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Sloppy Shrinkage


I liked it when he said IM 22 was ‘sloppy’. Does he mean ‘Sloppy’ like when snow melts on the streets in Spring or ‘sloppy’ like the corruption of EB-5 and Gear Up? I couldn’t believe the nerve of a guy to chastise the writers of IM 22 and have such a short memory about the amount of people who have died in the wake of his ‘sloppiness’.

Further proof a ‘Sunset’ clause on taxes and fees never ‘sets’

While there is a lot of issues going on at the Sioux Falls City Council informational meeting on Tuesday, one of them is the Council’s legislative priorities. Like a summer in Alaska, the sun will never set on 911 surcharges.


Anytime politicians tell you there will be a ‘sunset’ on taxes or fees, I just laugh. It is nothing more then a LIE.

One-Party rule always works out in the end. And the END is very near.


The Mysterious Disappearance of Dilges


So a top official with state government leaves after 14 years of service and no reason is given. Hopefully he doesn’t go pheasant hunting by himself and a 5 foot branch;

An aide to Daugaard said last week that Dilges was placed on indefinite administrative leave pending a final decision on his status. Chief of Staff Tony Venhuizen said the matter didn’t involve criminal allegations or the handling of state funds, but declined to offer additional details.

So what other reasons would there be? If it is health reasons, why not just tell us it is ‘personal matters’. If he didn’t do anything ‘criminal’ why can’t we be told?

The rumors in Pierre is that he dropped the ball big time in preparing this year’s budget (not embezzlement or fraud) but incompetence. Not sure if that is true, because just like EB-5 and Gear Up, the Republicans are tight lipped about mishandling our money.

Jamison puts out ‘clever’ Ad

The South DaCola Voter Guide, kind of

I won’t touch on every race or issue, but on the ones I think are important. Let’s Go!

Re-Elect Pam Nelson for County Treasurer. To tell you the truth, I don’t even know who is running against Pam, doesn’t matter. Nelson has proved she is a strong advocate for citizens and tax payers.

Bonilla and Feinstein for County Commission. That is who I voted for, but I also don’t have an issue with Jean Bender. She has actually surprised me on commission and has been a great legal voice for the commission. Just don’t vote for Karsky. This insurance salesman has more conflicts of interest then you can shake a stick at. Time to retire Dean from local government so he has more time to dig holes at ground breaking ceremonies with the Chamber, his true love and boss.

Mike Saba and Jeff Barth for state legislature.

Yes on Amendment R. This is extremely past due. Technical schools should have had their own board 20 years ago.

No on Amendment S. Also referred to as Marsy’s Law. It is unneeded. Laws are already in place to protect victims.

Yes on Amendment T. There has been too much gerrymandering going on in our state and it is time to make the board that decides redistricting more fair.

No on Amendment U. This is a fake interest rate cap created by the payday lenders.

Yes on Amendment V. This is the most important Amendment on the ballot this year. By passing the non-partisan election amendment we will change the face of the legislature over the next 5 years, and hopefully we will have less amendments and initiatives in the future once we get better representative officials in Pierre.

NO on Ref 20. This will eliminate the youth minimum wage.

Yes on Measure 21. It will cap payday lending at 36%, and hopefully put them out of business.

Yes on Measure 22. I have said an ethics commission and publicly funded campaigns in SD is way past due.

I have no opinion on Ref 19 & 23.

I highly suggest you vote early, because the lines are going to be very, very, very long.

Hildebrand smart to get ahead of the ‘NO on everything’ campaign

steve hildebrand

If there is one thing I have learned about Steve over the years, he is no dummy, and he certainly doesn’t jump to conclusions without evidence. He is very seasoned at running campaigns, and he holds no punches back. Whether you believe Steve or not about the ‘No on everything’ campaign, he would not have gotten ahead of this if he didn’t have solid information;

Hildebrand would not say who told him the party is planning the ad campaign.

Of course Steve isn’t going to release his sources. If I told everyone on this site where I get some of my information, I wouldn’t have a site, because I no longer would have sources. As if Steve was going to give them those sources because a couple of green horn TV reporters asked him for it. LOL.

Either way, the idea in itself isn’t too far fetched. The Republicans know they have a pretty good chance of defeating 22 but ‘V’ will probably pass easily. That’s the one they fear the most. So grouping all the amendments as trouble is an easier way for them to get people to vote against ‘V’. They could care less if the technical schools get it’s own board or if Marsy’s Law fails. Amendment ‘V’ scares the living dog crap out of them, because they know it will change the makeup of the state legislature virtually overnight, and their over 40 years of a fascist grip on lawmaking in this state will finally end.

Leaked letter of intent about future industrial park


AgUnited Legislative Forum, September 21, 2016

Ag United for South Dakota hosted a legislative candidate forum for Districts 9, 10, and 25 at the new Hefty Seed Morton Hall north of Sioux Falls on September 21, 2016.

South Dakota State Senate candidates in attendance were John Koch, Deb Peters, Jim Powers and Jeff Barth.

South Dakota State House candidates were Michael Saba, Michael Clark, Wayne Steinhauer, Steve Haugaard, Dan Ahlers and David Haagenson and Tom Pischke.

A hard (tues)days night

I won’t ramble about Hillary vs. Trump, that will just make my head spin, but some interesting things did happen last night locally in the primary races.

For the first time since she was elected 12 years ago, Minnehaha County Treasurer, Pam Nelson will have a challenger in November. Kris Swanson won the Republican nomination against Pam’s Nephew in-law, Marlin something or another, even though Marlin didn’t live in Minnehaha county.

Pam has proven to be an advocate her 12 years as treasurer for the low-income elderly trying to stay in their homes and not being over burdened with the atrocious property tax increases over the last decade. Pam will also help anyone else who needs it, Pam has a couple of rules though, follow the law and don’t lie to her.

Speaking of people who don’t seem to know what county they live in, Dick Kelly lost by 13 votes to Dean Karsky in the Republican primary for Minnehaha county commission. This means Dick will not be up for re-election this November. I could go on a monster rant about how it is time for Dick to retire, but I will let his fellow county commissioners tell you their feelings on that. Besides Dick suffering through a heart transplant and being hard of hearing, it seems his time has come. It is also rumored he spends a majority of his time in his retirement residence in rural Spink county and not his voter registration residence in Sioux Falls. Maybe it’s time to say good bye to Mr. Kelly, it’s just unfortunate that he may be replaced by Dean Karsky, the do nothing city councilor, who I will predict will do the same nothingness on the county commission. Dean and Jean Bender will be up against Democrats Feinstein and Rust in November. The top two vote getters when the two open commission seats.

And something I refrained from talking about until after the election was the battle royale in District 15 between democrats Nesiba and Kirschman (Nesiba won). The Democratic party in SD can hardly get enough people together to play a game of solitaire let alone two challengers in a the same district for a primary. Instead settling this over a cup of coffee and a donut and saving funds for a November run they decided to hack it out in a primary.

Don’t get me wrong, I like both guys. Patrick has been an advocate for labor, and Reynold has been a strong advocate against government corruption (Round’s airplane kerfuffle) and pay day lending.

But it wasn’t about their common threads that had these two at each other. It was about abortion and gay rights. Ironic really, considering neither of them could choose to have an abortion, or are gay.

Strange indeed.

I wish Nesiba luck in November.