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Another SD Legislator makes us proud


I think someone needs to ‘dump’ on Pastor DooHickey.

UPDATE: Butt Hurt



I don’t think Pastor Hickey has to worry about ‘Gays’ coming to him to get married

Just when you thought Pastor DooHickey was becoming more rational, Mr. Irrational rears his head. In light of the latest SC ruling on same-sex federal benefits. Hickey had this to say;

Hickey, who also is a Republican representative for Sioux Falls, says the decision is a blow to religious freedom.

“I’m not surprised,” Hickey said. “We can see where this is going, but people need to think about the end game: Gay rights trump religious rights.”

Hickey is concerned that those who are morally opposed to gay marriage will be labeled as bigots and forced to behave against their conscience. He’s worried that he and other pastors will be forced to perform gay marriages at some point in the future.

He’s even a bit concerned about pastors being jailed for preaching against homosexuality. Something along the lines of this.

He says he won’t perform same sex marriages, regardless of what the Supreme Court decides.

“They can put me in jail for that if they want,” Hickey said.

First off, the SC is still allowing states to decide whether they want to allow same sex couples to marry, and in good old South Dakota, that has been illegal since 2006. Secondly, even if it were legal in SD, I don’t think gays will be lining up outside Steve’s church to get married, it would be like going to Steve’s church to get an abortion, just not gonna happen.

As a SD gay rights advocate so eloquently said;

As for how this will affect gay and lesbians in South Dakota, Himmel-Roberts said: “I think we tend to be 25 years behind everyone else. We have a state Legislature that is made up of extremists. Until we can get some middle-of-the-road and good old true South Dakotans with South Dakota values, we’re going to be a testing ground for all these ridiculous laws.”

Extremists? Don’t be so polite.

I couldn’t resist

Get your pin on

What’s that saying about snowballs in Hell?

Stevo uses buffalo images in his campaign to. Must be a teabagger thing.

Pasture DooHickey just doesn’t get it. You are unelectable.

Jesus wasn’t a quitter, Steveo

Saw this coming a mile away, but I thought he would last a least a couple of weeks;

SIOUX FALLS, SD – A candidate for Congress in South Dakota is dropping out of that race to focus on a state Legislature run instead.

Steve Hickey had planned to seek the Republican nomination to run for South Dakota’s lone U.S. House seat. The Sioux Falls pastor says he now plans to pursue a state House seat in District 9.

I’m running for the US Congress, and if you say something bad about me, I will report you to the FBI, the CIA, the ACLU and my Tuesday morning Bible study group


Read more about his abortgenda.