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SouthDaCola Podcast 21: School Bond Vote

We were joined by Mortgage Banker Craig Markhardt. and Peter Pischke. Listen HERE.

SouthDaCola Podcast 20: Metro Joe Sneve

We ramble about the latest city news. Listen HERE.

SouthDaCola Podcast 19: President of DTSF, Joe Batcheller

Listen HERE. We discuss what is going on Downtown and future development.

SouthDaCola Podcast 18: Minnehaha County Commissioner Jeff Barth

Listen HERE. We talk about the triage center, county and city business.

Minnehaha County Commissioner Jeff Barth, podcast guest on Monday

We will talk about his re-election run for commissioner, the Democratic Party in SD, county and city politics and possibly the royal wedding. Possibly.

South DaCola Podcast 17: Sioux Falls Election Post-Mortem

We crush it over the city election and bizzo. LISTEN HERE.

South DaCola Podcast 16: Sioux Falls Election Preview w/Joe Sneve

In fact we had a full crew tonight. Besides Argus Leader Media metro reporter Joe Sneve, we also have my Co-Host, Producer Robert Mehling and Cameraman Bruce. LISTEN HERE.

SouthDaCola Podcast Election Preview

Maybe it’s dumb luck, but the next scheduled podcast is for Monday April 9th, the eve of the municipal election. My featured guest will be Joe Metro, municipal reporter Joe Sneve from the Argus Leader. We will hash out the election and probably dive into a bunch of other stuff. Thank goodness this is a podcast, I wouldn’t want Joe to stare into the camera 🙂

South DaCola Podcast 15: Tom Hurlbert, Central District Council Candidate

Tom fills us in about what he wants do on the council. LISTEN HERE.

South DaCola Podcast 14: Janet Brekke, At-Large ‘A’ Council Candidate

Janet tells us her plans as a future city councilor including a new and improved neighborhood cleanup program. Listen HERE.