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Councilor Stehly; Leave the Initiative process alone

Theresa sent a fantastic letter to the editor to the Argus;

This is a letter to my dear Republican friends who are serving in the South Dakota legislature:

Please leave the initiated measure process alone. Having led two successful petition drives in Sioux Falls, I can tell you first hand that it is a huge undertaking for a grass roots campaign. It is working just fine the way it is. It is a valuable tool that the citizens can use to inject their voices into the process. It also serves as a “checks and balance” mechanism against bad legislation. To think that just because we are elected, that we make the best decisions at all times is arrogant, elitist and an abuse of power. This multifaceted effort to stifle citizen involvement and strengthen the agenda of the “power machine” in Pierre is an assault on the good people of this state.

The energy coming out of Pierre this year is very concerning to me and to many of the good citizens of South Dakota. Please leave the initiated petitioning process alone.

Sioux Empire Podcast; Theresa Stehly

Theresa talks about independent journalism and her newsletter.

The Stehly Report, Winter Edition

I guess you ask and you shall receive.

Read it here! DOC: Stehly-Report-Winter-2018-Final

The latest version of the Stehly Report should be hitting mailboxes today. I was told she mailed out ‘significantly more’ then last time.

Is it time for another STEHLY REPORT?

Here is the last issue and my article below: Stehly-NL

Some think the charter works just fine as is, some would like to tear it to shreds completely. I personally think it needs some tweaks that would help it work better. We don’t need to throw the baby out with the bath water. So what would those charter amendments look like?

• Remove the mayor as a city councilor. He would no longer have VETO power or break ties. A five vote majority would be a pass unless reconsidered, and a tie would mean failure. It would require six votes to pass taxation and fee increases.

• The mayor would no longer chair meetings. He would be requested like director heads to be in attendance in the audience to answer questions only.

• The mayor would be responsible only as the employee manager of the city.

• The council would write the budget starting from ground zero each year with the mayor only having equal input.

• The council would be responsible for all legislation, only taking advice from department heads and the mayor. The mayor could no longer introduce legislation without consent of the council.

• All major planning, rezone proposals, fee increases would have to go through FULL council first before being introduced to the Planning Commission or other departments pertinent.

• The finance department, like the audit department would be under the control of the council and NOT the mayor.

• The city council would have their own attorney and legal department to research legislation. Simple changes like this to the charter would guarantee more equal participation from the council while regulating the mayor’s REAL duties as a city manager instead of an all powerful official.

Will Stehly run for mayor in 2018?

My quick answer? NO. As someone who talks to her often about city legislative policies and worked on her campaign to get her elected to the city council, I think Theresa is perfectly happy being a part-time legislator for the city, a music teacher, an organic gardener and active in her church.

There has been tons of speculation if she will run. I have often joked with people that if she announced today and the election was tomorrow, she would be elected. Of course things don’t work that way.

One of the reasons many people have speculated is because Stehly has told mayoral candidates she will NOT endorse anyone. This is actually smart since she may have to work with one of the candidates. She has also sent out a postcard and a newsletter in the past couple of months giving updates to the city. She has done this at her own expense and not from donations or a campaign fund. There is also only one woman running right now for mayor. I’m not saying Theresa’s philosophies are that much different than Jolene’s, but I will say Theresa has more experience with city government then Jolene does, and if Theresa announced it would certainly put a damper on Jolene’s campaign. But what is the biggest factor that would be advantageous to Stehly if she ran for mayor? She is the demographic that votes in Sioux Falls municipal elections; moderate to conservative, populist, working class, 55 and older individuals.

But the other thing I have learned about Stehly is she can have a change of heart, in a heartbeat. If Stehly does run for Mayor she has until February 23rd to turn in her petitions. Until than, I don’t think the current pool has much to worry about. Just remember, vote for anybody but Jim and Paul.

Loetscher takes a page from Stehly

When I have volunteered for petition drives, Benson’s was always a great place to talk with constituents. Too bad we couldn’t get Jim Entenman out of Michael Bender’s board room long enough to attend, he’s too busy talking about corporate handouts and welfare.

While Stehly has no intention of running for mayor, I bet if she announced on Monday she was running and on Tuesday the election was held, she would be the next mayor.

Stehly Update from Benson’s Flea Market

Incredible day! So many people came up to thank me for standing up for the citizens. All people were in disbelief about the parking ramp and many are skeptical about Event Center Report.

While looking for Treasures you may just find Councilor Stehly

Councilor Theresa Stehly to be offering a MEET AND GREETFor Sioux Falls Citizens.

When: Saturday January 6th, 10:00-2:00

Sunday January 7th, 12:00-2:00

Where: Benson’s Flea Market located at the Expo building at the Fair Grounds.

What : Opportunity to share concerns and comments about City/community  issues.

Contact Theresa Stehly at 929-8783 for more information.

UPDATE: Councilor Stehly press conference, Wednesday (27th)


Theresa will be making an important announcement tomorrow at 2 PM at the downtown main library. Councilor Pat Starr will also be attending the announcement.

UPDATE: Stehly to be on KSOO 1000 AM, 4:15 Today (12/21/2017)

She will be discussing local government transparency/secrecy.

UPDATE: Theresa announced that her and councilor Starr are bringing a REPEAL forward January 2, 2018, to HALT the bond sale and other items related to the DT Parking ramp until the investigation of Aaron Hultgren and Legacy development plays out. She will need 6 votes to withstand a VETO.