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Sexy Lawmakers?

(Image: KSFY) Crap, Bridget busted me, what is that saying I learned from theatre class?

Oh the irony of dragging Nesiba through the mud for having an adult sexual relationship but the smoke and mirrors being put up with Wollman that he is such an angel because he admitted to it.

I believe Wollman that it was consensual, but it was not professional. Notice how HE lies at first to KSFY, then realizes he is busted since so many people blew the whistle on him, then decides to tell the truth (thinking) KSFY wouldn’t publish the first part of the interview. While all these people want to give Wollman credit for being honest, as you can see, he had no choice. If no one would have tipped off the press, Wollman probably would have never said anything.

Besides the lying, and unprofessionalism, I also thought it was improper for him to NOT inform the two young ladies he had sex with before spilling the beans to the press (on the fly). That’s all we need is another congressional hearing about touching wieners.

We will see if the Republicans realize he really screwed up and punish him or sweep it under the rug like IM22, EB-5, Gear-UP, Native Foster Kids, etc, etc, etc.

The irony is it shows what are lawmakers are really up to in Pierre. F’ing around.

Do we have this in Sioux Falls? Conflict of interest laws

So the Rapid City council has decided they would try to follow state law;

A new conflict-of-interest policy for the Rapid City government that will be considered by the city council tonight includes provisions outlining the need to disclose all financial interests annually, but also contains a secrecy clause for officials seeking an opinion from the city attorney about possible conflicts.

The conflict-of-interest policy is a direct response to changes to state law adopted by the 2016 South Dakota Legislature, according to the city attorney’s agenda item summary. Those changes require recipients of state grants to adopt and enforce a conflict-of-interest policy. The city receives several million dollars per year in state funding or in federal funding funneled through the state, the summary said.

The policy states that a conflict of interest may exist when an official or an immediate family member has a personal or financial interest clearly separate from that of the general public on a matter facing the official.

It covers officials who are elected or appointed to city boards, committees, commissions and positions within city government and states, “Such conflicts of interest may be financial or personal, direct or indirect, and the existence of a conflict of interest is dependent upon the unique facts of a particular situation.”

But if you watch the RC council meeting (FF: 1:21) you will notice it gets sticky when it comes to the secrecy clause, but still passes anyway. One of the council members has an issue with the ‘secrecy clause’ saying it is out of line with open government. The clause states;

Secret opinions from city attorney

If an official has a question as to whether a conflict exists, he or she may  seek an opinion from city attorney Joel Landeen on the matter. The opinion will not be made public unless a majority of those on the city council or whatever board or committee the official serves on votes to make it public.

“If any official desires assistance to determine if that official, or another official, has a disqualifying conflict of interest, the official may request an advisory opinion from the City Attorney’s Office,” the policy states.

“Such opinion shall be made available to all members of the city council, or the board, committee, or commission about which the opinion is provided, but shall not be available for public inspection unless a majority of the members of the city council or the board, committee, or commission to which the opinion is provided votes to make such opinion public.”

Like I said, though there was an objection by councilman Peters, it still passes. It reminded me of when they went after council woman Stehly without informing the public they were questioning her ‘conflicts’. Ironically, they were hunting Stehly down for ‘speaking’ out of turn with citizens instead of actually having ‘financial’ conflicts.

Notice the spaghetti never stuck to the wall with Stehly. The reason is citizens are more concerned if government officials are getting their bread buttered then if they are helping people by merely speaking to them.

Rapid City moved in the right direction, we will see if our fine elected officials (mayor and council) will adopt such transparent laws, or if they will continue to hide their personal investments.

These laws address the financial aspects (PDF documents of the law);

Conflict-RCC AND Cnflict-State

Found on Facebook

Ethics & Represent SD at Dem Forum (Jan 13, 2017)

Corruption is illegal in America? When did this happen? Who knows this? If this is true, who snuck this into the rule book? Does South Dakota use this rule book? Does Sioux Falls count? Anybody let the Sioux Falls City Attorney and pseudo Ethics Board know anything about this?

So many questions and no answers even though the voters of South Dakota tried to do something about it last November when they voted overwhelmingly to begin the effort to open up the books for all to see. The Sioux Falls Democratic Forum put the Open Government efforts on the wall for all to see when they invited Represent South Dakota to address the crowd on January 13, 2017.

Doug Kronaizl and Mark Winegar of Represent SD brings a message of ethics and responsibility to reality for all to see.

We are in a time when those who are in power are struggling to shut out everyone else. We voters are stupid, gullible, uninformed and hoodwinked for demanding our “leaders” be open in all ways if they are chosen to be help us. Being an officeholders does not mean we give you the keys to the treasury to do as you please. It does not mean you are to take everything so the next officeholder has to start from scratch.

In the November vote, the voters said we do not fully trust our officeholders or as Saint Ronnie liked to say, “Trust but verify”.

I’m still baffled how this guy got more votes then Michael Saba

After listening to Mr. Clark try to mumble through his interview with B-N-B, one wonders how such an unknown could have taken more votes then Saba. He doesn’t even understand that road monies that come from taxes on vehicles, registration and gas are for fixing roads. He suggests we should spend that money on fixing up private and abandoned railroad infrastructure. First off, not even lawfully possible and secondly the railroads are private. Besides the Federal easement of land, they are responsible for fixing their own tracks.

I still believe that the story Dana Ferguson did on Saba saying he was a Muslim using one source (from a Republican) really hurt him. Saba has said to me that he wasn’t offended to be called a Muslim, but it was a disservice to call him something he is not.

It’s going to be another thrilling legislative session.

Nesiba cleared

I have been optimistic for quite awhile that the charges against Nesiba would be dropped;

Sexual contact charges against Democratic legislator and Augustana University professor Reynold Nesiba have been dropped.

The Minnehaha County State’s Attorney’s Office announced Thursday afternoon that further investigation into the allegations against Reynold Nesiba revealed “inconsistencies” in the evidence about the Sept. 26 incident from which the charges stem.

This is something I was made aware of early on, and why I encouraged people to let this play out on it’s own before casting any guilty judgements towards Reynold.

Since I am not privy to all the details of the case, I am not going to share anything.

I will say this though, this seemed to be a hit job by either the SD GOP or the Pay Day lender folks or both. It also seems some people who work for either law enforcement or the courts helped the media to smear Reynold’s reputation. Of course this is all speculation, but very peculiar considering the charges were dropped before it even got to court.

This is why it chaps my hide when people like our governor talk about how people were hoodwinked by IM 22 and that their is no corruption in Pierre. He is either in a total state of denial, flat out lying, or both. I hope Reynold uses his vindication as a lightning rod in the legislature to thin the herd of all the snakes slithering around on the capital floor this legislative session.

Pre-Election Interview with Clara Hart

Will Governor ‘Hoodwink’ ever tell us why he gave Jason Dilges the boot?

Oh, we all ‘KNOW’ why Jason got his walking papers from state government, heck, if you grabbed a phone book from Pierre, pealed it open, slapped your finger down on any random person in the book and called them, they would know to.

Yet NO one in the media is willing to put it out there, I’m even too chickenshit to actually say why.

The bigger question is why doesn’t the Governor tell us why a guy who prepared our state budget for close to 14 years is no longer working for us. Yeah, he got his son-in-law to blubber out some statement that it didn’t have to do with actual numbers and stuff, but that it is was ‘personnel’ reasons. While (sorta) true, it still isn’t the tip of the iceberg, and the Gov knows it.

So why have I chosen to rip on this issue without telling you the very juicy deets. To be honest with you, I’m more annoyed by the hypocrisy of Denny on this issue then what really happened.

He claims South Dakotans were ‘hoodwinked’ into voting for an anti-corruption measure (IM 22) because he can’t believe South Dakotans would actually believe there is corruption in our state, but he can’t even give us a straight answer about terminating a top ranking cabinet member.

So before the governor is so quick to assume that South Dakotans actually trust our government to do the right thing all I have to say is EB-5 and Gear Up. Some of these players still work for state government, because I guess there is some kind of reward for resisting suicide or really SCREWING up.

Dennis, let’s talk about who is really ‘Hoodwinking’ South Dakotans.

Sloppy Shrinkage


I liked it when he said IM 22 was ‘sloppy’. Does he mean ‘Sloppy’ like when snow melts on the streets in Spring or ‘sloppy’ like the corruption of EB-5 and Gear Up? I couldn’t believe the nerve of a guy to chastise the writers of IM 22 and have such a short memory about the amount of people who have died in the wake of his ‘sloppiness’.

Once again the Governor thumbs his nose at voters and calls them ignorant


South Dakotans are idiots, and I’m their fearless leader

Funny, the same people have elected him twice and his one-party rule with a majority of legislators;

Daugaard said voters were sold on the idea that the law would prevent corruption in government, but didn’t realize the extent of the proposed reform. He said he didn’t believe that voters truly supported IM 22.

“I do not believe they do. I just refuse to believe it. Not South Dakota,” he said.

Daugaard said he wished he’d been more vocal in campaigning against the measure earlier this year. He said he’d focused his attention on a proposed constitutional amendment aimed at creating a non-partisan primary.

“Shame on me,” Daugaard said. “I just didn’t think it could pass. I didn’t think voters would support public funds for campaigns.”

Legislative leaders have said they plan to evaluate the law during the 2017 legislative session barring earlier court intervention.

So we are a bunch of dummies when we want relief from corruption, corruption under the Governor’s watch (EB-5, Gear Up, Dilges termination) but good South Dakotans when we elect these clowns. What a moron.