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Does the Right Wing of the SD State Legislature REALLY care about children?


I care about children, but only the unborn with genetic disorders that are either a male or female and come from the hand of God, not a monkey. After they are born, they are on their own.

Every year, Pierre changes it’s name to ‘Guns & Abortion, SD’ for about 40 days, and our legislature wastes time on guns and abortion legislation. Their reasons? They care about children. Really?

Well this year, as in the past, they had a chance to tell us just how much they do care about kids, you know, the ones that are born and living already. Some of them failed.

You would think after watching this year after year a group that large couldn’t be that ignorant. I must clarify, some Republicans get it, I am talking about the extreme right that think the earth is 6,000 years old and evolution isn’t based on science.

So let’s look at their failures;

• Supporting anti-science, secular education while censoring evolution science. The right wingers think they are doing the children of the state a favor by teaching them anti-science supported creationism, while instilling theological ideas into the public schools ignoring separation of church and state. This is a civics and science lesson gone awry. It goes against everything the 1st Amendment is about, and is more harmful to children then helpful.

• Legislating and teaching Hate. This one speaks for itself, making it legal to discriminate against a person based on their sexual orientation. This one thankfully failed, but that it even came up as legislation is pretty scary.

• Full Medicare expansion. This isn’t rocket science. Not only would it help a lot of children and keeping their working parents healthy it would put $200 million into the state economy. Of course some of legislators, like Isaac Latterell believe that the Federal Government is broke and a day of reckoning is coming where we won’t be getting money from the Feds anymore. Yup, Isaac, Ronald Reagan was using that talking point before you were born. As one of the legislators said in the last coffee, “If you have concerns as a constituent of how the Federal government is spending Federal funds, you need to bring it up with your Washington delegation, not state representatives.”

• Removing the sales tax on food. Democratic representative Marc Feinstein has been trying to remove the tax for years, unsuccessfully. For obvious reasons, removing this tax would help children. I have suggested instead of raising the taxes on other things – three adjustments could be made. 1) Remove the tax from raw, preparable and fresh foods only 2) Tax all products at the same rate-4% 3) Tax advertising.

• Denying counties a share of state sales tax revenue while voting against more lenient enforcement of non-violent offenders, like marijuana users. Why is the county getting further and further behind? Crime and the clogged court system. This also has to do with the safety of our children. When we simply just fine non-violent offenders instead of incarcerating them, we free up law enforcement and the courts to handle the more violent and serious crimes. This makes our community safer, and ultimately children safer.

So while the Right Wingers are busy talking about abortion and guns to keep our children safe and healthy, the work that actually that should be done is going straight over their heads . . . as usual. Some things never change in Guns & Abortion, SD.

One is back in, One is advertising fireplaces (but not a city council race)


I guess there have been ‘fireplace commercials’ that feature Christine Erickson and her family in their new home, which means it might have been shot and produced after she announced her candidacy for city council. I wonder if this violates any FCC or election disclosure laws?  Even if it is “legally compliant” that doesn’t make it right to air it, especially less than 60 days out to the election (after April 10, fine).  She should know better, the business should know better, and the media looks complicit for airing it.  Why can’t people just do the right thing any more without forcing someone else to call them out? It’s like the Channel 16 and the mayor blatantly using it for campaign purposes.

I was also alerted that last night on Facebook that Angie Buhl IS running for re-election.  She even used the post yesterday to ask for campaign donations. I guess District 15 hasn’t had enough of Pro-choice, non-catholics :)

Kind of sounds like Pierre during the legislative session


Why are SD Banks coming after the Credit Unions?

The credit union national organization is in a regulatory battle with the American Bankers Association with South Dakota the battlefield.

Credit unions make the bankers look bad and the ABA wants to crush them every way they can. There are many credit union misunderstandings. Credit unions are member owned cooperatives. By being member owned cooperatives they are designed to only have their members best interests as their primary mission. Lower loan rates, member community first. We used to have member owned credit union co-ops as part of many businesses and government departments. As time has gone on, the little credit unions have consolidated and became open ‘community’ credit unions, serving a larger cross section of the locality they are based. Remember the Bell Credit Union? How about the Morrell Credit Union? Air Guard, All American, and so many more. All of these have changed their missions or names as their associated companies or offices changed hands over the years.

Talk to a credit union member, you will see why they are for the most part a happier bunch. When you go into your credit union, you will often see the same faces you have seen for years. Stability in policy and function. Try to get this at your multi-national mega bank. So back to the battle, if you can’t beat the credit union on the PR front, kill the little buggers with state regulations and taxes.

In the South Dakota legislature this year is a movement to strip the non-profit / cooperative credit unions of their tax exempt status. The NCUA and ABA have been fighting for their versions of model legislation in the land of ALEC.

READ the plea letter here: Credit Union 2014

SF City Council candidate Steele doesn’t believe in evolution (H/T – Helga)

I didn’t come from some damn monkey, that’s just bananas;



Read about all the wackiness.

ALEC, guns, cold medicine and cell phones


I’m not making Meth, though it would probably make me feel a lot better now.

It is no secret our State Legislature wastes a lot of time on pointless bills, and they are at it again.

They want to put you in a private database for the pharma companies to track sales of cold medicine, which in no way stops meth production (you can make meth from several substances besides cold medicine).

Secondly, they want a statewide ban on texting, which is not needed, because distracted driving laws already cover texting and driving recklessly.

This is all a distraction. Why? First of all, our state legislature doesn’t have a clue, that is why they go running to daddy (ALEC) anytime they need legislation. They even go as far as defending the very organization that is funded by big pharma (the ones that want the database) saying they ‘teach’ legislators (more like brainwash).

Why not have a bill that requires all handgun owners be registered on a public website? Wouldn’t you like to know if your neighbor had a handgun? And the numbers don’t lie, handguns in our country kill more people then any other country in the world. If we are worried about texting and meth production, shouldn’t we be worried about people who carry dangerous weapons?

Oh, I know the argument, not every one that carries a handgun is dangerous. Couldn’t agree more. Just like everyone who texts doesn’t do it while driving and everyone who buys cold medicine isn’t making meth.

Double standard if you ask me. But big Pharma could care less about gun ownership.

The legislature needs to focus on more important things that actually make our state better, like bringing in living wage jobs, ending the food tax and funding education properly.

It’s time that Pierre pulled ALEC out of their asses and did the work of the people.


No Medicaid for You! Work Harder!

Good News, Right?

The poll, conducted by Virginia-based political and public affairs research firm Public Opinion Strategies, asked 400 South Dakota residents a series of questions related to the state’s Medicaid program and found 63 percent of them favored the expansion.

The poll was good news to supporters of Medicaid expansion. Megan Myers, the Cancer Action Network’s grassroots manager, said expanding Medicaid would help some of the 48,000 South Dakotans who don’t have health insurance receive preventive care.

And what is our governor’s response on his resistance;

Gov. Dennis Daugaard has been unwilling to expand Medicaid since the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a provision in the Affordable Care Act that would have forced states to expand their programs, and despite the federal government’s promise to cover the vast majority of the costs, especially in the initial years.

Daugaard’s office declined to comment on the poll.

Denny has said in the past the able-bodied working folk should be able to afford their own healthcare. What Denny fails to tell us is that many ‘working folk’ in our state can’t afford food let alone healthcare, and the Republican lawmakers in DC are not helping matters by blocking single-payer initially in the ACA and recently cutting SNAP programs.

So what is Denny telling the working poor that can’t afford private insurance or even to feed their families? WORK HARDER or I’ll be forced again to blow a cool million at one staffing agency to recruit a handful of welders for a single trailer building company in Mitchell.

What is really behind AG Jackboots Electronic Record keeping legislation


Hey, sounds great, right? Anything to curb people from making meth is a good thing right?

Methamphetamine. South Dakota is experiencing a significant increase in the number of meth lab incidences as well as meth arrests.

“As Attorney General, I do not support requiring a doctor’s prescription for basic cold medicine.  The more reasonable approach is to utilize electronic record keeping of information already being provided in order to address inappropriate use of cold medicine for methamphetamine manufacturing,” said Attorney General Jackley.  Cold medicines containing Pseudoephedrine are often utilized in the manufacturing of
methamphetamine.  South Dakota law currently provides for a written record keeping system for the
sale of Pseudoephedrine products that cannot be efficiently checked by either retailers or law enforcement.  The proposed legislation addresses the problem through electronic record keeping and further allows for a waiver if a retailer does not have these electronic capabilities.  There will be no additional cost to the retailers, consumers or taxpayers for the electronic record keeping system being funded by the industry.

Interesting stuff, especially when you connect the dots.

What are the key components of adding up these dots? Let’s see, they want to implement electronic record keeping, retailers will have access to the information and lastly it will all be paid for by the ‘industry’.

What industry you ask? Big Pharma. See, this legislation is model legislation through ALEC. Who gives ALEC and ALEC members (state legislators) lots of campaign donations? Big Pharma. Who has received a lot of big Pharma money in the past? AG Jackboots. Can you imagine the usefulness of this kind of information to Big Pharma? Being able to track the sales of their over the counter drugs (being sold mostly to innocent consumers not interested in making meth) right down to the actual person purchasing the product, all the while requiring retailers to train their employees to do this extra work, ultimately costing them more in labor costs.

Once again, ALEC is well on it’s way to hoodwink our State Legislators and voters on this legislation.

GP will be posting an extended/closer look at this issue in the near future.

Governor Daugaard appoints Casino Manager to legislature



About the only positive that could come out of this is that he is a tribal member, not sure what percentage, maybe he can get some polling places open on the res;

Governor Dennis Daugaard announced on Tuesday that he will appoint Chuck Jones of Flandreau to the South Dakota State Senate. Jones will represent District 8, filling the vacancy caused by the resignation of Senator Russell Olson.

Jones is the general manager of Royal River Casino in Flandreau. From 2007 to 2011, he served as the city administrator for the City of Flandreau. Jones is a veteran of the United States Army and served overseas during the 1991 Persian Gulf War. He also served in the Minnesota and Iowa Army National Guard from 1991 to 2001 and the U.S. Army Reserve from 2001 to 2012.

District 8 includes Lake, Miner, Moody and Sanborn counties.

Still curious as to why Denny thought appointing the GM of Royal River was a good idea? Why not just appoint the head lobbyist in the state of tobacco and alcohol to the legislature to? Hey, we have no ethics laws, or fair investigations/audits anyway. Stack Em’ up! If AG Jackboots is asked to do an investigation, he will just either drag his feet, refuse to do it, blame the family, or investigate them of a crime he already knows they did not commit. And they wonder why we get an ‘F’ for corruption in the state.

The SD ‘Food Tax’ Dilemma

Trust me, I don’t stand out on street corners holding a sign that says ‘End the Food Tax’ but I do think eliminating the tax, at least partially would be a good idea.

So why am I bringing this up months before the legislative session? Well it seems there may be winds of change blowing on the issue in Pierre this year.

The other night I ran into a state representative, and let’s just say this, we are on ‘talking terms’. One of the topics of conversation was ‘legislative’ proposals. They had a great idea; eliminate the food tax on fresh fruits and vegetables at farmer’s markets to encourage healthy eating habits. I liked where this person was going with the idea, so I told them they should go a step farther, and eliminate the food tax on all fresh foods and preparable foods (i.e. milk, flour, eggs). I told them that Bread for the World has been fighting this fight for years in the legislature, but maybe if they teamed up with a legislator that wasn’t a Democrat, they might get somewhere on the issue.

They gave me that normal right winger scowl you often see when you ask them to be bi-partisan. They did say they would take that into consideration. I hope so, I already told Bread for the World about your proposal. Teamwork kids! Teamwork!