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Best of DaCola

Reefer Madness

We miss you Sir Weiner, but not the Argus Weiners

Go cut some croutons

Monster Mash

Where’s my bike? Chumps!

Got a Tiger in my pants

Heh, Heh, you said Wood

Huether proposes his EC plan



Me to lady, me to

Hey Mikey, whatever happened to that corporate sponsorship anyway?


Best of Dacola


Match Pointe is the Pergolas of the Sanford Sports Complex

It’s not rape when it is done in the Middle East

How did this turnout?

Bottom of the pile

Balloon Boy and arterial streets

Once a tool, always tool.

The EC that never happened

Home values and liquor stores

I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a Hamburger today

Comic book censorship

A bad combination

Thune Schwag

Howard Wood isn’t going anywhere

It only took six years but it got done

Roger’s Dirty Laundry

Tea Sexy

Man Capris


Best of DaCola

Mean people

Moderate Democrats, LOL

Our Socialist President

Then it went to the Supreme Court

The Heater-Hildy team announced, Barth’s Bluff

A Novel P & R worker

It only took 6 years and a new Super

Iraqi death panels

Flamingos are more important than homeless people

And the Trojan Horse arrives, sadly

It failed, and it didn’t even have bent up siding. Just a failed plan.

Nice Eye Shadow

Mike is at it again

Johnny want a Cracker

And the conflicts of interest continue

Stormland censors, then goes to a Xmas party and Packers game with the mayor

The Cookie Monster was behind 911?

City government has been sticking it to the citizens for quite awhile

Another great Stormland TV reporter misses the mark. Now back to reporting about sick kids and trans-cheerleading.

This is how you build a $117 million dollar events center, CUT CORNERS

Hudson says ‘Go Away’

Father Bill


Forrest didn’t quite pull it off


Best of DaCola, 250 pages down, 550 to go

What the Events Center is really costing us

Free Lunch

Task This!

Got Hotels? For a tournament?

Stay the course

Arterial Street Tax Boondoggle

Bullshit flavored Kolaches are my fave!

And now that we got paid back we buy a pool

The coronation never happened

I hope our Divorce with the Quen Be is final

How the Greenway really got started

How I miss the Graham Cracker


The failed smoking rule

Beer Summit

Dr. Barkey takes his shot at doing toons, and here to

Once a Tool always a Thule

The automatic property tax increase in SF

Sanford the Octopus

Flood Map Suck it!

Parker’s Begins!

Here’s a cigar

The State legislature will never approve another penny tax, and another proposal

Murica Protests

Raise, Raise, Raise your taxes

Were we listening back in 2009? Nope. Onward Walmarts!

When you are wishy washy the Snow Queen from Castlewood beats you

To bad they weren’t successful

Keep on eating Sioux Falls


Best of DaCola – Half way through 2009

The Fair in the Ground

The Howard Wood idea, bad from the beginning

Phone booth casinos

Lifelight attendance


First it was KAUR and now Badlands Pawn takes over University of Sioux Falls radio.

If I ever find the person who stole my cruiser, pain, and lots of it.

Six years and still sour grapes

Fiddle Faddle learns from the best

The logo to end all logos

Billboard this!

The Heater’s big announcement. Even from the start, I was skeptical.

GOP Love

Still a Phlop

Plant this!

My neighbor’s yard looks the same, but the box is gone

Smoke em’ if you got em’

Gateway . . . LOL

VP of swinery

Bomb, Bomb, Bomb . . .

When are we gonna say bye-bye to the Home Rule Charter?


Best of DaCola

Sense of humor?

Worst President Ever?

I can still dream? Can’t I?

I wonder what these numbers look like 6 years later?

Redlight camera contracts


Once a Dick, always a Dick

Sioux Falls has jobs!

How about a follow-up report LA Times?

A socialist party, party?

A very disappointed Tea-Bagger

Just Chillin with Barry

Enforce my code

Chief Apologizer

The SAFE Home has been successful


Stretching the truth

Dusty the PUCster

Mr. Myers first shot at healthcare

Big Boy VS. Idiot boy

White people

Quality of life bonds and the river greenway boondoggle

SF Parks and Rec slush fund

Republican rebranding

Search this!

Should have taken my advice on paying for the levees as Fed money was available and we wouldn’t be stuck with debt and interest on an indoor pool – Huh?

Carnegie Hall Squares


DaCola’s cameraman is finally recognized as ‘Press’

YouTube Preview Image

I really think it is because he was approaching the stage . . .

Cameraman Bruce was anointed media by the city of Sioux Falls on August 31, 2015 Sioux Falls Rail Yard Porkfest. Do you know why we are enjoying this? We’ll explain.

At several city pressers during the last year the Mayor has made a public point of being belligerent toward our cameraman Bruce. He likes to ask questions the mayor doesn’t like asked. You know, the kind of questions you would ask if you had the chance. The Mayor shouted him down at Spellerberg Pool. The Mayor gaveled him at a City Council meeting. We won’t talk about the special attention the Mayor gave him back in April (saved for another time). Oh and how about the last rail yard announcement in city hall when the mayor made a special point of excluding Bruce from being a questioner?

There are more, but today we celebrate the acknowledgement of our Southdacola.com cameraman Bruce as city of Sioux Falls official media. At least for the day… Ya gotta start somewhere, I guess.

Best of DaCola

Our first introduction to Noemless

Apathy allowed Bush

The push for an EC begins, Heh-Heh!

A Wipf of Tchetter

A fitting movie review

Some things never change in the GOP

City of Sioux Falls Code Enforcement Flow Chart Fiasco, and the response

Remember the Knuppe Stash?

Bill Bill’s Abe Room

Sandy’s ‘just a scratch’ incident

What Ironic Johnny Thune-Bag really does in DC

Shoe salesperson Krebs

No KANT do, smoking for me and not for you, and two others

North Dakota Gods

My Pavilion show, before my bike was stolen

Herseth should have ran for governor

Please Die

Turkey Jingles

Those were the embezzling days

Legislative Stupidity 2009

The Daily Spin

Marion Cash

Real People Die in Floods, sometimes

What did that Suleman chick do anyway?

My interview with the drummer of the MC5

Councilor Jamison’s economic forum

A very special Olympiad

The pockets of an officer

I love you to Joel


Best of DaCola

My failed tax petition

Pammy sticks it to the Gov

The McCain Rallies

The streets are finally safe

S**T Sandwich

The failure of Measure 11, and again

2009 State Legislative Goals

Leadership Johnny

The Auto Bailout


An Angry Guy article

Welcome to Iraq Mr. President, and this to!

Calendar Gate

Hospital Mega-Plex


Comparing the Presidents in Black & White

Some things never change at city hall

How we miss Vern

Burrito Birth

A million ways to increase education funding in SD without raising taxes, and here to

Always look for the exit when Clubbing

Yet we still elected him to Senate

Called out at the Council Meeting (this was when the council was allowed to interact with the public)

Remember this, It caused over a 100 properties North of Town to be in the floodplain, and when we did get repaid, we blew it on a pool we are building on land we do not own.

$50K public art, now sitting in a storage yard. Part II

SD Priorities

This is when my love affair with the Parks and Rec Department started

I think one of these wishes came true for me.


Best of DaCola

The John Edwards kefuffle

The Dykstra/Johnson debates

The five minute rule

Who let the genius out of the white house?

My Brown Bag philosophy series, and another, and another

It all started with a gift for the RR relocation project

From Kelo to the Y

Bugs NOT Drugs

My cartoonist debut in SD Magazine

Déjà vu?

Wouldn’t be the first time Pammy was in this predictament

TV Gate

Jesus and Sarah Palin

Another tax increase during a piss poor economy

Grand Falls Casino

Yeah, how did that tax increase go for arterial roads?

Governor Rounds had no bounds

Tinted Windows