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UPDATE: Disgraceful

Tonight before the city council meeting councilor Stehly talked to a boy scout troop about city government, neighborhood watch and than asked the troop to pay close attention to public input as it was an important part of city government.

Shortly after a usually long public input that the mayor tried to ignore, he ran after the Boy Scout troop to see them on their way in the outer room.

Joe Sneve from the Argus tweeted this about the encounter;

So while Stehly seems to see the importance of the 1st Amendment and citizens petitioning their government during public input, the Mayor turns around and tells a Boy Scout troop that it is a ‘circus’. You wonder just how confused they must have been. Leave it to the mayor to call a constitutional right a circus. What a putz.

UPDATE: Joe corrected me today, the mayor didn’t use the word ‘circus’ but something along that sentiment when apologizing to the Boy Scouts.

Stehly to be on KSOO 1000 AM, 3:45 Monday

Theresa will be talking about citizen concerns over the proposed $21 million downtown parking ramp.

Rex Rolfing continues to be a stalwart supporter of closed government

Rex fears the minions will get the keys to the castle, so he has to try to kill the messenger of truth;

I am deeply troubled by Councilor Theresa Stehly’s recent letterto the editor titled, “Secrecy in golf management selection a concern.” Unfortunately, this letter is a classic example of a politician stirring the pot in order gain nonstop publicity in our local media.

Publicity? Stehly has two and half years left on her council term and she is NOT running for mayor, what publicity is she seeking? The only thing Stehly continues to publicize is her support for open government, 100% of the time. It was her campaign issue that won her her seat.

The RFP process reduces the risk to those who compete in the process by protecting the proprietary information of those who are unsuccessful.

When doing business with the public and receiving public money for your services your proprietary information is NO longer private, it becomes public. If those who seek public contracts don’t understand that or agree to those terms, they have the choice NOT to participate in the process. It really is that simple.

Publicizing unsuccessful proposals would severely limit those willing to participate if any thus reducing competition and driving up costs to the taxpayers.

I actually believe it would have an opposite affect. If competition can see who is competing and their proposals it will only drive them to put together a better and more fiscally prudent proposal. It would actually not only save taxpayers money but we would get better services. We found this out with the Pavilion window replacement contract. Once the initial bid was discovered to be inadequate competitors were able to under bid it and save taxpayers thousands of dollars. Closed bids and committees only give us one option, a piss poor way to do business.

As a person who works as an estimator I and am consistently wanting to know what my competition is charging so I can be more competitive. In private business sometimes that information is hard to get, but don’t think we don’t seek it out. I have done government bids throughout the country for states, municipalities and the Federal government and we are always told what the competing bids and offers are at the end of the day. Rolfing’s analogy of local government RFP’s is certainly NOT the norm because it defies that whole nature of free enterprise, competition and a the democratic process. He is delusional, as usual.

I would like to conclude my letter by recognizing those who have served on these committees especially our citizen volunteers. Thank you for your willingness to serve even while some attempt to politicize your efforts. I also ask our citizens to please learn all the facts and hear from both sides of any issue.

So why are certain ‘citizens’ privy to this information, but not all of us? Elected officials who strive for open and transparent government are NOT politicizing anything, they are promoting good government, and I applaud them for it. I also find it ironic that Rolfing is asking citizens to learn all the facts first before drawing conclusions. Isn’t kind of hard to receive those facts when you won’t share them with us? Your assurance is not enough, we found that out with the siding settlement which was a gigantic lie.

Often times those who yell the loudest fear you hearing all the facts.

To that I say, “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich.

“Call Theresa Stehly, she gets things done.” – John Thune

I guess John was rumored to have said this to a Sioux Falls constituent recently. I guess this person was talking to John Thune about parking issues in his neighborhood and John told him to call Theresa. I know I have accused John of not knowing too much, but at least he knows who is working for the citizens of Sioux Falls.

UPDATE: Starr & Stehly on Belfrage, AM 1320 in the morning


They will be on at 8 AM, Wednesday morning to talk about the EC settlement and government transparency. PODCAST REPLAYS

Sioux Falls City Councilor Stehly on FORUM

Theresa talks about government secrecy in light of the recent settlement release.

Stehly to talk about City Government secrecy today on Lalley’s show

Theresa is set to be on at 4:15 PM. KSOO information 1000.

I’m hoping the EC siding settlement will be public by than.

The Stehly Report, Fall Newsletter

You may or may not got a copy of this in the mail today. Sioux Falls city councilor sent them out to a select group of voters (several thousand). I also have a guest column in there. SHE PAID FOR THE PRINTING AND POSTAGE HERSELF! She did not use tax dollars OR campaign donations. (FULL DOC: Stehly-NL)

Sioux Falls Councilor Stehly asks for right to circulate petitions

Theresa has contacted the media by sending out this email after being told last year by the  city attorney that she CANNOT circulate a petition for a city initiative or referendum. She is hoping the assistant city attorney, Danny Brown, will have a different opinion on the manner, especially since there doesn’t seem to be any state laws banning the practice.

There has also been some rumblings amongst cititizens that if the city council with the assistance of the mayor passes an amendment to raise the threshold for city councilors to be elected to 51% there would be a petition drive. The petition drive would also include numerous other charter amendments.

From Stehly;

Good Morning Danny,

I am requesting that your office give me a public statement on my legal right to circulate municipal petitions.

Please address :

  1. My right to circulate a Sioux Falls municipal citizen petition. (This could be an initiative, referendum or charter revision effort.)
  2. My right  to lead a Sioux Falls municipal citizen petition drive. (This could be an initiative, referendum of charter revision effort.)

I know of several City Council members who have participated in the circulating of municipal petitions in the past. We also have had our Minnehaha County Commissioners leading a petition drive. I am inspired by Mark Mickelson’s leadership of the statewide petition drive that is happening at this time.

I will be sharing this information with the public.

Thanks for your response,

Theresa Stehly

What do you think about an elected official running a petition drive? Personally I don’t take issue with it. I don’t agree with Mickelson’s petition, but I do think he has the right to circulate it.

Belfrage & Epp defend Stehly’s idea for districting parks board

Greg and Todd discussed the ‘logic’ behind the districting and questioned why anyone in the administration would be against it.

But Todd took an interesting twist on it and asked why a director of a department (Don Kearney with Parks and Rec) would take such a public stand against a city councilors legislative idea. Belfrage said that has been the mayor’s ‘style’ having his peeps gun against the councils ideas when it goes against his.

When you have Belfrage and Epp defending Stehly’s idea, you know the Mayor doesn’t have a leg to stand on.