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Tornberg & Lowe win Democratic Party chair

Ann Tornberg will be the next SD Democratic party chair with Joe Lowe acting as vice chair. I think it will be a good East & West team for the party. Joe is a real go getter and is cut out for this kind of work, Ann is too, and very intelligent. She understands the games Republicans play.

I think Jeff Barth would have been a good chair, but I was concerned about the overt partisanship it would have presented with him serving on the County Commission. While I think it is fine to chair your county party or act as a delegate or precinct member in your respective parties as commissioners or city councilors, I think a line needs to be drawn with chairs.

Good Luck Dems, you are gonna need it.

Wonder why Chicago is not happy?


southdacola.com (c) 12/9/2014 • Scott L. Ehrisman

Breaking; Jeff Barth to run for SD Democratic party chair


Jeff Barth told me this morning that he plans to run for the party chairmanship. The party elects new officers in Chamberlain on December 11-12.


Welcome to South Dakota, where the Constitution doesn’t apply

When I see stuff like this, I just shake my head, especially when a governmental body doesn’t understand the US Constitution, ESPECIALLY a school board. Apparently in Miller, SD, they don’t teach any civics courses;

Zacher said he was disappointed the board was forced to change its policy and disallow the Bible distribution.

First off, NO one forced the board to do anything. Following the US Constitution should be a duty of any governmental body, it shouldn’t be something you should even have to think about or second guess, it should come naturally. I bet if someone tried to take away your guns in good ol’ Miller, the Constitution would rear it’s ugly head and be on your side. But like most Hicks, you like to pick and choose what parts of the Constitution you think should apply.

“Our founding fathers felt God very strong in this country,” he said.

Zacher, you are absolutely correct. In fact they thought so highly of God and religion, they wanted to keep government OUT of their personal beliefs on God. The US Constitution’s view on this is to protect people from government’s intrusion into your religious beliefs. When are you going to figure this out?! Does somebody have to hit you upside the head with a bible or better yet a copy of the Constitution. Geez!

Our #1 Business? Profiting from the sick and dying.


Broadview based its map on revenue information from a Hoover’s database of company profiles, and used the location of each company’s corporate headquarters to determine which businesses “belonged” to which states.

“We noticed that many states did not have companies included in the [Fortune 500] list, so we decided to perform our own research to find the largest company by revenue in each state based on the location of the corporate headquarters,” wrote Russ Fordyce, a managing director at Broadview, in a Tuesday blog post about the map.

Many of the results are pretty intuitive. There’s Walmart in Arkansas, General Motors in Michigan and Exxon Mobil in Texas. But in some states, especially the smaller ones, you’ll notice some surprising corporate heavyweights. Johnson & Johnson rules in New Jersey, while CVS is the big fish in Rhode Island’s little pond. Additionally, in the state of Washington, it turns out Costco trumps both Microsoft and Boeing.

You can check out an exhaustive list of the companies, their revenues and their locations here.


Open calendar

Had to chuckle when I saw this on the SD Democratic Party’s website. They didn’t even mention their convention. And they wonder why it has been almost 40 years since they have ran the state.

SD Democratic Party Calendar 2014

Cory Madville explains EB-5

Think 29

Normally I don’t promote Dale Carnegie-ness, but I love that my old buddy is still having great ideas.

Mr. Hanten got me into local politics, and I will be forever grateful.

Another governor endorsing a state program during an election cycle?

Here’s a question for the State of South Dakota, the SD Governor’s office, Attorney General’s Office and the SD social services departments, “WTH?” On what planet are you?

The state of South Dakota is spending major money using the Governor’s wife as a cutesy spokesperson with her grandchildren(?) encouraging the foster children business.  Her husband is an announced candidate for governor of South Dakota. Is this state sponsored advertising for Denny’s reelection campaign? Is this a feel good commercial to enhance the Governor’s image after the children’s mess he is actually in? Remember Aberdeen. Remember Mette. Remember Schwab and Taliaferro. Also, remember the $50,000,000 the Daugaard Children’s Home Society gets to foster out children into so many abusing families. How the Mette case brought up the ugly mess of the South Dakota’s Indian Child Welfare Act violations.




So in the disaster aftermath of Mette, is South Dakota state government using the First Lady in TV commercials and a fancy website to clean up their image? In normal campaign seasons South Dakota state law would prohibit the use of the Governor’s family or images once the candidacy is announced. Just recently NJ Gov. Chris Christie got in big time trouble using his family in a PR campaign.

Where are Denny’s political opponents? Do they not understand child stealing, selling, renting and other abuses are just not right?

Just thought I’d mention it and see how long it takes for the commercials to be removed from broadcast.


South DaCola, change is in the air

In the wee hours of Tuesday night, I will be starting a long overdue blog break. South DaCola will remain up, but commenting will be turned off to prepare for changes. Not sure what the new format of DaCola will be, but a (small) team of South DaCola foot soldiers and associates have been weighing our options. I can tell you this, it will no longer be a bitch session but a proactive community activism website and news source (what many don’t realize is the activism my site inspires that doesn’t grace the pages of the interwebs, they are numerous, and often). Not sure how long this transition will take, but I am guessing about a month. Some of the things we will be doing will be definitely ground breaking and ‘different’ to the Sioux Falls market (yes, I will be selling advertising), and different then any traditional media source that currently exists in the Greatest Little City in the country. I am looking forward to it, but I am also looking forward to the break from my tireless obsession with city government.

While I volunteer my activism on this site, it hasn’t always been ‘fun’. I have lost sleep and good friends over it, and the friends that still talk to me, don’t do it as often. It’s been rough emotionally for me, because my personal (recreational) life is almost nonexistent, and if that is going to change, for the better, I need to make this transition. It’s time I get back to things I enjoy, like BBQ’in with my friends, bike riding, firepits and camping, playing yard games, painting and going to live music shows and dancing with the ladies (love dancing with the ladies). Stuff that has almost dwindled to nothing, especially over the past four years.

There has been some positives though, and I am grateful for them every day. I have met some pretty amazing people in our community on this journey, who have made me laugh, made me cry, and pulled the inner fight out of me. Candidates, citizen advocates, city & county employees, elected city and county officials, attorneys, campaign consultants and a whole host of other citizens disenfranchised by city government that have a legitimate beef and axe to grind. They are fantastic, intelligent, thoughtful, fascinating people that are not apathetic or ignorant and have hearts the size of the T Denny Sanford Premier Center. I love the NEW friendships I have attained. Some of these people will probably be my friends for a very, very long time, and I love it (a lot of them like to dance also :)

This is the most important city election this city has ever had since I moved here in 1991. Ballot issues on quality of life, public services, home owner property rights, etc. I have been diligent and obsessive for a reason, maybe it’s the bleeding heart Liberal in me that just wants to see fairness for EVERYONE from government, especially on a local level. Transparency and anti-censorship are my two biggest issues. I have often had the belief that democracies can only be fair to the citizenry if that citizenry is informed. Ethical and open government is tantamount to a vibrant and strong local government, unfortunately, that has not happened over the last 8-10 years in Sioux Falls (Huether and Erpenbach have been public enemy #1 in this arena). I’ve seen good people chopped down, I’ve watched public employees terminated and publicly disgraced unfairly, I have seen citizens put through the wringer and watched the very people we elect allow it to happen, with no remorse. As the chair to ‘Citizens for Integrity’ said the other night about the ballot language at the city council meeting, “It’s bad!”

We can however make a change on Tuesday, remember to VOTE at any vote center and VOTE for a change and progress;





Ballot Measures: YES on the first Five, No on the last Two!

In closing; I have become familiar with defeat and victory in municipal elections, but the voters are the ultimate deciders, and while I will not be able to personally accept some of their decisions on Tuesday, I can deal with it, move on, and work with the positive results of that night. I hate to sound like a candidate, but I Love Sioux Falls, it took me a long time to get to that point, but I think we have so many things we can improve on. I think we can do that no matter the results Tuesday night, and I hope the NEW DaCola will be a part of that.