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And they say DT Sioux Falls is unsafe

While the rumor mills continue (mostly due to the Mayor using it as a campaign issue) that downtown is unsafe, where have most of the vehicle related fatalities and injuries occurred in this town?

The man responsible for a fiery crash on Friday afternoon is facing several charges. Police say 23-year-old Adam Lind is charged with reckless driving, no proof of insurance, driving with a revoked and suspended license and driving an unlicensed vehicle. Lind was driving his 2001 Corvette Z06 on 57th Street Friday when he crashed into another vehicle, hit a traffic light and fence, before the car caught fire.

Most of these accidents occur on the outer parts of the city, south of 41st, including many pedestrians and bicyclists being injured or killed. Maybe instead of worrying about homeless people trying on clothes at the Man Code to warm themselves, we need to focus on more traffic safety on the Southside. But hey, there won’t be any issues with traffic at a new SE Walmart and even there is and a couple of kids get run over walking home from school, at least we created 250 jobs! untitled

Downtown Sioux Falls IS SAFE!

When I was buying my home, there was no question in my mind I wanted to be in the core of Sioux Falls, and was very lucky to find a home near DT close to McKennan Park.

I have lived in many DT neighborhoods in Sioux Falls over the past 22 years, and even when I was living in the center of Pettigrew Heights before I bought my home, I felt safe. Even walking home late at night. This ‘perception’ that downtown is unsafe has to end, and comments like this, do not help the rumor mill;

Store owner (Man Code) Gabrielle Spangler, 22, said she was nervous about opening a store downtown because she wasn’t sure how safe it was. But she hasn’t had many problems with people loitering or using her store as a warming shelter, she said.

BTW, Gabrielle, not all homeless people are criminals, just so you know.

One thing I have often said Sioux Falls city government needs to work on is the ‘perception’ and ‘culture’ of DT. While we can hand out building permits like candy and have a cop on every corner, the true success of DT will be measured in the popularity of people visiting downtown.

As for the police presence, I have heard the opposite reaction from friends that I try to entice to recreate downtown, “I don’t like coming downtown, because it is crawling with cops.” Some feel uncomfortable DT trying to have ‘fun’ because they may get a violation walking around while enjoying a few adult beverages. The police presence DT actually makes people ‘think’ DT is unsafe, why else would they have so many officers there?

I would suggest more plain clothes officers DT may alleviate this perception.

If you don’t use something very much, how does it wear out?

While I don’t question this expenditure for the SFPD (Item #1), it baffles me a bit . . .


I would think a pistol would last several decades if you don’t use it. Of course, the pistols for the SFPD probably get used more then any pine wood spindle safety precaution at Carnegie Hall.

Another slow day for the SFPD

Yes, that is 6 cop cars (and another pulling in) surrounding a parked truck. No guns pulled, just about 8-10 of SF finest standing around chatting (they must have taken a hint from the public works employees). They must have gotten the lot confused with the skate park lot. I often chuckle when Chief Barthel goes in front of the council and asks for more cops. He never says, “I guess we just need more officers standing around.”

UPDATED: The hypocritical employment policies of city hall

I said I would remain quiet on this topic until it played out in court. Well the ruling is in, and so is DL’s opinion on the matter;

Sioux Falls Assistant City Attorney Keith Allenstein has pleaded guilty to drunken driving, Attorney General Marty Jackley announced Wednesday.

City Attorney Dave Pfeifle said Allenstein will continue serving in his current position as legal adviser to both the Sioux Falls police and fire departments.

“Both chiefs in those departments have expressed the utmost confidence in his ability to perform his job,” Pfeifle said.

Do I think Allenstein should lose his job over the conviction? Probably not, not to mention, I am also not his manager, so if the conviction doesn’t impede on his job performance I see no reason to cut him loose. BUT, I will say this, it’s not like Keith is the chief goose crap bike trail scraper for the Parks & Rec department, he is a city attorney whose position with that office is to advise the SFPD and FD. I am uncomfortable with him advising law enforcement on any issue if he can’t even abide by traffic laws himself. I think his position should be changed and a demotion should be considered.

All that being said, what frustrates me the most about this case is the blatant hypocrisy of this administration, especially towards women.

City Clerk Debra Owen was fired over (allegedly) an employee conflict issue. She had to be replaced by three people.

Head Librarian Sally Felix was fired (asked to retire) because of her disagreements with her boss.

We also must look at another city attorney who was (allegedly) fired because he (allegedly) got caught fixing a ticket for one of his children. Not a minor offense, and definitely something worth being terminated over.

So you ask yourself, if the city attorney who advises the PD and FD can plead guilty to DUI and not have any repercussions, what is the BAR for a terminating offense with Huether? I guess it is OK to drive drunk, just don’t disagree with your boss.

The SFPD is at it again, creating crime

Not sure if you remember a few years ago when a man was arrested for setting up a sexual encounter with an undercover cop that he thought was a minor. A judge through the case out, because as he said, “It would be like charging someone for killing Mickey Mouse.” Well, the SFPD are at it again, creating crime;

SIOUX FALLS, SD -Three men face charges following a prostitution customer sting done by Sioux Falls Police.

Authorities say the men contacted undercover female officers posing as prostitutes by phone and through internet ads.  The men are now charged with hiring for Sexual Activity.

Those arrested Thursday are:  Adam Alrubaie, 52, of Hartford; Daniel Joseph Klecker, 63, of Sioux Falls; and Mitchell Allen Whitefield, 30, of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Police say the operation is part of investigations dealing with prostitution and human trafficking in the Sioux Falls area.

Is prostitution a problem in Sioux Falls? Yes. It has been for a very long time, and I commend the SFPD for stepping up. But shouldn’t they be concentrating on catching ACTUAL prostitutes and Johns hiring these women? Placing FAKE ads online and ‘posing’ as prostitutes is only creating a crime where one was not present. You could argue that the SFPD department is actually the guilty party in this matter, since they are the ones placing the ads. What further frustrates me about this practice is that we are constantly hearing from county officials that they need more money for the courts and law enforcement – here’s a suggestion, stop creating criminal situations, and go after ACTUAL criminals instead of creating new ones.

Does the SFPD have a department of internal affairs?

YouTube Preview Image

One wonders after watching this public input tonight (FF: 8:35) I guess this is something I have been suspicious about for awhile, and after my day, I came to the conclusion that city government uses the SFPD to do their dirty work because if they mistreat people, there are no consequences. The day started with me taking Sodapop to the vet for some shots and his city license (I don’t have a problem with licensing him) but they force you to buy a 3 year license. Does that mean if Soda passes away in the next 3 years, do I get a refund? I know this has little to do with the SFPD, but it is an enforcement issue. I had lunch with someone considering running for city council, but he has his reservations. Of course family approval was mentioned, but I think he fears working with some of the current councilors and the way they manipulate their powers for their benefit. I would have to agree. Also not a SFPD issue, but an issue of abuse of power. Later on in the afternoon I met with a wonderful gentleman who has a ‘little’ project going on, he is rebuilding/remodeling his house (on his schedule) and he has been harassed not only by his neighbors, code enforcement and even police officers. Apparently they have a problem with a home owner working on their own home on their own schedule. After watching the above video, it got me thinking. Does the Sioux Falls police department have too much power, since, it seems they can do whatever they want to without anyone investigating complaints. Every major city has a department of internal affairs. We don’t. I’ve been told it is Human Resources, that is hardly an investigative body. I will say our police force does an amazing job keeping us safe, but when they make mistakes or abuse their powers, which they do, there should be recourse for citizens.

I can smell another lawsuit against the city that they will lose.

Courtney Johnson, just another victim of the troubling investigative skills of the SFPD.

Surprise, Surprise, the SFPD gets it wrong. It reminds me of their sex stings where an undercover officer pretends to be a teenage girl to lure perspective perverts to a park to meet for sex with someone who doesn’t exist. As a judge said ruling on one case, “It’s like charging someone for murdering Mickey Mouse.”

This whole notion of creating crime instead of preventing and investigating crime is getting old. And they wonder why their funding might be cut?