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South DaCola Podcast 10: Downtown SF Parking Ramp

We discussed all things downtown parking ramp with guests Sioux Falls City Councilor Pat Starr and Cameraman Bruce. No lies or misconceptions on this broadcast.

South DaCola Podcast 8: Legislator & Mayoral Candidate Greg Jamison

We touched on the upcoming legislative session, Greg’s run for mayor, and a few ghost stories.

South DaCola Podcast 7: Transparency & Open Primaries

Okay, tonight’s debate was a little unexpected. While we started out with a good conversation about transparent government and the demise of Mayor Huether and the siding settlement we quickly shift gears into a ‘discussion’ about the two party system and open primaries. NSFW (I’m not even sure if I want to listen to it again). Props to Robert for putting up with us.

South DaCola Podcast VI: SF Mayoral Candidate Nick Weiland

Nick breaks down his issues, and of course I give my advice, go figure.

South DaCola Podcast V: Sioux Falls City Councilor Pat Starr

Pat talks downtown parking ramp, higher education, wages and city budget, and much more.

South DaCola Podcast III

We get down about Garth, Bosworth, Parks and audits.

South DaCola Podcast II: America

We will soon be on I-Tunes, but until, Sound Cloud Kids

South DaCola Podcast, Episode I

Top of the Tracks HERE.