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Residents of Hartford, SD want to recall mayor for limiting public input

I have been watching this issue over the past week, and to say it has peeked my interest would be an understatement;

More than 300 residents agreed with Randall, believing that Mayor Campbell is not a good fit for the city of almost 2,700 people. But Randall says this hasn’t been the first time Mayor Campbell has behaved like he did last Tues.

“Numerous times folks have gotten up to approach the podium to ask for permission to speak and before they got to the podium the Mayor’s motioned them and say you’ll need to sit down, we’re not going to hear from you right now.”

Not sure if many of you remember, but I was involved with the successful recall of a mayor in Yankton a few years ago (doing editorial cartoons about the issue).

What is shocking is that the small town of Hartford is flexing it’s 1st Amendment rights and recalling a mayor based on free speech. I revel in their activism. We have a mayor in Sioux Falls who not only has tried to limit public input, he has jailed people before they could even show up to testify. He also keeps as many contracts and settlements as secret as possible, even hiding the documents from the city’s legislative body, the city council. If Hartford is successful recalling a mayor based solely on his acknowledgement of the 1st Amendment and Constitutional rights of citizens, it seems Sioux Falls has a strong case to send our current mayor packing. Who is with me?

South Dakota Democrats need to shape up before they all ship out

This was sent to me by a SD Dem;

Just looked at the SOS statewide voter registration stats as of Nov 2. Democrats are now down to 170,000 from 176,000 a year ago and 204,000 as of 2008 General. Republicans remain around 240,000 and Independents up to 109,000.

The only positive about all this is that it appears the Dems are losing voters to the independents and NOT the Republicans.

Congratulations SD one party rule! We jumped from 49th to 47th in corruption ratings


I would assume that the SDGOP would be throwing massive parties after hearing the news;

The 2015 State Integrity study ranks South Dakota one of the worst in the nation for government corruption.

The ranking is based on the laws and systems each state has in place to prevent corruption and expose it when it does occur. South Dakota came in at 47—actually a slight improvement from the last State Integrity Study done in 2012 had South Dakota at 49th.

Yeah, only 7 people have died since 2012 due to state corruption (that we know of, and there was that dog in Springfield). We have so much to be proud of in this state!

Brown County Dem Front Porch Forum

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Jennifer Stalley is a very busy person

In September I did a story about Stalley and her relationship with MMA fighting. We quickly found she had another calling also, animal healthcare.

But Stalley’s job description gets even more detailed after I watched a story today about regulating massage therapists in Sioux Falls. She also has another title;

South Dakota Board of Massage Therapy Executive Secretary

WOW! When does this lady sleep? I commend her for wearing so many hats, but you gotta scratch your head about the relationship between MMA fighting, animal healthcare and massage therapy? Well there really isn’t one.

Like I said, seems like Stalley is a hard worker and good for her, but it also makes you question why the state has to tap the same person (who is a lobbyist) for these multiple positions? Is the state that hard up? Probably, just look at the clowns that worked in the SOS office under Gant.

Whole stole the flag?


“I’m telling the truth, just ask Whopper Junior and the traveling computer server fun show.”

While the state debates whether or not spending $18,000 per military vote (while thumbing their nose at native American voters) was a wise choice by our former Secretary of Hamburgers, uh, I mean State, some other questions have arisen, like who stole the flag? And more importantly, why is it a secret?

Well, it really isn’t a secret, but that’s all you are getting from me. But if the person’s name is ever released, and it is who it is, you will see they have many political connections in Sioux Falls.

Stay tuned, this is going to get interesting.

I also wonder if the timing of this flag fiasco and Gant investigation (that has been going on for months) has anything to do with taking attention away from the latest EB-5 findings? As you may or may not know, Shantel and Mitch Krebs are close friends with Mike Rounds, and would defend him in any manner. Nice distraction folks.

Let’s worry about flags and I-Pads while the elephant walks out of the room.

Let’s raise the ENTIRE tide in this state


Are you as sick of hearing about it as I am? WE NEED TO RAISE TEACHER PAY! And we need to do it with an increase in taxes.

No we don’t.

First off, the money exists to increase education funding, it’s about priorities that our governor and state legislators make when it comes to funding education. Elect more socially conscious representatives that understand an educated society is a better society, and we can fix the education funding problem in Pierre. Keep electing backwoods hillbillies that are more concerned about shooting critters and unborn children (instead of educating the children that are already born) and there will never be more teacher pay.

Secondly, even if it was about raising taxes to increase teacher pay, why would any worker in this state support a tax increase to pay teachers more while their wages remain stagnant?

They won’t. This notion that somehow we are going to convince the hardworking citizens of South Dakota of another unnecessary tax increase to benefit one sector of our workforce (public teachers) just won’t fly.

So you ask, what is the solution? Don’t get me wrong, I think teachers should get paid better. A LOT BETTER! But I also think nurses, welders, plumbers, construction workers and hospitality workers should get paid better also in our state. This is why teachers will never have the support of other working South Dakotans for a salary hike, because we get tired of you whining about a pay increase when you won’t go to bat for the rest of us. Many workers in South Dakota in multiple fields are leaving the state in droves for better pay, we are all in this together, not just the teacher. Heck the state with the help T. Denny had to create an indentured servant program to keep welders here (Dakota scholarships).

My point is simple, when the teachers advocating for higher pay realize this just isn’t about them, but about all South Dakota workers, we will advocate for them, but they need to advocate for us to, you know, the ones paying their salaries.

I’m all for higher teacher pay, but are teachers for higher pay in other fields also? I’m guessing they are. Share the love.

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Huether proposes his EC plan



Me to lady, me to

Hey Mikey, whatever happened to that corporate sponsorship anyway?


Spirit of Dakota award, this Saturday


The awards dinner will be this Saturday in Huron, October 3. Last year‘s winner, Theresa Stehly will be making opening remarks.

If you don’t think Mayor Huether is running for governor, you don’t think much

I ran across this little tidbit in Stupendous’ article in the AL today about Steve Hildebrand;

When asked if they will work together again or if he sees Huether as a future force in the state Democratic Party, Hildebrand offered a harsh assessment.

“If Mike were to change his ability to let citizens participate, to let longtime friends participate, to let neighborhood organizations participate, he might gather a lot of support, but he has been very much an individual leader who doesn’t really involve anyone else in his decision-making,” said Hildebrand. “He’ll have a hard time getting support from anybody if that’s the kind of person he continues to be.”

Well Steve, I could not have said it better myself. If Huether thinks he is going to run his governor campaign like he has ran Sioux Falls, he might have a rude awakening.

As for Huether’s contention that being mayor of Sioux Falls is his “dream job,” his former campaign manager disputes that characterization and says they had conversations about him running for governor before the mayoral push.

“Mike has wanted to be governor of South Dakota since he was a kid,” says Hildebrand. “It was never about being the mayor of Sioux Falls, it was always about being governor. He came back from San Antonio (where he worked for Citibank) with a big fat file that said, Huether for Governor.”

Steve is 110% correct on this assessment, I have heard stories about the famed 3-Ring Binder. I also was appraised of a story from two leading Democrats (before Huether announced he was running for Mayor) of a little road trip they were on when Huether popped the ‘governor run’ question on them, and they responded by saying he should aim a little lower first and suggested running for the mayor of Sioux Falls. (I still hold this advice against them).

Which brings me to something that has been in my craw for awhile, Huether using city resources to run for governor. He has not formally announced yet so he has been walking a fine line with traveling all over the state ‘talking about Sioux Falls’ malarkey in which he is really campaigning. I could care less if he runs for governor, that is not my issue. My issue is using tax dollars to pay for his traveling expenses in the guise it is ‘city business’.