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Americans for Prosperity opposed to 3rd penny for municipalities

I don’t often agree with the right wing boloney coming from Americans for Prosperity, but I do agree that raising another penny for municipalities is certainly a horrible idea. They have their reasons to oppose the tax increase, which are the usual choking of economic development, etc., etc. and just being opposed to taxes in general. My reasons are a little different, sales taxes are a regressive tax, and South Dakotan’s impoverished and middle class are already paying too much.

I can see why this will get broad support from both sides of the aisle in our state legislature. Democrats like extra tax money to spend on play things, this is why our mayor is just in love with the idea. Republicans in the state most likely support it, because any increase on sales taxes means a shift away from a corporate or income tax, something that scares the crap out of them.

Let’s face it, there are many things wrong with the proposal. First off, even if I supported the legislation, which I don’t, I would require a 60% majority for passage of the tax increase. I would also eliminate the ‘sunset’ clause, because let’s face it, they are just a myth sold to voters.

But I guess one of the reasons I vehemently oppose the tax increase, especially in Sioux Falls, is because we seem to have a bad habit already of spending our CIP 2nd Penny on playthings, I can’t imagine the out of control spending we would have for projects for the special interest groups if a 3rd penny ensued. You think indoor pools and tennis centers are an unneeded expense now, give the city another $100 million plus a year and you will see them on every corner.

We need responsible taxing, and this is where Americans for Prosperity and I disagree. We need to eliminate the sales taxes on food, clothing and utilities and we need to implement a corporate income tax to foster economic development, or even better yet fund indoor tennis facilities that 99.9% of us sales tax paying peeps will never use.

Besides, the CEOs and their children need something to do during the winter besides counting their frozen moldy money.


Need qualified workers (welders)? Train them yourself

Well the Hubbel craft doesn’t say many wise things, but when she does, they are whoppers. This is Lora’s online comment to the Argus story about hiring welders;

Lora Hubbel · Top Commenter · Sioux Falls, South Dakota

I don’t get it. Sioux Steel, if you need welders….THEN TRAIN THEM! Why look to the government to educate and train someone for your business…DO IT YOURSELF! You don’t have to do the “schooling”…just give them hands on training. Give them a small job at first and as they learn more they can do more complicated jobs. Since WHEN have we pouted about not having enough STATE TRAINED workers? Man up Sioux Steel…take control of your own destiny and train your own workers.

Besides having the desire to want to be a welder and having skills working with your hands, there really isn’t a reason why you can’t train welders on the job. As someone who has worked in manufacturing in the past said to me;

The training schools do not teach useable welding skills. Through the last 40 years of our trying to use their trained skills in many South Dakota factories, the first thing we learned to do with the new employee was to break all the bad habits taught at the SD schools. This is a reason these students have to leave South Dakota. We do not have programs being taught matching the needs of the factories.  The necessary skills for South Dakota welding shops / factories are not taught by the instructors not understanding the businesses. Most South Dakota businesses do not need “certified” welders. These shops need to train their own employees to do the light gauge work South Dakota factories utilize. The need for the training academies is expensive bullshit to force under-educated kids to get sucked into paying high priced loans to study useless skills.

These factory owners do not want to take the farm and city kids into their factories anymore to go through a rigorous training period. We taught many workers everything about welding the way we needed them to weld and some are still at it 30 years and more later at the factory we started in 1965. This is the way it needs to be done to build South Dakota and a dedicated workforce.

No money for public education, but $50 million to subsidize training for private industry, go figure.

The Sisseton Redmen change mascot name


By Ari Ann Hedskin, for South DaCola

In an amazing change of heart, the Sisseton School Board has decided to change the name of their mascot.

“Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of things that are red that are cool, International and Massey-Ferguson tractors, Ferrari’s, Santa’s suit, but hey, it was time for a change,” says school board president Igor Nant.

While the controversy surrounded the derogatory name towards native Americans (Redmen), Igor says it had nothing to do with that.

“Hey, we were just tired of not seeing any Redmen (or Ferrari’s) around town, so what was the point? Not to mention, our town is famous throughout South Dakota for our homemade saltines!”

Yes, the ‘Sisseton Saltines’ may not have that ‘fighting’ mascot sound, but they sure are tasty with the corner bar’s famous goat/grouse chili.

“We may be called a cracker, but we are salty in our fight,” exclaims Igor (giggling and flagellating at the same time).

When area Lakota students were asked about the name change they said,

“Everyone knows an indian taco on pita bread beats podunk chili and crackers (unless Stephanie-Herseth-Sandlin-Raven is serving them).”

Either way, each party can now move on happily with full (and gassy) stomachs.

We don’t need new taxes in SD, just lift some exemptions

I have often agreed with many we could lift the tax on food, fund education and fix our roads if we just lifted some tax exemptions. This is total exemptions from a report from January 2013: (Doc: SummaryofStateSalesTaxExemptions0113 )

I decided to cherry pick the ones I think should be lifted, which would total an estimated $60,137,00. There are many others that deal with agriculture, but I left them out, because I believe if there is an end sale, it shouldn’t be taxed.

The two that amaze me the most are hunting lodges, general lodging and advertising. I work in printing and advertising, and have often been confused that we can charge a tax for printing a tangible postcard, a form of advertising, but not a placement ad. Seems like a double standard to me.


SD Retailers Association fiddling with the will of the people


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Some people just don’t get it, the voters passed the minimum wage increase because if they had to wait on industry to do it, it would never happen. Funny how they don’t have money to pay wages but somehow the organization was able to raise and spend $100K to fight it.

I also enjoyed this little tidbit;

And that means when it comes to making basic decisions about how to run your business, you’re going to have to ask the permission of 280,000 South Dakota voters.

Nice ‘red meat’ statement. That is called ‘regulation’. Nobody is telling you who to employ or fire or what to pay at a maximum, it is just revising a minimum that was already on the books, they are setting a regulation when it comes to wages. If you do not want to pay those standards, close your doors and go on your merry way.

Uninsured Drivers in South Dakota

I have often believed uninsured drivers in South Dakota is a serious issue, usually costing taxpayers in court proceedings, insurance companies of insured drivers and victims of uninsured drivers. It cost my mom and her insurance company recently. Just look at the results of the saturation patrol on NYE, while there was 3 DUI offenses, there were 11 uninsured drivers;

The saturation results for only the five saturation officers were 3 DWI arrests, 3 speeding citations, 4 seatbelt violations, 1 alcohol offense, 7 driver’s license violations, 27 warning tickets, 11 insurance violations, 1 stoplight violation, and 7 miscellaneous citations issued.

What is the solution? I have often said that the state needs to pass a law that requires anybody purchasing a license plate or renewal on tags to show proof of insurance for the vehicle. If they can’t, they don’t get plates or tags. It makes no sense to me that we require people to carry insurance but don’t enforce it through licensing. It would be a simple way to keep uninsured drivers off the roads. Expired or no plates on a vehicle are an easy way for law enforcement to tell who doesn’t have insurance. Obviously some insurance plans only last 3 months at a time, but I feel that if someone goes through the process to insure a vehicle, they will keep up with it throughout the year.

Looks like the NEW South Dakota GF&P Director will fit right in with Pierre politics of corruption


Kelly Hepler (Left) possibly thanking someone for a lobbying gift

Had to chuckle, shake my head, and let out a long sigh when I saw this story about our new director the other day;

Hepler, who has worked with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game since 1979, was among several public officials in Alaska accused in August of not reporting gifts from a lobbying organization known as the Kenai River Sportfishing Association, . . .
While he was let off on a technicality, it is still unknown what exactly he received as a gift. He is probably pretty happy about the fact that in SD, with our extremely closed state government, he won’t have to worry about getting busted for that kind of activity here. Accept as many gifts as you want, we will never know.

Rapid City Mayor helps collect signatures to put Civic Center on ballot

Mayor Kooiker continues to surprise me every day;

Kooiker, who estimated he personally collected about 400 signatures, said he was pleased that the City Council’s decision to approve $180 million in bonds for a new civic center arena will be put to a public vote.

What I find amazing about what Sam did, is that not only did he support a public vote, he helped collect signatures. This is in stark reality to our mayor who told everyone he supported snow gates, but when asked to sign the petition to put them on the ballot, he refused, as did many local politicians, including our Secretary of State elect Shantel Krebs, who told petition gathers after refusing to sign, “Initiatives/referendums should be illegal in South Dakota.” Interesting statement from the person that is now in charge of our elections :(

I want to commend Mayor Kooiker for standing up for democracy in South Dakota and setting an example for other elected officials who don’t really understand the process that well.

Cool South Dakota Photography


“Celestial” © Aaron J. Groen – HomeGroen PhotographyPrints – www.HomeGroenPhotography.com

Tornberg & Lowe win Democratic Party chair

Ann Tornberg will be the next SD Democratic party chair with Joe Lowe acting as vice chair. I think it will be a good East & West team for the party. Joe is a real go getter and is cut out for this kind of work, Ann is too, and very intelligent. She understands the games Republicans play.

I think Jeff Barth would have been a good chair, but I was concerned about the overt partisanship it would have presented with him serving on the County Commission. While I think it is fine to chair your county party or act as a delegate or precinct member in your respective parties as commissioners or city councilors, I think a line needs to be drawn with chairs.

Good Luck Dems, you are gonna need it.