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City Councilor’s ‘Mommy’ comes to their defense on social media

I guess one of the city councilor’s mother has been popping around on different social media platforms and defending their child over their NO vote on the SOS charity. It’s not the first time I have seen her (and this person’s spouse) come to her child’s defense. Heck, they don’t even live in this state. While my mother does comment on my site, she knows I have big kid pants and can defend myself. Maybe it was all the cabbage she fed me as a child?

Either way, what bugs me the most about the situation is that first off, I find it a bit hypocritical of the RS5 to say they don’t approve of giving away around $5K because of the Enterprise fund rules when they didn’t blink an eye and set a precedent after giving $1.5 million to a PRIVATE non-profit from the entertainment tax fund, something that had NEVER been done before. But you know how it goes, when Denny says ‘JUMP’ everyone says ‘HOW HIGH’? I was against the theatre giveaway and I was against the SOS giveaway for the same reasons RULES, which leads me to the second reason why this whole thing irritates me.

The school district has the funds to do this, especially after giving large raises to administrators. In fact, one administrator got a $20K raise from 2019-2020. Ironically, if the SFSD decided to do this, it may not cost them a penny. They could easily ask companies like BIC or MEAD for donations of product they can’t sell. The program could also be anonymous, so not to embarrass the children who are asking.

While I commend the Banquet for doing this, and all the people who generously give, I think that both the city and school district are very well funded and can provide these things without a big pissing match or elected official’s parents getting involved. A pretty petty fight over some notepads and backpacks. Everyone involved needs to grow up and make this a TEACHABLE moment in compromise and consensus.

Sioux Falls City Council RW3 ask the Ethics Board to circulate petitions

What: Sioux Falls Board of Ethics

When: Friday August 16th, 2019 11:00 AM

Where: Old Council Chambers in City Hall. 224 West Ninth Street

Councilors Janet Brekke, Theresa Stehly and Pat Starr will be asking for an advisory opinion on their rights to participate in the ongoing “Triple Check the Charter” petition drive.

The RW3 (Right Way Three) will be bringing evidence that other elected officials have circulated petitions while in office. Mark Mickelson did while serving in the State Legislature, Christine Erickson did (school start date) while serving on the city council and Anne Hajek did while serving on the Minnehaha County Commission.

Video lottery & the hypocrisy of the Sioux Falls City Council

At the Sioux Falls city council meeting Tuesday night, there was another fight of sorts. It had to do with an attorney who represents several bar and casino owners in town who just can’t get over the fact they should have ONE employee per casino. In the rest of the state, where hillbillism is alive and well, towns are allowed to have an imaginary line in between licensed casinos, so basically they can have ONE employee run two casinos. The state only allows 10 machines per VL license. This is regulated by the state, and the state legislature has NO desire to increase that number, so munipalities like to bend the rules a bit and create weird boundaries between casinos, or should I say NO boundaries.

I think the state legislature should repeal video lottery. As we have seen in Sioux Falls, all they are, are magnets for trash, robberies and various other crimes. I laughed when the attorney who was representing the casinos said that they are ‘small business owners’. He said it like they were the corner grocery store in a small town just trying to get by. Most small businesses have a business model, you pay them for a service or product. Casinos simply take your money and you get nothing in return. I can almost guarantee the state takes in less taxes then are paid out for the problems caused by video lottery. But that is a discussion for another day. Item #15, which was a 1st reading passed for a 2nd reading hearing. It’s a reach around of sorts that would allow casino owners in Sioux Falls to have ONE employee for two casinos, like a lot of other towns in South Dakota. While it passed for a 2nd reading, I think Stehly and Starr made it clear they don’t support it and that it makes the casinos less safe.

But Item #15 isn’t where this ended. While a majority of the council seem to approve of this rule change, when it came to amending and adding to the legislative priorities list at the end of the meeting, they seemed to show their true colors of hypocrisy. Starr made a motion to add to the priorities list that basically state law should change so VL casino owners could have 25 machines per license. I literally laughed out loud, and laughed even harder when the council voted down his amendment, the exact same members who were for item #15.

And they wonder why I call them hypocrites?

SFPD receive care package

Turd Polishing Sioux Falls City Council

Just when you think the dysfunction with the council could not get much worse, they outdo themselves.


At the Budget meeting they had a presentation by Parking Director, Matt Nelson, who told the council that the bunker ramp will be great ‘someday’. Neitzert (who still thinks he did nothing wrong by voting for it) and Erickson agreed with Matt. I told them during public input that Nelson was polishing a turd.

I also told them I was frustrated that city staff was against starting some new programs. Police Chief Burns said that body cameras would basically cost to much and he would have to add staff. But hey, a $20-30 million dollar training center is ok. I told them that the cost would be worth it to protect officers and people who are arrested.

Planning Director Eckhoff also voiced concerns about starting a residential TIF program saying that remodeling houses doesn’t add much value. Oh, but million dollar condos have helped us out soooo much!


In a strange attempt to embarrass councilor Stehly with her SOS project resolution during the regular 7 PM meeting, without warning, Soehl guts her resolution by making the program voluntary. While I agree with a majority of the council we shouldn’t be using parking fines for charities, all the council had to do is just vote NO instead of gutting Stehly’s resolution (which they eventually did) once Starr challenged Soehl’s amendment for not properly noticing it. In Curt’s strange attempt to put Theresa in her place, he embarrassed himself by making a big deal out of a charity program. He looked like a class A, A-Hole.


In an attempt to get back at Stehly and Starr for calling Soehl out on his little stunt, when they made amendments to the legislative priorities, they claimed they have not been properly noticed.


The priorities have always been just ‘suggestions’ to the legislature. They are certainly not binding. If they made a 100 amendments it would not matter. Amendments have been made in the past. The city attorney, Kooistra really showed his lack of knowledge when it came to what should be noticed. Erickson actually came to the rescue by saying by deferring the priorities, the amendments now become proper notice. They deferred it for a week.

The crap coming out of Carnegie these days gets shinier by the day.

Misinformation being spread about Friday’s incident

I have watched the video of Mark Burgress being arrested several times, and there seems to be a lot of misinformation about what is actually in the video. We all know Mark was a cussing moron, that’s apparent. We also know that a judge could find him guilty of disorderly conduct (if police can actually prove he was interfering in their investigation), but some people, including Belfrage are trying to say there are other things happening in the video that are not.

For instance he said Mark was preventing the police investigation of the traffic accident. I didn’t see that. He was standing on a public sidewalk cussing, and they were actually about ready to leave the site before arresting him. Not once did I ever see Mark walk into the scene and try to physically interfere.

He also said they were questioning him, watch the video, they were trying to grab him even though they had no reason to. There is a difference between keeping a safe distance and questioning someone and trying to detain them. At no point did Mark ‘threaten’ the police with violence or with a weapon.

Belfrage also says that you should always follow police instructions. Not the case. While police have a right to ask bystanders questions, you have a right to NOT answer the question. Immediately after asking Mark a question they try to detain him before he can answer. Refusing to answer a question, as Mark did, is not a reason to arrest or detain someone. Mark actually asks them why they are trying to grab him, they have no response.

While we can certainly DEBATE the incident, let’s debate it on what actually happened in the video.

Changes for Levitt 2020

I first want to say that Nancy Halverson and crew knocked it out of the park. I think only 2 concerts had to be completely cancelled, and a couple, including Friday night’s show had to end early due to weather. We expected that.

While they planned on 30 concerts this year, they plan to have 50 next year, I’m excited about it.

Here are some changes I would like to see made next year to make Levitt even better;

Allowing people to bring their own beer or wine. I think it should be limited to that and NOT liquor. I also think that if people bring their own, they should have to get an ID badge. While JJ’s did a fine job, I think the city council could change the very simple ordinance that says Falls Park West (where the Levitt resides) to allow this. It really is as simple as an ordinance change.

Put in permanent bike racks. I think they could be easily be put in along the sidewalk on the West side of the restroom. I do know that FAB is working with the city to do something better and I appreciate it.

• Plant more shade trees around the grounds. I also think that they should get a sponsor to put an awning coming off the restroom to the East.

Take down bag search signs. You can’t search people’s bags without a warrant of probable cause. Maybe a sign that says “Suspicious bags subject to search.”

• No pets allowed. This of course would require a city ordinance that basically says pets are not allowed to the Levitt grounds area. JazzFest has NOT allowed pets for years. It’s not good for their health and they don’t want to be there anyway.

Have Friday and Saturday night concerts from 8-10 PM. It was disappointing to see a concert end at 9 PM right when the sun was going down. As I understand it noise ordinance is 11 PM.

• Move the restroom drinking fountains to the Eastside of the building. Those fountains sit in the sun ALL day long, I have never gotten a cold drink of water from them, at best tepid.

• Don’t bring a lawn chair if you don’t need to. This of course will be something people who are attending will have to do on their own. I never sat in a chair all season long and only sat on the ground a few times. Dance and enjoy yourself.

I think with some minor tweaks (I think Levitt will propose some of their own) the 2020 season will be fantastic.

Kory & the Fireflies played the last show of the season last night.

I don’t think they would like to see my selfie

A Sioux Falls Constitutional Lesson on the 1st Amendment

While I don’t recommend anyone tell the police to ‘F’ck Off’ while they are working on a traffic issue, it is perfectly legal to do so as long as the person isn’t interfering in their work. The person in the video below did say some ‘mean’ things, but he wasn’t interfering with the traffic investigation. He was also on a public sidewalk. In fact the PD were about to leave when they decided to attack him.

I keep telling the city a big 1st Amendment case is coming, if not several, and they are really screwed on this one. This is why they should all have body cameras, because these kind of arrests would start going away once officers start getting fired.

The first video is the incident (lots of cussing BTW) and the second video is the cameraman asking the PD what happened.

Sioux Falls City Council Agenda, August 13, 2019

City Council 2020 (2nd) Budget Hearing, 3 PM

Budget presentations on Health, Fire, Police, Parking, Planning, Housing, and Transit.

You can see a copy of the Mayor’s proposed budget summary HERE.

City Council Regular Meeting, 7 PM

Item #14, 1st Reading, Ordinance to reimburse the city $1 million from FEMA.

Item #26, Resolution, Stehly and Starr are asking if people can donate their parking fines to Project SOS. I’m opposed to this. While I think it is great if people want to give their money to Project SOS I don’t think it should come at the detriment of the city. While I think parking fines are too high already, their is a reason we have them, to fund our parking system. If anyone should be funding school supplies, it should be the School District. I have often thought that schools should supply kids with the bare necessities if they cannot afford them. But instead they are handing out 16% raises while we have to have bake sales to pay for school lunches and now parking fines for school supplies.

Item #27, Resolution, the city council is moving forward with their 2020 legislative priorities, including promoting TIFs even though they have never conducted a study proving they provide ANY economic impact.