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Par for the Course

NOW Rex Rolfing wants to hear from you, that is if you have a check

So he sends out a contribution letter and doesn’t even put his phone number on it? He has learned absolutely nothing his 8 years on the city council. There was nothing ‘grassroots’ about Rolfing’s election to the council. I was surprised he knew what the word ‘lean’ even means. With the mayor’s help and the rubberstamp council Rolfing never backed down from spending your money. Racking up over $200 million in bond debt (He never voted against any controversial projects like the DT Parking Ramp and Administration building) and going along with the over 50 increases in taxes and fees. If you liked Rolfing on the council, you’ll love him in Pierre.

Rex, give it up already

Well if you think the State Legislature gets nothing accomplished now, elect Rolfing for more do nothingness. The sad part is he would not have been able to run in my District if it wasn’t for Gerrymandering of Lincoln County.

ZERO accountability by GOP Leadership in Pierre

We saw yesterday how the GOP protects their own from scandals when the AG’s office sent out a ‘Nothing Burger’ press release about Loetscher’s hacking investigation.

This letter reminded me of the same ‘circling of wagons’ around one of their own;

Recently, Jenna Netherton stepped down from District 10 Senate because she relocated to Texas.

Residents of District 10 have been misled by this. Netherton has not lived in district or even the state for the past year. How can a state senator represent a district if they don’t even live in it or the state they represent?

Well, it really hasn’t been proven that she was living in Texas. However, it is highly suspect. When brought to the attention of Republican leadership by one of it’s legislative members during session there was NO investigation and NO conclusion. Nothing. Which tells me it was just a cover-up further proven when Jenna bolts her position to go work for the Koch brothers before her term is up.

Pierre is nothing but a basket of self-serving snakes.

Jenna Netherton (Haggar) ‘NOW’ decides to move out-of-state

Like we couldn’t see this coming a mile away;

She’s not seeking re-election and resigning before finishing out her term so she can move out-of-state with her husband.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise. Jenna conveniently finishes her legislative term THAN decides to move out-of-state. She also sets up the ‘fake incumbent’ scenario for the Governor to appoint someone to finish out a very short term.

There was already speculation that she has already living out-of-state with her husband before the session started. When this blog and others brought it up, there was radio silence from Jenna and the Legislature on the issue.

And some in the State Legislature wonder why the citizens are so Hell bent on more ethic rules for our legislators. Hmmm.

South Dakota State Rep, Majority Whip, Larry Rhoden’s son thinks the Left Wing is smarter than small town ‘plebs’

(H/T – SE Podcast)

Apparently the closest ‘Lefties’ live 5,000 miles away. These small town ‘plebs’ must really be naive if they get hoodwinked by a handful of people who live on another continent.

Meeting, what meeting? Guest Toon: SE Podcast

How a Bad Bill Dies in Pierre – HB 1204 – UPOA (G/P- Bruce)

Ah the glories of Public Input. Public Input does make a difference. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not possible to stop a fast moving locomotive. It took four months to stop this one, but thanks to the South Dakota State Senate Judiciary Committee, it can’t move anymore this year.

This locomotive started with some hope for victims of elder abuse and their families. What it became was a bill appearing to make it easier to defraud them and the unsuspecting. As advocates, we strive to do what is right for those we wish to protect and make it harder for those who might try fraud and deceit. This is why those of us who use Public input fight, not only for today but for the future.

On Tuesday, February 27, 2018 the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to defeat HB 1204, “An Act to revise certain provisions regarding power of attorney“.

For a little background, as we age or have special needs, there are legal forms and processes available to allow others to help us with medical or financial decisions. We often will pick a trusted family member to legally act on our behalf under certain types of circumstances without the need for court proceedings. This is the Power of Attorney (POA) process. I firmly believe everyone must have a POA document signed, sealed and put away for the time it is necessary to use. Your family and especially the person you trust the most has to know these documents. If you currently have them, do they know where they are,  or how to use them in the case of emergency?

Put into the wrong hands through fraud, deception or self-interest, the POA can be the gateway to stripping you of all your rights and property. Having activated a POA, it can set in motion a process of forcing you into a guardianship where you are left with no rights at all. At this point you are left with nothing to say about your life. All your dreams of a happy or peaceful retirement are gone. In the wrong hands, you can become a legal ward or prisoner wishing you were dead, because death is the only freedom left.

This is not something I have made up; I have been a guardian, conservator and POA for several people in multiple states for over 30 years, seeing the best and worst.

HB 1204 was a 52 page bill created by special interests to create, protect or implement business plans. HB 1204 was based on the Uniform Power of Attorney (UPOA) concept of model legislation. There are many good ideas in the UPOA but this version had so many issues, it had to die and allow the public to be part of a process to fix what is wrong with our current weak processes.

I have recorded and placed on the Internet, over 3300 public meeting videos to teach others how government and Robert’s Rules processes work. There are rules we outsiders may not fully understand but we must become familiar with them in order to effect and affect change. The Senate Judiciary Committee took about 90 minutes to decide HB 1204 was not a good fit for South Dakota. Here is my video of the meeting: https://youtu.be/-0mk_m6wN84 How a Bad Bill Dies in Pierre – HB 1204 – UPOA.

If you want to part of the process to fix these laws in South Dakota, please email me at upoa@citizens4integrity.org. If you have a story to share, please feel free to also contact me.

The Liquor Licensing System has been problematic for years

Like most things South Dakotan, you have to be a rich Republican to do business. Liquor licenses are a prime example of this;

“The regular on-sale liquor license is $192,360,” said Palmer.

So guess who gobbles these up? The wealthy or the large corporations. That’s how HyVee liquor put all the little mom and pop liquor stores out of business around town.

I have often said that since beer and wine licenses are handed out like candy for a minimal cost, a full ‘alcohol’ license in SD should be renewed each year like them and get rid of businesses using liquor licenses like assets. Some argue, ‘What about those who have bought an expensive liquor license already?’ It’s simple, you can pro-rate them. For instance let’s say the yearly fee is $10K. If you bought your license 10 years ago for $100K and we give you a $1K a year credit for however long you have owned it you would have a license credit of $11oK. That would mean for 11 years the licensing fee would be waived due to the credit. I would also allow that credit to transfer to other owners AS LONG as the location of the establishment DOES NOT change.

It would also generate a lot more revenue for the state, counties and cities.

Of course Pierre is full of rich Republican OLD businessmen who are their to line their own pockets and anybody with new ideas are F’ing Lying B—-s!