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Drinking Liberally fills us in on some interesting tidbits

Seems there is going to be some shakeups in the SD Dem party next weekend, or maybe not;

In South Dakota: Next weekend the South Dakota Democratic Party (SDDP) will hold its McGovern Day dinner, the SDDP’s big annual gathering and fundraiser. Keith Ellison, Congressman from neighboring Minnesota and National Democratic Party Vice-chair, is scheduled to be the featured speaker. Keith was one of the few Democratic office holders who endorsed Bernie Sanders, the Socialist from Vermont, in the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primaries. He said Bernie reminded him of Jack Lemmon in that greatest of all Minnesota ice fishing movies, “Grumpy Old Men”.

The SDDP will hold a state Central Committee meeting in conjunction with the dinner. Constitutional amendments, which could lead to an election of state party officers at this same meeting, have been introduced. To quote from a letter from Rachelle Norberg summarizing the proposed amendments, “One of the most important changes in the proposed amendment is the moving of State Officer elections to a spring window on odd-numbered years, typically held at the same time as the McGovern Day fundraiser. If passed, this change causes an election of new officers to be held April 29th, 2017. Please ensure all potential officer candidates are given adequate notice to the best of your ability”

There could be fireworks at the Central Committee meeting, folks!!! Rumor has it that Paula Hawks wants Ann Tornberg’s job.

I am not a big fan of the current SDDP Chair, but a snap election, initiated in this manner, with almost no notice, seems deeply arrogant on the part of the conspirators and very wrong-headed. This appears to be a palace coup by Powers behind the throne. Changing one Queen for another is not progress even if the new Queen would be substantially taller. Change requires changing the Powers that be.

I would agree with the mighty Pooh-Bah, change can be good, but you have to do it carefully. I keep telling the Dems I would return to the party if they get their poop in groop, looks like I will be an Indy for the indefinite future.

Cartoons from the Past (2006?)

Some things never change

Another ‘Sloppy’ announcement from the SD Dems

“There’s a tear in my beer because I’m crying for yah dear, please help run this race . . .”

When I first heard about this on Monday, I thought the announcement of Suzie’s departure and a possible run by Billie so sloppy, I just sat on the news to see if someone heard something different, I guess not;

Jones Pranger didn’t say whose campaign she would be working on, but signaled it would be for state Sen. Billie Sutton, D-Burke. (Sutton has not announced his 2018 plans.) “South Dakota Democrats have many great potential candidates like Senator Billie Sutton who, should they decide to run, would level the playing field for South Dakota’s working class,” Jones Pranger said in an email.

This could have been coordinated better . . . oh, nevermind, forgot who I was talking about. And we’ll all sit around in November of 2018 and wonder how Mike Huether became Governor.

Living History of my Great, Great Grandfather Charles Blachnik

This is my Great, Great, Grandfather that will portrayed in a living history.
On Saturday afternoon June 17 at 2 pm during Czech Days in Tabor, Darrell Beran will be portraying Charles F. Blachnik, his great grandfather, telling about his life history. The presentation will take place in the Czech Heritage Park starting at the museum next to the post office on the main street. Darrell is just one of five presenters portraying different Tabor pioneers that day. There is only one performance, so don’t be late. Please let other members of your family know about the presentation as I am not sure I know all of them. Cost is $5 per person which includes a kolache and bottle of water.

Would recreational Marijuana raise significant taxes for SD?

Damn right it would! And I suspect most of that tax revenue would come from out of state. Think about it. If South Dakota legalizes Recreational, we would be surrounded by 6 states that do not have it legalized. I actually think the state could easily raise $30-40 million in tax revenue in the first year. Of course our closed minded legislators (mostly Republican) don’t have a clue, just read this ridiculous quote from our Speaker of the House;

“Never. Absolutely not,” said South Dakota House Speaker Mark Mickelson, R-Sioux Falls. “Tax yourself for something you need, don’t tax someone else for their path to destruction.”

So I’m guessing next year Mr. Mickelson will be proposing removing taxes from alcohol, or even better yet making us a dry state to end it’s ‘destruction’ of our state. Hey, go a step further and get rid of video lottery also. Only Republicans think that it is okay to tax food, clothes and energy costs instead of a cash cow like REC marijuana. I think if this makes the ballot, it will pass by 56%. As a person who follows politics, I will say that REC marijuana is used by all stripes, Dems, Indies and Republicans. I also think that it HAS to pass by a good margin, otherwise our legislature will be making moves to overturn it. Just look at IM22. It’s time South Dakota moves into the 21st century and approves this important measure, that would improve education and save tax payers millions in legal costs.

Expanding Gambling in SD is NOT the solution to Economic Development

Sorry to see Yankton is doing so badly. I have never understood why, they sit on one of the most beautiful lakes in South Dakota. The economic development options on Lewis & Clark, I would think would be endless. Look at what Okoboji has done without a Casino on their waterfront.

Expanding gambling options in South Dakota is NOT the answer. The irony is that they would only be pulling gamblers from Fort Randall and Nebraska Indian Casinos, they would not be creating any new clientele.

Oh, and Gambling SUCKS and is a poor way to fund government. But what is the most disheartening is that this idea is being pitched by a Democrat that should know the pain gambling has caused our state;

“I think the challenge is we need to compete with Omaha, Lincoln and Minneapolis,” Senator Bernie Hunhoff said.

If that was true, which I don’t think it is, why do it with gambling?

I’m extremely disappointed with the short-sightedness of Yankton’s leaders. There is a reason why the Republicans have had control of this state for over 40 years, because the Dems in leadership roll over and play dead.

South Dakota Democrats! WAKE UP!!

If opportunity was ever knocking on the Dems doors, it is 2018.

Let’s face the facts, Trump and his limp congress and senate will be burning bridges like no tomorrow come January 2018. But even if Trump is still popular, this is the first time in a long time that there will be so many open seats in a multitude of races.

Sioux Falls school board (empty seat, have until March 28, 2017 to get petitions) so far only one candidate has formerly announced, Cynthia Mickelson, wife of ‘Dark Money’ crusader Mark Mickelson. Democrats should be all over this easy race. They expect the voter turnout to be so low they are going to hand count the election. You could literally win this race by a couple of votes.

Sioux Falls city council, Four seats (two open seats, At-Large & Central. Two incumbents, At-Large, South East). Another shoe-in for Democrats, especially when it is a non-partisan race (Your party designation doesn’t appear on the ballot). The next city council is going to need some progressives to address many economic issues facing our city.

Sioux Falls mayor (open seat) I swear by the notion that the next Mayor is going to have to be the opposite of Huether. He was anything but a Democrat, and he knew it, that is why he left the party. It will take someone who will represent not only open government but ALL citizens no matter their economic status.

Attorney General of SD (open seat) with Jackboots running for governor, this will open this wide open. Besides US Congress, this may be a job Brendan Johnson could consider running for.

Secretary of State of SD (open seat) with the shoe salesperson boot scooting her way out of the SOS office (in which she had to hire temps to help clean up after the last goon farting all over it and wiped his butt with the state flag) this would be another great seat  for Dems to pick up (they should have last time).

Governor of SD (open seat) this will quickly become a hot mess all around. I have suggested the Dems put up Joe Lowe as their candidate and have NO primary. I know Billy Sutton’s name comes up quite often too, but I don’t think Billy knows what party he is in, since he continually votes for Republican tax plans (teacher pay).

US Congress (open seat) I’m still sticking to my guns and say Huether will run for this seat as an indy. This leaves him and Dusty to battle it out leaving a popular Democrat to sweep in at the end. I say Dusty because I don’t think Shantel ‘Glass Slipper’ Krebs can beat Dusty. He is just a far more personable campaigner, and if you have had any interaction with Shoeless Krebs you will realize she holds an elitist attitude towards the minions. She is vehemently against the initiated measure process. As for my MMM prediction, it is something I have felt for awhile, but after him and his BFF, Rob Oliver slipped SHS in at Augie, I felt it was a mild ploy to eliminate her as competition.

With all these open seats, the Democrats need to pounce NOW! The Republicans are already showing multiple candidates for Governor, Congress and AG. And what have the Democrats shown? NOT Squat.

As I have told several within the party, the chair, Ann Tornberg needs to be calling the leading candidates RIGHT NOW and asking the question, Yes? NO? Or Maybe? Especially with some of the obvious ones, like Brendan Johnson. This screwing around worrying about IM 22 and whether or no gays can adopt need to be handled by special interests. The party needs to concentrate on rebuilding the party, that means finding at least 2 candidates to run for each of these seats and several of the legislative races. If the Democratic party can’t start making announcements by at least the end of May (2017) they might as well just shut the lights off and pack up, because you are toast.

Update: State Auditor, Commissioner of School & Public Lands and PUC will also be up for grabs.



Hypocrisy from Pierre Update & the Ghost of Janklow

I was going to do a couple of full-fledged posts on these two issues, but with the nice weather and all, I really don’t want to waste too much time farting around blogging.

Mark ‘Gigantic, Enormous, Forked Tongue, Hypocrite’ Mickelson

Last week, State Legislator and I think the head dude in Pierre, Mark Mickelson wrote a guest column in the AL decrying all the dark money coming in the state for initiatives. Call a whaaabulance Mark. He then began to chastise the groups and voters for not being aware of such darkness. Not once did he mention all the out-of-state donations the SD GOP has received over the years to fund state legislative candidates. Actually, just a few years ago when Jason Gant was tasked with those efforts, he dispersed over $90K to legislative candidates all over the state.

I’m sure Mark’s next letter will be about all the dark out-of-state money Kristi Noem received while serving in Congress that she has now swiftly moved to her governor’s campaign fund (over $1 million). Hypocrisy at it’s finest, and dark on both sides. Why shouldn’t we elect his wife to the SF School Board?

SB 176 the (Janklow) Protest Bill

Does anyone remember when Billy Bob Janks pulled this spade out of his ass?

Sept. 23 – South Dakota’s tactic of stopping Canadian trucks to protest what it sees as unfair trade practices with Canada is spreading to other states.
A week ago, South Dakota Gov. Bill Janklow ordered state troopers to stop and inspect shipments of Canadian grain and livestock coming into the state. The action was intended to send a message urging U.S. officials to ensure fair trade between the two countries. Several trucks were turned away at the state’s borders for not having paperwork required by the state.

It seems Dennis not only has a short memory, but a tinge of hypocrisy when it comes to protest rules. Or maybe he is just taking a page from his dear old buddy Uncle Bill? Now that I think about it, it is too bad we didn’t block Janklow from driving on the roads in SD, probably be a lot more people alive today.


The SD Democratic Party got clever with some video Cameraman Bruce shot. Thanks for sharing! The irony is how these same folks (Republican Lawmakers) are all of sudden constitutional scholars when repealing IM 22, but they can’t answer questions about simple bills on the docket for a cracker barrel.

The SD GOP’s new Comedian is ready to serve

Hey South Dakota, this Jew’s for you!

Am I the only one to find it a bit ironic that the right-winger Christians in the SD GOP hire a Jewish Iowa businessman who lobbies for Muslim Arabs to lead the party?

And you wonder why the party has been destroying our state for the past 40 years. Because it’s leadership is so out of touch they don’t give a rat’s ass about the average hardworking South Dakotan.