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Best of DaCola

Hot to Trot Noem

Kick a man when he is down

Some things never change

Birds of a feather

Kermit Disco


Code Enforcement Policies

Kermit’s T-Bagging Moment

BP Spill

The Popularity Contest

Best Buds!

The Stagger’s letter complaint


Detroit Lewis to be the guest on SuFuStu, Tuesday 11/10/2015

I am very excited to be on the show tomorrow, and looking forward to ‘Wordplay’. The fun starts at 3 PM. Don’t expect any surprises, because I always look forward to talking about city politics, so I encourage my foot soldiers to chime in.

Best of DaCola

My final thoughts on Northside Davey, the king meets the clown

Todd, still saying stupid things

The very ‘odd’ Vern postcard (read the comments)

Stormland’s record of Deception, The real results

Staggers ‘Lettergate’

The Argus Endorsement of Mike Huether

Mike’s a Democrat? Who knew?

Beware the packaging

Mike’s very telling opinion about creating policy

MMA circa 2010

Stormland’s hate for Kermit

Internet games


Best of DaCola

My early thoughts on the 2010 Mayoral Race

The indoor pool advocacy begins

Still true today

The place the city killed

Beauty Queen Thuney

Qualified for City Council

Because they were endorsing Huether all along!

The Unicorn Candidate for Mayor!

So stupid it is funny.

Another muni election

Mike, the fiscal conservative, LOL!

Thune has some turds in his pocket

Joel calls the 2010 mayoral race, Pat VS. Vern (not quite)

Sign harrassment

My UnEndorsement of Mike

A great and wonderful Events Center

They built the stupid thing anyway

The Vikings are losing, again

And he was elected TWICE!


Best of Dacola

The toon that got everyone’s gander up, well at least one person

Mike’s first swipe at the previous EC plan

My early prediction of Huether VS Staggers

What happened to ‘SF Next’?

The failed tax increase for arterial roads, and we continue to fail

Gordon the Teabagger, Bling Bling

Bye, Bye Red Light Cameras

We started the Snowgate campaign, and again , and BrownKnows responds

The misguided EDITORIAL board


GOP Hate

How Great Thou Thune?

Jesus Editorials

The Rest of the Story?

Pink Slime

Dukes of Sioux Falls

Municipal Election Advice


Best of DaCola

Reefer Madness

We miss you Sir Weiner, but not the Argus Weiners

Go cut some croutons

Monster Mash

Where’s my bike? Chumps!

Got a Tiger in my pants

Heh, Heh, you said Wood

Huether proposes his EC plan



Me to lady, me to

Hey Mikey, whatever happened to that corporate sponsorship anyway?


Best of Dacola


Match Pointe is the Pergolas of the Sanford Sports Complex

It’s not rape when it is done in the Middle East

How did this turnout?

Bottom of the pile

Balloon Boy and arterial streets

Once a tool, always tool.

The EC that never happened

Home values and liquor stores

I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a Hamburger today

Comic book censorship

A bad combination

Thune Schwag

Howard Wood isn’t going anywhere

It only took six years but it got done

Roger’s Dirty Laundry

Tea Sexy

Man Capris


Best of DaCola

Mean people

Moderate Democrats, LOL

Our Socialist President

Then it went to the Supreme Court

The Heater-Hildy team announced, Barth’s Bluff

A Novel P & R worker

It only took 6 years and a new Super

Iraqi death panels

Flamingos are more important than homeless people

And the Trojan Horse arrives, sadly

It failed, and it didn’t even have bent up siding. Just a failed plan.

Nice Eye Shadow

Mike is at it again

Johnny want a Cracker

And the conflicts of interest continue

Stormland censors, then goes to a Xmas party and Packers game with the mayor

The Cookie Monster was behind 911?

City government has been sticking it to the citizens for quite awhile

Another great Stormland TV reporter misses the mark. Now back to reporting about sick kids and trans-cheerleading.

This is how you build a $117 million dollar events center, CUT CORNERS

Hudson says ‘Go Away’

Father Bill


Forrest didn’t quite pull it off


Best of DaCola, 250 pages down, 550 to go

What the Events Center is really costing us

Free Lunch

Task This!

Got Hotels? For a tournament?

Stay the course

Arterial Street Tax Boondoggle

Bullshit flavored Kolaches are my fave!

And now that we got paid back we buy a pool

The coronation never happened

I hope our Divorce with the Quen Be is final

How the Greenway really got started

How I miss the Graham Cracker


The failed smoking rule

Beer Summit

Dr. Barkey takes his shot at doing toons, and here to

Once a Tool always a Thule

The automatic property tax increase in SF

Sanford the Octopus

Flood Map Suck it!

Parker’s Begins!

Here’s a cigar

The State legislature will never approve another penny tax, and another proposal

Murica Protests

Raise, Raise, Raise your taxes

Were we listening back in 2009? Nope. Onward Walmarts!

When you are wishy washy the Snow Queen from Castlewood beats you

To bad they weren’t successful

Keep on eating Sioux Falls


Best of DaCola – Half way through 2009

The Fair in the Ground

The Howard Wood idea, bad from the beginning

Phone booth casinos

Lifelight attendance


First it was KAUR and now Badlands Pawn takes over University of Sioux Falls radio.

If I ever find the person who stole my cruiser, pain, and lots of it.

Six years and still sour grapes

Fiddle Faddle learns from the best

The logo to end all logos

Billboard this!

The Heater’s big announcement. Even from the start, I was skeptical.

GOP Love

Still a Phlop

Plant this!

My neighbor’s yard looks the same, but the box is gone

Smoke em’ if you got em’

Gateway . . . LOL

VP of swinery

Bomb, Bomb, Bomb . . .

When are we gonna say bye-bye to the Home Rule Charter?