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Does the SFPD have a morale issue?

As we know the police department has been shafted on the past two union negotiations. Also take into account they have an enormous lack of leadership and the rising drug problem in Sioux Falls and you are setting the department up for a perfect storm of low morale.

It’s difficult to blame it entirely on Chief Burns or the mayor, they are just continuing the trend. Disrespect for the SFPD goes back decades and mostly because of the city administrator.

Mayor Bowlcut & Bucktooth & Chief Barthel totally ignored our rising drug crime problem blaming it on ‘population growth’. While population growth does contribute, why is the crime rate rising faster then the population?

I believe a new concentration on public safety needs to be a high priority for the TenHaken administration (he is ultimately responsible for managing the department, not the city council, they only authorize funding).

The first thing that needs to happen is getting rid of some of the top officials that keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Secondly, extensive training in civil rights, diversity, sensitivity and criminal justice needs to occur with the officers, and like the SFFD they need to get on a fitness program.

Look at any successful police department around the world, and you will see the same thing, competent leadership. It’s time our SFPD is compensated fairly for their work and have new leadership.

It’s time the SFPD equips all officers with body cams

We have seen the video. If someone would not have privately recorded it, it would probably have been swept under the rug. I guess we can speculate all we want, but at first glance I have two questions? Why didn’t the officer use his stun gun instead and why did he kick him? Even a well drained dog can do the wrong thing, I guess I don’t blame the dog, but I’m wondering if kicking someone is protocol. I would think not. Mr. Ites is no angel, he has a rap sheet a mile long, force had to be used, but the officer had options.

This is why the police force needs to do two things ASAP;

• Equip all officers with body cams (this protects the officer and the public from being wrongfully accused)

• Have a REAL internal affairs department

Right now they just investigate ‘internally’. Well how do you think that will turn out? An independent review needs to be done to see if the officers followed procedure. The dog could have mutilated the man, bitten internal organs or even worse caused a serious infection (that could still happen). Unleashing the dog should have been last resort.

I’m also concerned that the officer had to actually pull the dog off of him. Is the dog properly trained to heel when told? It didn’t look like it.

I have many concerns about this and hope the truth comes out, but I’m not going to hold my breath at this point.

2018 SFPD Annual Report

Lots of nice pictures, and one page of stats (page 39) Full Doc: 2018-Police-Annual-Report

Click to Enlarge

Sioux Falls Crime Stats broken up into regions

Sioux Falls city council approves raise for RC Police?

The local TV stations are at it again.

First we have a recent story about the Triage Center with a shot of the Minnehaha County Commission. Shows you how long it’s been since Stormland’s TV cameras have been at a meeting, Pekas and Kelly haven’t been on the MCC in over two years.

I also enjoyed the story about the SF Police getting a raise. Apparently they are now wearing Rapid City badges.

Images: Kelo TV

Vandalism Video in Sioux Falls

I guess a group of teens are suspected in vandalizing construction job sites, specifically restoration projects. In the video below the suspect is bashing a truck window.

But as I have been hearing from other business and property owners, the SFPD won’t investigate. Pretty much claiming they don’t have time and they have bigger fish to fry.

One of the main thing the properties/businesses have in common is they are all small, usually family owned and have issues with the SF Code Enforcement office.

Has any other businesses had this problem with the SFPD in investigating petty crimes?


SFPD Union has some harsh words for Mayor TenHaken

While people have railed on me in the past about things I say about local public servants, not sure if I can beat a zinger like this;

“(The mayor) has failed every single character test when it comes to the rank and file,” Holbeck said. “Right now, his word is worth about five cents.”

Now that I have stopped laughing, let’s continue.

Another mayor and another snub of the PD. While I have often been critical of policies and leadership at the SFPD, I do think the officers deserve fair pay and reasonable wage increases and benefits. But it seems how to negotiate those contracts goes over the anti-union, right-wing, Republican Mayor’s head;

Holbeck said that response doesn’t sit well with union members, who prefer wages based on responsibility than equity and feel like TenHaken isn’t following through with his commitment to being supportive of law enforcement.

Wouldn’t you pay on what people do instead of thinking the responsibility of all the officers are the same?

This is what happens when you have a partisan-hack who comes from a non-union corporate structure that rewards ‘SALES’ over actual ‘WORK’. This is why I have despised sales people for a very long time. Not all ‘worker bees’ are the same, and they shouldn’t be treated that way.

During the campaign, TenHaken said he’d have an open-door policy for police officers, who have since been told to direct all communications to the mayor through the chief of police; and the mayor didn’t attend any of the negotiation hearings or a recent briefing between the City Council and the union, Holbeck said.

If Paul would have bothered to show up to a couple of meetings, he might have learned something. I guess he was too busy filming carpool karaoke with pastor Keith in his Lexus. Which many people have asked me if the officer was on the clock while filming this or was he just given a free ‘bottle of pop’?

Why is it so hard for city government leaders to complete some of the easiest tasks? If they can’t negotiate a simple union contract, I hate to see what is in store for transit riders. Grab your ankles, the bus is now in motion.

Sioux Falls City Councilor Stehly asks Noem to reimburse city for private fundraiser

Theresa called me at lunch today and asked me if she should ask for this. She also asked many other people. I told her ‘YES’ but I also her told her to check if legally we can ask for it. She checked with the city attorney who said it was legal to ask for it, then she asked the campaign before posting the above image on FB.

I think they should reimburse since this was NOT a public event. Why should the taxpayers of Sioux Falls foot the bill for a private, partisan, fundraiser’s security detail? It is complete BS!

Other cities have agreed;

While other cities, such as Fargo, have requested reimbursement for costs associated with Trump’s visits for private fundraisers, neither the city of Sioux Falls nor the state have formally requested refunds.

It will be interesting to hear the response from Noem’s team. Heck, maybe she might even write that check. But I am not holding my breath. The GOP in SD has a long history of taxpayers funding their extracurricular partisan activities (ALEC memberships for example).

I think it took a lot of courage for a life long Republican to ask for this from the Noem campaign. Now let’s see how fast the GOP Hate machine beats up Stehly over this.

Get out the popcorn!

Keystone XL Pipeline Protests

So a South DaCola foot soldier sent me an interesting email today;

Just a thought, this might come home quicker than we think. I would guess that our PD and firefighters will offer to fill in when the protests start. I’m guessing that we still pay and insure them when they volunteer.

What do you think as a taxpayer about that?

City of Sioux Falls avoids Civil Rights Lawsuit

A frequent commenter at City Council meetings, Sierra Brussard, a transgender woman who talks about crime in our city (prostitution, drugs and gangs) and puts herself out there to track these bad folks down has complained for over a year(?) that the city, has blocked her number.

She finally got wise over the past month and realized that it is a civil rights violation for the city and police department to block her phone number. At Tuesday’s city council meeting she warned the council and mayor that if her phone was NOT unblocked by 9 AM this Friday she would be filing a civil rights lawsuit against them with the help of the ACLU.

Well, the lawyers with the city must have finally got wise and her phone was unblocked yesterday.

While some in the PD find Sierra to be an annoyance, she is actually trying to help the SFPD bust criminals, especially drug dealers and pimps. She has not been very complimentary of the SFPD, and that probably hasn’t helped the situation, but the best way to fix any issue in government is by uncomfortable and sometimes controversial dissent.

I believe Sierra told me she has testified in dozens of trials against these bad dudes. I have often been proud of the work she does trying to get these people off of our streets, it’s a thankless effort for sure. She is very courageous. The city should be helping her in anyway possible to track these yahoos down. Unblocking her phone was the first good move by the city.