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Who first proposed the use of tasers in Sioux Falls?

I believe back in 2009, councilor Staggers first proposed testing tasers for the SFPD. It seems, like snow gates, Dr. Staggers was ahead of his time. It often cracks me up when Kermit is labeled as an extreme conservative naysayer, when he is actually very progressive in his ideas. On the ‘Su Fu Stupid’ show the other day, Patrick Lalley determined that ‘Only 5 percent of the community agrees with Staggers’ but somehow gets mysteriously re-elected.

Gee, Pat, do you think there is a correlation there between support and being re-elected? Actually many people support him, just because a rubberstamp city council more concerned about developers and the chamber of commerce don’t always agree, doesn’t mean the public does not.

Remember, besides the snow gates victory, he also beat De Knudson when she spent 6x the money he did for an at-large seat, he also won the general election for mayor, only to lose to the well funded credit card salesman in the run-off.

Maybe Pat was saying only 5% of reporters agree with Staggers? Because when it comes to snow gates and tasers, it seems like Kermit has the best ideas.

When will investigators ever learn?

I have heard many stories from friends and including myself when I was arrested about how investigators/officers try to get around that pesky 5th Amendment;

Zell says Rasmussen did not have access to her lawyer, despite asking for one half-way through the interview.

It goes back to a lot of investigators NOT having criminal law or regular law degrees, just a piece of paper that says they went through the police academy or served in the military. While we are always focusing on the ‘number’ of officers in Sioux Falls, we should instead be focusing on the ‘quality’ of officers. Hire people that understand criminal justice, or at least the 5th Amendment.

I may be a ‘Hard Ass’ but at least I am not a ‘Dumb Ass’

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Nothing like being scolded for using the word ‘ass’ by the guy who is rumored to drop the F-Bomb quite frequently to whoever is in the room. As for a grammar reference, the term ‘Hard Ass’ refers to a stubborn mule, you know, the mascot of the party you belong to, Mike? The F-word refers to sex. So Mike, I think the people of Sioux Falls would appreciate you refrain from using the word from now on.

SF Police Chief at Democratic Forum


Police chief Doug Barthel spoke at Democratic Forum yesterday (3/28/15). He gave a good introduction where he talked about more communication with the public, which is quite ironic (which we will get to in a moment). he also touched on the Tuthill incident in which he said, “the suspect pulled a gun and pointed it at the officer.”

Later on during the Q & A, an audience member asked Barthel what the policy was with releasing police video and audio to the public (Barthel supports the use of body cameras, dash cameras and tasers). Barthel concluded that according to State Law, he doesn’t have to release those files (but has the authority to do so – he, of course, didn’t mention that) but felt he didn’t need to, because it would open up the ‘flood gate’ of the media requesting footage.

Since he brought up Tuthill, I asked him why the SFPD hasn’t released the audio or a crime scene site map and why the DCI wasn’t allowed to investigate the shooting by the officer?

He felt that releasing a map or an audio file ‘wouldn’t benefit’ the case (Even though, I suspect it’s because they don’t want the public ‘speculating’ whether the officer performed his duties correctly, even though they already are.)

He also believes there truly was a suspect and a ‘threat’ and the officer had every right to fire.

He said that the DCI didn’t need to investigate because ‘the suspect wasn’t injured.’

I found that answer interesting because we ‘don’t know’ if the suspect was injured, they have not been found.

I still think if we released the audio file and had a ‘real’ external investigation of the incident, we would be a lot closer to finding the suspect. But that of course that would require the SFPD to ‘communicate’ and be ‘transparent’ with the public, and do we really want to open those floodgates?

City Ordinance Laugh of the Day


I had to really laugh when I read this press release on the city website about the St. Patty’s day parade tomorrow in DTSF;

Spectators and attendees are reminded that drinking alcohol on public streets and sidewalks is illegal in Sioux Falls and includes the parade and other St. Patrick’s Day events. People who are drinking alcohol in public could receive a citation with a fine of $120.

The City Ordinance that prohibits public consumption of alcohol states: It shall be unlawful for any person to drink or consume or attempt to drink or consume any distilled spirits, wines and malt beverages, as defined by state laws, in or upon any public street, alley, highway, or public sidewalk.

Good luck with enforcing that ordinance :)

The irony of this is that the city sells bump-out permits to restaurants downtown to sell and consume food and alcohol on public property, outside. So I guess if you are standing on the bump-outs tomorrow drinking a green beer, you will be in compliance. That will be a fun argument to have with the coppers. Just don’t point your beer at them.

Even after reward offered no luck on finding Tuthill ghost


I think if a suspect actually exists (which I believe there was SOMEONE or SOMETHING there) and they are offering a reward, why not give the public a few more clues, like releasing the audio recording of his body microphone, and also releasing a map of the crime scene? I think this would be helpful clues so the public can help apprehend the suspect.

But neither have been offered.

Secondly, I think using misleading statements when asking for the resident’s assistance in the matter, isn’t wise either. After the reward was offered, the detective on the case says the officer was ‘assaulted’. First off, what we have been told was the officer ‘thought’ the suspect had a firearm, that was never fired. He could have been pointing his finger. Not sure how pointing a finger or even a cellphone at an officer all of sudden has turned into assault.

My assumption all along was that this person didn’t have a gun and probably ran like a mofo after being fired at 8 times.

Good luck with your ghost hunt.

Award offered for Tuthill Park ghost, ah, I mean, suspect

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Better call these guys

I think it is great a reward is being offered to catch the dangerous armed suspect, but how about some more clues? Like releasing the audio from the officer’s body microphone or at the very least a transcript of what he said and what he thought the suspect said back to him.

I think it is a little silly to be offering a  reward for information, when we are not being given all the information to help the police catch this person.

Is Sioux Falls crime rate soaring?

There are different factors of course to determine if the rates are worrisome. Before the last mayoral election, candidate Greg Jamison brought up the crime rate increases in his campaign;

In 2009, there were 212 violent crimes reported per 100,000 people in the Sioux Falls metro area, one of the lower rates nationwide. By 2013, the rate had risen to 292 violent crimes per 100,000 people, an increase of nearly 38% — the 10th largest increase among U.S. metro areas. City officials last year attributed part of this spike in crime to population growth. Yet, this does not fully explain the higher crime rate. Some crimes are also becoming more common than others. Methamphetamine-related crimes, for example, have risen dramatically in the area since 2009.

I have also been concerned that most of the violent crimes have been domestic related (the victims know their attackers) including several crimes against women. Of course, our Police chief blows off the rates like shooting at a ghost in Tuthill park;

Sioux Falls Police Chief Doug Barthel says the same things that help the city attract positive attention, and a growing population, also attract crime.

“Over that time period we’ve seen our city grow by almost 20,000 people. We just know there’s a certain number of people who are going to want to commit crimes,” Barthel said.

Maybe someone needs to explain percentages to Doug, he seems to be confused by them. Like I said above, the violent crime increase concerns me the most. And if you don’t think there hasn’t been an increase in crime, go down to the County Courthouse and ask the State’s Attorney and the County Commission about their dwindling budget due to the increase. You will see a whole other picture. But why should the SFPD care? There job is to shoot first ask questions later, cuff and stuff and let the county sort them out.

SFPD picks a specific officer to ‘thin the herd’ of deer in Sioux Falls.


Hey little guys, you may have a fighting chance.

South DaCola News

By Samuel Coldsweat

The SFPD announced today that they have picked a specific officer to ‘thin the herd’ of deer in Sioux Falls.

“It just made sense to us that this officer needed a little target practice, and what a better way to get it, but to practice on some dumb animals running through the trees and snow?” says Police Chief Darth Cowbell.

Of course Cowbell was talking about Officer Antwon Dickle, who ironically got himself in a pickle in Butthill Park the day after New Years. Dickle shot 8(?) times at a suspect that he believed pointed a handgun at him in a dimly lit area.

“Handgun, I-Pod, Pringles can, slingshot, dildo, what have you, the officer acted on the threat, but we were disappointed he missed the target, so we figured he could practice in the field on real moving targets,” claims Cowbell.

We wondered about the safety of the neighborhood he is shooting in.

“We will have him doing this at night to get the feel of the Butthill incident, but we will also warn neighbors when he is in the area, because we highly suggest they board up windows and go out for dinner and a movie those nights.” warns Cowbell “Just don’t expect us to record his operations or tell you how many shots he has fired, or deer he has killed. The SFPD just doesn’t operate well when we are transparent about our actions and being scrutinized. Cloak of secrecy is the best way to roll.”

We wondered how much ammo Dickle would be given to accomplish eliminating 30 deer.

“We figured with his accuracy, it would take about 20 rounds per deer.” sighed Cowbell, “So we are warning the food banks in advance if they are serving the venison, that they caution consumers that they may bite into a little ‘shot’ . . uh . . . or NOT (chuckling). Yeah, we know we may have better luck jumping out of trees and clubbing the deers to death with pool cues, but I think Dickle is up for the challenge.”

Cowbell estimated it will probably take Dickle about 6 months to accomplish his goal, and at that time he will be awarded a merit badge and advance to Eagle Scout training.


UPDATE on Tuthill Shooting at 10:30 AM

I guess we ‘might’ finally be getting answers;

Sioux Falls Police Chief Doug Barthel will be at briefing this morning to talk about the Tuthill Park shooting on Jan. 1

I say it was the butler in the billards room with the candlestick.