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SD Association of County Commissioners Approved Resolutions

After reading this, it seems the only thing our state county commissioners want to do is raise our taxes instead of finding ways to cut wasteful spending.

FULL DOC: 2018-Approved-Resolutions

Undervotes show many SD voters either don’t know or don’t care

From Cameraman Bruce;

Post-election, I always like to look at how campaign messages get out to the voters and how it encourages them to actually vote in an election. As a resolutions board judge for many elections, I am always surprised how many people go to the polling place and then just turn in an empty ballot. My guess this year, from the statistics so far provided, shows .7% of the voters didn’t want to vote. I know it’s not exact because of the way people mark ballots but from experience, the fact that Noem – Sutton race has the lowest under vote shows people wanted to actually vote.

Under votes are lost opportunities for campaigns. I like to look at this to determine what might have worked or not. Would closing the campaign under vote have made the difference for the losing effort? This year, I don’t see any race loses to blame on under votes.

Now, I’d like to know the number of provisional ballots attempted.

I didn’t expect anything to change Tuesday Night

As I joked with friends Monday night, no matter the results Tuesday, we will still be a heavily red state on Wednesday morning, or at least led by them.

But let’s focus on the positive to start out with;

Cameraman Bruce and I ran another successful campaign and got a Democratic candidate elected in a pretty conservative district. Another notch in the winner’s column for us. Woot! Woot! The candidate also busted their ass getting bi-partisan support. Democrats can win in this state, but they must follow a stringent strategy and keep it simple.

Congrats to Kelly Sullivan (House D13) who ran an amazing direct mail and ground game campaign, I also think the assistance of LEAD helped her defeat Rex Rolfing. A do nothing, two-term Sioux Falls city councilor. Hopefully we will never see his name on a ballot ever again. I joked with someone last night, “If Rex wins by only 35% of the vote, will he feel bad he didn’t get a 50+1 majority?” LOL. It’s time the SF City Council overturns his horrible idea.

LEAD also probably helped Erin Healy get elected, and Kasey Olivier get within 28 votes of beating Blake Curd. I expect there will be a challenge in that race. Curd needs to go bye bye.

IM 25 failed. It was a bad idea from the beginning. I’m hoping (but not holding my breath) that the legislature will find a way to fund Tech education thru a scholarship fund, funded by the industries that use and need tech workers. The Legislature also needs to work on making apprenticeships easier so graduating HS students can skip tech school all together and start working and training in a field right away without tuition debt.

Nothing changed on the Minnehaha County Commission with Beninga, Heiberger and Barth getting re-elected. Let’s see if they all serve out their new terms.

And now for the crap;

IM 24 passed. Which proves to me many voters are ignorant to our US Constitution. Money is free speech and it can come from anywhere. This measure will be challenged in court and will essentially be dead.

Amendment W failed, which surprised me. I guess South Dakotans like our ‘F’ rating of our very corrupt legislature.

As if we didn’t learn anything from Jason Gant as our SOS, we elected one of the most unqualified AG’s in the history of our State. Ravnsborg will clog our prisons with addicts, give little to no treatment to them and most likely run the office as a partisan hack. This will prove to be one of the worst decisions voters in SD made in a very long time.

Dusty winning the House race is no surprise. He ran a high energy, positive campaign. I think the Bjorkman campaign was positive to, but there wasn’t a clear message. As I told Dusty in an email before the election, while I appreciated the campaign he ran, I disagree entirely with his philosophies. On a positive note, for at least the next two years with a Democratically controlled Congress, Dusty will accomplish very little, but maybe he will get to witness a historic impeachment of a president.

As I am disappointed in Noem being elected, it shouldn’t surprise us. I voted for no one in that race. The GOP hate machine was in full swing from the Noem and Ravsborg campaigns, they proved negative campaigning works. Even if Sutton and Seiler would have been successful, we would still be living in a very red state.

South Dakota’s new motto should be ‘Two Steps forward, Three Steps back.”

Hey! How did I get in this video?

Vote NO on X

Amendment W gets some help from Lawrence

We are setting ourselves up for quite a battle

Funny that this story came out today;

Construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline is scheduled to begin next spring in northwestern South Dakota. Officials in the nine counties affected by the pipeline construction are preparing for protests to break out along the route.

If protests become significant, the costs to manage the scenes will first fall on county governments, according to a state law.

Some are concerned that drawn-out protests such as the 7-month encampment of protesters opposed to the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota in 2016 could develop. A large protest could strain the budgets of the mostly rural counties along the Keystone XL route.

In the first of two stories, South Dakota News Watch reporter Bart Pfankuch examines the potential costs and outlines an effort to change the law. Find this story and other in-depth reporting at www.sdnewswatch.org.

I was just telling my barber that the Lakota Sioux tribes are very proud people, and they are going to fight this to the end. What do they have to lose? Really? We have taken everything else from them, all they have left is their dignity and reservation land. Keystone XL is going to have a rude awakening I’m afraid, and President Trump’s decision to allow this pipeline without the builder being responsible for security is going to cost South Dakota taxpayers a lot of money in defense costs. The PUC really needs to stop this before the protests begin. We really don’t need to be giving up our land, resources and capital for a foreign Canadian company to transport oil to shipping ports that send the oil to China.

Bruce helps to induct Cleveland Abbott into the SD Hall of Fame

Long before there was a Venus or Serena Williams, Labron James, Carl Lewis or a Jackie Robinson, a man born into Alabama slavery, would help create athletes and change our lives.

Because of hard economic times, the former slave, Albert Abbott, and his bride, Mollie, would move to South Dakota to raise a family.

Their oldest child, Cleveland Abbott, was born near Yankton to 1894 life disadvantages, most of us would not fully understand today.

At an early age, Cleveland Abbott trained his body, like he trained his mind.

Cleveland Abbott excelled in everything he attempted.

South Dakotans who know of Cleveland Abbott, know his amazing local sports scorecard.

For the Abbotts and our ancestors, there was no separate but equal in South Dakota, the hard prairie life, was equally hard for all.

As a 19 year old, Cleveland Abbott’s academic and sports reputation was enough, for Tuskegee Institute’s founder, Booker T. Washington, (yes, the Booker T. Washington) to recruit him to quietly lead an effort to help break American Jim Crow segregation through sports.

This child, brought up with the South Dakota idea he could do anything, would find ways to create possibilities for young men and women not allowed to dream.

Likely shocking his parents, this oldest child of the former slave, would return to their Alabama roots, to help break American segregation.

Cleveland Abbott used all the education and skills honed in Watertown and at South Dakota State, to give him the ability to know the value of a person is not color based.

South Dakota gave Cleveland Abbott opportunities and experiences he would not have had, growing up in the deep south.

With his wife Jessie, Cleveland Abbott created the first organized women’s college athletic programs.

He created opportunities for all students modeled on the programs he participated in as a kid in South Dakota. His Tuskegee teams, then went on to rule national track and field events for decades.

The Tuskegee athletic programs and especially the Relays, were created to showcase all young men and women. They became the model for what we now experience at every NCAA event.

Cleveland Abbott created opportunities for talented student athletes without regard for race.

Cleveland Abbott, created a model for the modern, color blind world of international sports.

It was not a fluke, that within months of taking over Tuskegee’s football team, Cleveland Abbott and the Golden Tigers were national champions.

This was accomplished several more times over the next 32 years.

Cleveland Abbott inspired kids who had nothing, to feel like they could help change the world, by their dreams and actions.

His students went on to become world leaders using the example he lived.

The world wanted his students and Cleveland Abbott to teach the rest of us how to be successful.

As a result, the revered the Duke of Dakota, Cleveland Abbott, was asked to be the first black member of the USA Track and Field Board.

By 1946, he was selected to be a member of the U S Olympic Committee.

His humble South Dakota beginnings stayed with him.

He honors us all through his excellence.

In his short life, he was able to blend raw talent, with a superb mind, to help break the rules of American segregation.

The quiet excellence and dignity of Cleveland Abbott should teach all of us, what one brave person can do to change the world.

On behalf of the South Dakota African American History Museum, located in Sioux Falls, it is an honor to accept this induction of Cleveland Abbott, not for himself, but as he would have asked, on behalf of his students.

While his national championships created a scorecard, Cleveland Abbott’s life was an example of a true champion, a South Dakota champion.

Food Tax Information

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Like the SD GOP has secrets?

Cameraman Bruce helps to induct Cleveland ‘Cleve’ Abbott into the SD Hall of Fame

Listen to Bruce’s interview about Cleveland on SDPB.

Cleveland Abbott excelled both academically and athletically. 

Born in the late 1800’s, Cleveland Abbott paved the way and created opportunities for many.

As a young black child, Cleveland didn’t let much of anything get in his way.