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Sotomayor Confirmed 68 – 31

CNN is reporting that they think 9 Republicans voted for her.

Looks like the party of NO doesn’t know Jack.

No longer Ironic Johnny, more like predictable Johnny


Thune is pissing a great opportunity to do the right thing down his leg over the above picture. Pitiful.

Of course John Thune is voting against Judge Sotomayor, for all the wrong reasons;

WASHINGTON – Senator John Thune announced today he would vote against Supreme Court Nominee Judge Sonia Sotomayor and released the following statement:

After this review I have concluded that Judge Sotomayor has consistently advanced a narrow view of the Second Amendment,

No, I think you have a very broad view of the 2nd Amendment and it’s intended purpose, why else would 400 mayors team together against you;

A group representing more than 400 U.S. mayors is urging Congress to defeat a measure — one that could come to a vote today in the U.S. Senate — that would require states granting concealed weapons permits to honor permits issued by any other state.

Whether concealed weapons laws reduce crime is a hotly contested issue, but Sen. John Thune, the South Dakota Republican who proposed the measure, says the laws are effective.

“Since criminals are unable to tell who is and who is not carrying a firearm just by looking at a potential victim,” he said, “they are less likely to commit crimes when they fear that they may come in direct contact with an individual who is armed.”

WTF? Whose butt did you pull that from? Was it written on the back of a check from the NRA? Criminals are criminals. They will attack the armed and the unarmed if they are determined to commit a crime. Though I support 2nd amendment rights, I do so for recreational and protection purposes, not because you have fantasies of returning us back to the wild west. As the Mayor’s point out:

“Ambiguity as to the legality of firearm possession could lead to confusion among police officers that could result in catastrophic incidences,” the mayors write. “Congress should be working to make the job of a police officer more safe, not less.”

But John’s vote against Sotomayor gets even more freaking delusional with this statement;

Judge Sotomayor has also had seven of her 10 decisions reviewed by the Supreme Court overturned,

What John fails to mention is it is a Conservative leaning court, and secondly that Sotomayor has had ONLY 7 of her decisions overturned by the SC which is amazing since she has made thousands and thousands of decisions. I happened to watch a good portion of the hearings, I didn’t agree with everything Sotomayor had to say, but I did find her to be incredibly intelligent, forthright and honest in her answers. I also recall she has more experience then any other SC nominee in 100 years, even more then that whack job Scalia. I remember the 2nd Amendment line of questioning, she in no way said she would vote against 2nd Amendment rights, in fact, I found her answers to be quite balanced on the issue, unlike John’s view which is extremely slanted towards one of his campaign contributors, the NRA. I suggest Thune watch ‘Bowling for Columbine’ then reconsider his vote.

What a tool.

H/T- Randall on the Mayor’s reference

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