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Looks like our horrible open records rules is the issue with Marsy’s Law

Props to Kelli Volk at KELO-TV for doing research on our open records rules in our state and others. It seems Law Enforcement is reacting to our local laws when it comes to Marsy’s Law, more then the actual rules of Marsy’s Law.


Image: KELO-TV

In both California and Illinois, when the law took effect it was business as usual.  But both of those states have much different open records laws than in South Dakota.

California’s law says public information is a “fundamental and necessary right for every person in the State.”  The law in Illinois says “all persons are entitled to full and complete information.”

South Dakota’s open records law says records are public, “unless any other statute, ordinance or rule expressly provides that information or records may not be made public.”

And Marsy’s Law has one line that may do just that.  It gives victims the right to prevent some information from being made public if it could be used to locate or harass the victim or the victim’s family.

It seems the way to fix the transparency issue with reporting crimes comes down to changing our state’s open records laws not changing Marsy’s Law.

Stu Whitney nails it on the outrage over IM22


The pure unbridled arrogance of our ONE-party morons in Pierre is disgusting, and further proof that the one-party rule system is NOT working for our state, in fact it is putting us DEAD last for ethics and corruption;

Never mind that South Dakota was the only state in the union without such restrictions and one of only eight without an ethics commission, leading the Pulitzer Prize-winning Center for Public Integrity to give the Mount Rushmore State a national rank of 47th in deterring government corruption.

The SD GOP seems to take pride in being last. Whether that is pay for teachers, or quite frankly many professions, like nursing, or for rating as the most corrupt, or the defiance of green energy, they are more worried about protecting their free meals and benefits to their businesses then doing the work of the people, because it seems the people are an annoyance to them;

Even more intriguing is the reaction of the state’s Republican establishment to this development.

When citizens express concern about government transparency and the response is to question their intelligence for passing a law that addresses it, what does that make the people in charge of running our state?

Misinformed, to put it mildly.

Well, when your head is up your ass 99% of the time, it’s hard to be informed about most things.

Listen to Weiland talk about the measure on public radio today.

Badlands is closing up shop in South Dakota. Oh Well.


You will miss me. NOT.

Steve Hildebrand made it very clear, he wanted to shut down pay day lending operations in South Dakota with the 36% interest cap. Seems it is working.

Chuckles seems to think by closing his dirt track, butt-rock hair concert venue, pawn shop, and predatory lending shops South Dakotans will suffer.

Laugh of the day.

One can only hope it will have a domino effect on the Video Lottery industry and close their doors to.

We often brag in South Dakota about our moral standards, yet fund our government with mobster ideals, taxing food, and paying sub-standard wages.

South Dakota is better then that, now if we can just get the CORP of Engineers to wipe Pierre off the map permanently we will have finally achieved a higher moral standard.

One-Party rule always works out in the end. And the END is very near.


South Dakota Democratic Party Rebuild, part 1

The South Dakota Democratic Party got together at the Sioux Falls Public Library for one of their largest crowds yet on November 27, 2016. If they would have had more citizen turnouts there could have been more election victories.

Good grief Charlie Brown, Lucy tries to control everything and not listen was the message the party should have heard but did they? We’ll see, there must be big changes because what we are seeing so far is completely wrong. The results shown in November prove it.

Quit making excuses and get to work was the message given by these messengers.

Thoughts on Democrats meeting yesterday

Oh the South Dakota Democratic Party or lack thereof. What are we going to do. Here are Scott Ehrisman’s comments as we wrap up a Sunday afternoon at the Sioux Falls Public Library on November 27, 2016.

We will try to get up the full meeting yet tonight.

What’s that saying about hitting rock bottom?

Maybe that is what the Democratic party in South Dakota needs, to hit almost rock bottom before coming alive again. They lost 4 legislative seats this year and are now down to 16 (which could easily turn into 15 depending on the outcome of Nesiba’s case).

This afternoon the local Democrats had a public meeting at the downtown Sioux Falls library (we hope to have video in a couple of days). Many great ideas were thrown around, and a lot of finger pointing was also done.

Here’s some things that the Dems realized they may have lost on;

• While supporting education funding is good, it was probably a major mistake to vote for a Republican governor’s plan (that will probably be repealed or gutted this session). They should have voted it down and presented their own plan.

• While gay rights, abortion and teacher pay are important issues, they don’t resonate with a lot of South Dakotans, especially conservative voters. The message coming from Dems should not always be an ‘elitist’ or ‘special interest’ message, but one that resonates with all, like worker rights (all workers), wages and fair taxes.

• In light of Measure 22 passing, it is evident that Dems need to also focus more on ethics and corruption the one-party system has inflicted on us.

What is the solution to fixing the party’s brand in South Dakota?

• The resounding consensus at the meeting was having a unified message that resonates with ALL voters. And having actual solutions to those problems, like corruption and low wages and regressive taxes.

Not sure what that message will look like, but the message so far isn’t working for the party. Legislative candidate Michael Saba said it best, “We have to stop letting the Republican Party in this state brand us! We need to brand ourselves!”

Something that happened at the beginning of the meeting really had me thinking, and I even blurted out someones name. One major complaint is where are the past Democrats with high profiles these days? Only one was mentioned, Tim Johnson, who gave $20,000 towards 20 different candidates from his PAC. But the bigger question was where were Herseth, Johnson (both of them) Daschle and Hildebrand during the campaign? Why are they not assisting in rebuilding the party? I even blurted out Mayor Huether. That’s a good question no one had an answer to. It goes back to the elitism that exists in the party. I especially find it ironic that the Mayor leaned on the SDDP to get him elected, and organized labor, and now he is no where to be found. He even convinced the SDDP to help out the city council campaign of a Republican, De Knudson. On second thought, maybe we don’t want his help.

There also seemed to be this desire to control the message of the media. Folks, not going to happen. First off, that is not how the Fourth Estate is supposed to function, and secondly we don’t even have a very good functioning media in this town. Our TV stations are more concerned about sick kids at the Sanford Castle and the weekly work out routine then they are about real news. And our local newspaper has been flailing and flopping like a fish out of water for several years now.

As was determined in the meeting, come up with a solid message, solutions, and hammer it home, day after day, and the media will start to take notice. Trump won because he had a message, you may not agree with it, I certainly don’t, but he repeated it over and over.

The Dems can pull out of this, and they must do it now, especially with Trump haters who are very angry right now and want some relief. Start with them, and work your way out.

Cameraman Bruce weighs in on the election

Well here we go again. Another election season has passed and we are now already into the next. The election consultants and media pundits are eagerly awaiting another election season happening in less than two years. God help us, everyone….

On Monday, we in South Dakota received the news we have been expecting, Kristi Noem is running for governor of our fair state and we don’t know why. Will we ever know why she is running? Probably not the real reason(s).

Last week we learned Mark Mickelson was not going to be a candidate for the office held by his dad and grandpa. We join him in being thankful he bowed out. He is young enough to try someday to form a successful message for his political future to rest on. We don’t need people to run just because they are next. The 2018 Democratic presidential candidate proved it is a bad reason.

This election season was a surprise to many who thought forgone conclusions ruled the day. As we learned last Tuesday, November 8, 2016, forgone conclusions were wrong. Those of us who really talked with voters this year were warning of a wave election. A tidal force not likely to be understood by candidates and their supporters if they were not in the field really listening to the voters.

In Sioux Falls we had a change election in April and a record-breaking petition drive to try to reign in arrogant officeholders from their abusive practices.  We voters tried to signal to the candidates of our intentions, but tried and true routines are hard to break.  We witnessed more ineffectual Facebook games and other social media stuff to make it look like something was happening but again most of our candidates wasted time and money trying to look busy. What a waste. Even Paula Hawks is calling these clowns out;

Hawks said she was committed to working with the party to rebuild and didn’t feel that current party leadership gave her the support she needed in running her campaign against Rep. Kristi Noem.

“We need to put out the press releases and be ready to throw the punches,” Hawks said.

Both South Dakota “major” parties are in the process of imploding. Each for different reasons.

  • Let’s get the Democratic Party reasons out of the way. Our Democratic Party refuses to let people in. They claim inclusive, big tent ideas but it is just lip service. If you are part of the special group of insider players you are asked to pay so they can play. If you have any experience to go with your gray hair, stay away. The Democratic Party knows how tap into Dakota progressive nature for ballot measures but destroy any good from it by not letting any one else play in their party.


  • The Republican Party of South Dakota runs a winner takes all mentality. It is a Super Bowl played every two years. The party is controlled by entrenched players who control everything but the underlying goodness of the people who are really progressive in their souls. This inborn goodness is born out of the 1880’s progressive movement heritage of our region.  We can see it in the backstories seldom written about but always exploited by those in power. The GOP has always been a group with a label but not a clear direction other than power. We have legislative winners who are not part of the inner circle and never will be. Their election wins only matter in the backrooms of Pierre.

Those of us who have been politically active for decades are tired of the usual exclusionary practices of both parties. There will always be the people who vote for the same brand of candidates because they are running under “the” label.

The Democratic Party does nothing to make candidates, oh sure there is the couple of weeks where promises of help are made in attempts to get candidates but where are the off year training / teaching forums to build potential candidates? Where is the effort to build a financial network to support party building efforts? Is there ever going to be an effort to do outreach to the rest of the state? When will we have others allowed in the decision making process?

Have you noticed how little the GOP is doing in the same areas just laid out? The Super Bowl mentality is showing in their efforts. The GOP is now becoming a control fight between the haves and have not groups under their crowded umbrella. The umbrella is getting so crowded only those in the center control and those on the fringes are getting tired of being wet on. We will soon see interparty control fights escalate causing severe unmendable fractures. Will the swept under the carpet scandals finally break open more space under the umbrella, we are watching. One of the state’s top budget analysts just leaves the Daugaard administration in the middle of the night with no explanation. Hmmm.

In the meantime, we need to get ready for 2018 in Sioux Falls and South Dakota. Our mayor is going to run for something. He will find his message somewhere. He will set in place his chosen candidate for mayor to support for his legacy and possible return to the office in the future. There are City Council candidates leaving their seats and many of us are glad to say good riddance. We helped change how the Council works for now and we are keeping close track of those we helped bring to the party. We are trying to set the stage for the future of responsive city government.

Some of us decided to put out efforts toward city government because our state parties did not want us interfering in their games. As movement politics goes, this shall pass and those controlling will be gone when they do not accept what is happening in the real world.

Bruce Danielson

2016 Election Predictions • VOTE, Tuesday November 8


Instead of wrapping my head around all the races and amendments I decided to only predict the races I have watched closely. Some of the races I did not cover are ones that I think will either be total blowouts or too close to call. Yes, I am getting lazy. Oh well. Here is a light hearted review of the ballot measures by the SE Podcast.


Hillary will win nationally. I predicted her win two years ago and I am sticking by it. I think Clinton has silent support. In other words, I think many people are frustrated with their choices, so they are picking the lesser of the two evils. While they are not happy with Clinton as a candidate, they know the alternative is not an option. If I am completely wrong on that prediction, and Trump wins, I think it will be by a large margin. I think Trump will win the state but Clinton will win Minnehaha County with most of those votes coming from Sioux Falls.

Minnehaha County Treasurer

Pam Nelson will win by at least 5 points. Pam’s incumbency and popularity will carry her through the night.

District 25 State Senate

Jeff Barth will win the Senate Race in District 25. Jeff has been a very popular county commissioner (serving 10 years) and though he is running against an incumbent (not technically, she was appointed by the governor). I think Jeff’s name recognition and support across party lines carries him through.

District 9 State House

Michael Saba will win this easily. Not only is he a strong candidate, his life’s experience have given Saba a wealth of knowledge that NO legislator current or soon to be elected has.

District 10 State Senate

Jim Powers will win this seat, but I think it will be close. Jim has been door knocking and campaigning like a maniac. His competitor is an unemployed closet Neo-Con Republican that moves more then a grazing buffalo, nobody really knows where she lives, and her recent marriage to an out-of-state resident has people questioning if she will resign after the 2017 session so the governor can appoint a replacement.

District 6 State House

Clara Hart has this one. Her competitor also has a residency problem and has been lying to voters about his support of education funding and his votes in last year’s session. He’s toast. Which will be good, he can concentrate more on his Bible studies.

Minnehaha County Commission (2 Seats)

Jean Bender & Marc Feinstein will win the day. I think voters will be looking for a balance on the commission, and I believe these are the two leading candidates in their parties. As I tell everybody, anybody but Karsky (Democrat Juan Bonilla is also running).

Amendment T – Pass

People are frustrated with gerrymandering by the leading party.

Amendment V – Pass

While I think this one will be close, I think people are frustrated with the two major parties and their limited choices on the ballot after the primaries.

21 – Pass, U – Fail (payday lending rates)

I think the church influence on this issue will turn the tables.

R – Pass

The widespread support for this measure will be a for sure pass. Though I do think people opposed to the measure are upset with the growth of government. Instead of creating a whole new body to govern technical schools they would have preferred that they just put the tech schools under the umbrella of the Board of Regents with colleges.

20, Youth Minimum Wage – Fail

I think people are upset with the legislature messing with the will of the people. A standard minimum wage was passed for ALL not just those over 18.

We will see where the cards fall.

Maybe the SD Democratic Party knows something we don’t

I’m wondering if they are holding their election party 3 days later because they think it will take that many days to count the votes 🙂