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Tri-Valley first to pull a stupid

Well, we all knew it was coming, eventually, some po-dunk school in South Dakota would take up the state legislature on the School Sentinel law;

The Tri-Valley School District is considering a policy that could change the look of school safety in South Dakota.

On Monday night, the school board passed the first reading of a school sentinel policy that would allow the district to arm certain employees.

I guess I never expected a school that large to take up the suggestion. Either way, whether you are for or against this (I’m against it) it seems the school board was being sneaky about the way they went about it.

Like I said, there is mountains of evidence why this is a very bad idea, but let’s not talk about that.

The school board decided to try to sneak this under the radar;

The second and final reading of this policy will be on April 11, which is open to the public. 

Yes, they mentioned it in some agendas, but notice they took the first reading without any input. It should have not gotten to first reading if the media would have known about their intentions ahead of time.

Cory also points out the continuing secrecy;

The icing on this bad policy is the secrecy clause. Parents will have no right to know which staff are carrying deadly weapons in school. Parents get no check on the board’s decision, no opportunity to say, “Good grief! They let that yahoo carry a gun? I don’t think so!” Parents get no opportunity to pull their children from an armed teacher’s classroom and demand that their children be placed in classrooms where no guns are present.

I’m willing to bet that most parents would be against an armed sentinel at Tri-Valley, but I guess we will wait and see.

The Dems have a new stool leg in SD


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Last in Pay

One of the big arguments that comes up with bringing up teacher pay is bringing up the pay of other professionals. Is it fair to raise taxes on all of these OTHER professionals so teachers can get paid more? As I have said, it is purely ignorant to raise regressive sales taxes for teacher pay when the money is already there (heck, probably sitting in reserves). This is about presenting intelligent plans to raise teacher pay, not knee jerk reactions. People want this increase SO bad, they are willing to fall back on fiscally irresponsible and ignorant taxation plans to get it. That my friends is called GREED.

Let’s pay teachers more, but let’s pay everybody else more to, because if that happens, there will be plenty of school funding sources to go around.

I hope the sales tax plan fails on Monday, but I also hope a doable plan comes forward without raising sales taxes.


Get your NEO-CON cracker barrel on!

YouTube Preview Image

My ears are still bleeding. Another fun part was when Omdahl railed on about the death penalty, and how he supports it, and ends his rant with “But I’m pro-life” too which the crowd responded in laughter.

South Dakota State Legislator, David Omdahl, calls transgenders ‘Twisted’

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Every year the state legislature makes me so proud to be a South Dakotan :(

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Mayor Huether must not get out much or read state news, it seems development is popping all over the state;

BOOM! In Yankton!

BOOM! In Rapid City!

BOOM! In Mitchell!

BOOM! In Spearfish!


Cory Heidelberger at Democratic Forum, Jan 15, 2016

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A sneak peak of Cory Heidelberger at Democratic Forum, Jan 15, 2016

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Cory Allen Heidelberger of Dakota Free Press showed up to the Sioux Falls Democratic Forum on January 15, 2015 to give us a sneak peek of his views concerning the upcoming teacher pay legislative debate.

Full video coming . . .

Half a penny Bullsh*t!

I’m not going to link all the feel good stories about getting taxed more to give a pay raise to people who work 9 months out of the year to educate children that are not mine.

I already pay their wages with my property taxes.

I figured as a single dude I will paying about $130 more a year in regressive retail taxes so a certain sector of our South Dakota society can make more then me, though I work just as hard.

Do I think teachers deserve more pay. Hell Yah! But I also think balancing ag taxes with urban property taxes would fill this gap. I also think a corporate education income tax would fill this gap.

Why is it that the poorest among us should fill a gap that can be fixed by re-organizing or re-porposing current taxes could fix?

The governor’s plan is not only short-sighted it is directly targeted at the have-nots to pay for the things the rich don’t want to. Not only should the governor and his minions be ashamed at such a half-ass plan, but anyone drooling over it should be to.

We can do better in South Dakota. Tax wealth to educate our children. It only makes sense.

Write your own caption – toilet legislation


Only in South Dakota we would be worried about this, or more importantly who is watching us urinate. This isn’t about modesty, this is about bigotry.

We like to make things sexual and we like to make things about people’s genitalia and about people’s bodies.  As far as the man in a dress theory or boy in a dress theory that’s inaccurate,” Heathscott said.

When the legislative session ends each year, we sit around and scratch our heads and ask why we are dead last in education, wages and other matters socially important to progress.