve told people wait until a housing development burns to the ground because some jackass shot off some fireworks in Sioux Falls, then everyone will stand around scratching their heads wondering if they should have done something.

Some would say that the police have a good argument, out over 600 police calls concerning fireworks, they could only hand out 14 tickets, because they ‘had to catch them in the act’ AND ‘respond to other calls’. I have said there is a simple solution to that, put out 4 unmarked police cars with undercover officers out on 4th or July weekend. When you get a call, drive to the address and sit in the car until they fire something off, then present them with a ticket. When people see a police car with lights flashing, the first thing they are going to do is hide the fireworks. Duh.

I think we need to get serious about fireworks violations in Sioux Falls and not worry about how tall my neighbors grass is.

A Crackdown on Firecrackers in the city?

Sam Clemens with the SFPD had a press conference the other day to announce that this year the SFPD will be handing out mostly violations for persons using fireworks within city limits (that are prohibited) instead of warnings.

He said calls in 2014 were around 300 and last year they were 500, he basically said it is getting a little out of control.

I was disappointed last year when the SFPD only handed out warnings. Not only is it noise pollution (do you really have to light firecrackers all night long?) it is a massive fire hazard.

I’m glad to see the SFPD will be treating people who are potential accidental arsonists the same as people who don’t mow their lawns. I should have been done years ago.

Now I need to dig out my earplugs.

They must have used the low-def, Tuthill Park dashcam to film this

I missed the scene where they were parking in the Avera Emergency Room parking lot to get their free meals.

I guess it’s OK to point the gun at the cameraman, especially if his name is ‘Bruce’.


More Smoke & Mirrors from the SFPD


The only ‘cold case’ our SFPD is good at solving.

 Does anyone find it a bit ironic that the SFPD has decided to pursue a 1974 cold case (whose main suspect died 3 years ago) yet can’t even get a single lead on the Tuthill park shooting in which they have classified as an inactive case.

Seems our new police chief is learning from his boss the game of smoke and mirrors.

Someone else said to me, this may have to do with justifying the SFPD’s cold case budget.

Well as long as they continue to have shadows and tree branches to shoot at in the dark, we will keep hope alive.


A post about Avera’s cigarette butt problem and SFPD enforcing littering ordinances goes awry


Emergency Room parking for lunch time needs. They could be assisting in the ER, but I’m guessing they are chugging milk in the cafeteria.

Got a good chuckle out of this 60+ comments about my original post over at the Wuss College. A post that was really about just asking cops who get free meals at Avera to enforce littering laws turns in an St. Patty’s Day parade in NY city and the bravery of officers. Ironically, not one single person comments whether they are getting free meals or not (they are) or whether that is ethical (it’s not). All I ask is if you are feeding on the dime of the sick and dying, you might as well hand out a few littering violations on the way to your Black Mariah.