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Photo club with me





Why I love McKennan Park

Because Wilson and Penn tennis balls are impossible for SodaPop to destroy. And I find tons of them when we go for walks.

Badass. Not so much.

Sodapop has probably had it with me this week, since I have been around 24/7. Love this picture I took of him tonight after a game of ‘BALL’ in which I kicked his ass, as usual, then re-kicked it and took his picture.

SodaPop and I have this convo on a daily basis

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Sodapop is a Sodapoop

This is the look he gives me when I won’t throw his ball. For still having his nuts, he sure acts like a little bitch.

Poetry Club w/ Charles Luden

Monday’s  Poem

Why haven’t I called you lately?
Do you still have your dog?
Why haven’t you called me?
I don’t have a cat.

Charles Luden • 7-21-11 at Michelle’s


Mr. Sleepy Pants

What a life.

My dog hates to get his nails clipped to. Maybe I need to hire this gal to do it next time?

Sodapop Shadow Puppet

Frosty Pop

I shot these pictures a couple of days ago of Sodapop