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Ted (c) Klaudt (R); State misused funds. Get the F’ck outta here!

No way! Say it ain’t so Ted! You mean the no-bid, Republican controlled government in SD would misuse funds? Oh but it gets better, he is going to run to FAUX News with the information.

SIOUX FALLS – Former South Dakota lawmaker Ted Klaudt says in court filings that he has evidence a state agency misused $750,000 in federal funds.

Klaudt revealed the information in a court filing asking an appeals judge for help resolving his legal troubles. He says in the filings that he’ll take his information to Fox News as a last resort.

If this is true, why didn’t you say something at the time? Or were you too busy molesting your foster kids? Or is it because Republicans don’t narc out Republicans because they might get the whistle blown on them?