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UPDATE: Potholes and Open Meetings

Here is the copy of the proposed pothole funding supplement ordinance; Pothole Supplemental TS

Funny how these things work;

Thanks to the absence of precipitation in the coming days, the Public Works Street Division is increasing the number of crews dedicated to this spring’s pothole repair efforts.

“It has been a rough winter for our city streets,” says Mark Cotter, Director of Public Works. “The current condition of our streets has prompted us to take a more aggressive approach to our annual spring pothole repair efforts.”

To increase its emphasis on patching potholes, Street crews will be working the following adjusted work schedule for the next three weeks:

Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.: Public Works will have a minimum of six crews addressing potholes.

Monday through Friday from 4 p.m. to midnight and from midnight to 8 a.m.:Public Works will have a minimum of one crew addressing potholes in high-traffic volume areas.

Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.: Public Works will have a minimum of three crews addressing potholes.


While the media got their panties in a bind over being put between the mayor and the council (give me a break!) it seems Pat and Theresa’s pressure may have gotten the public works department to re-think the pothole situation moving forward. As I have been telling many people over the last couple of days, it is the Mayor’s job to run this city (direct Public Works), it is the council’s job to set policy and budgeting. No reason to get our shorts in a bunch.

I would also like to thank all the ‘grunts’ in our city’s workforce who have gone above and beyond to help people. You are appreciated, even if I am tough on the mayor and council, I do want you to be happy with your employment. I also would like to hear about any private contractors who decided to help the city out with flood management or cleanup. I haven’t seen anything in the media about that, but maybe they are just silently helping out?

The Stehly Report • Spring 2019

You can view and read it here; Stehly Newsletter Spring 2019

Sioux Falls City Council ‘IS’ the policy making body of government

As we have all read, the Argus took the mayor to task about the lack of transparency in their ED board column on Sunday. This line I found the most interesting;

Now the topic is being revisited with a group that includes members of the hotel, construction, architectural and banking industries – all areas where avoiding questions of conflict of interest would be prudent.

This is one of the main reasons these meetings need to be public. When you have a group of powerful business men in town (even if they are volunteers) making recommendations, we need to be clear that their suggestions are for the good of everyone, not just their pocket books. Their is a part of me that wonders if some of the members asked that they be private meetings. We wouldn’t want that pesky Bruce showing up with a camera while we are planning our future investments.

During the informational meeting yesterday, councilors Stehly and Starr reminded the rest of the council about the importance of transparency (while the rest of them just stared into space and made no additional comments. I think even one of them was laughing at Stehly’s comments about ‘loving thy neighbor’). Starr went on to say the obvious, the City Council is the policy making body of the city, not the mayor’s office or his appointed study groups. The city council should be heading up this group, yet only ONE member is invited to attend (Soehl). We seem to be going even further backwards these days when it comes to transparency. Many city hall watchers have even been stating that TenHaken may even worse than the last dude.

What even bothers me more is that we seem to have a majority of the city council that isn’t questioning this. I’m sure Brekke agrees with Starr and Stehly, but where was Erickson and Neitzert who used to rail on the last administration about transparency. Or what about our chairs, Selberg and Erickson allowing TenHaken to usurp the powers of the council? It’s an outrage, and they remain silent.

It’s because they HATE public input and TRANSPARENCY, they proved it this summer while limiting public input.

That’s not the only thing that has disappeared into the night. I guess proclamations are no longer read at the council meetings because TenHaken found them to be a waste of time that takes away from the regular meeting. Part-Time Mayor Beck now handles them internally, I guess. Why don’t we eliminate the invocation to? There is no requirement we have one, the county commission only does the pledge of allegiance. Some of those pastors tend to be winded anyway.

I can’t say it enough, there is never a good excuse to keep government closed. And saying we need candid conversations as one of those excuses is just ludicrous. I think the best conversations about policy happen in the open when feet are held to the fire.

Bee Keeping and Benson’s Flea Market

Crazy who you run into at the Flea Market. Old Cartoonist friend Tim Benson and Representative Saba. You can still talk to Stehly & Brekke at the Flea Market today.

Stehly also wanted me to tell you she will be attending an upcoming meeting for Bee-Keeping within city limits. I support this. I hear from a lot of people that we don’t have as many bees as before in Sioux Falls, and they help with personal food production. I think you could limit the size of the hives so you don’t have a massive population at one specific spot, but bees are good, and they are our friends.

I also think any city ordinance that is proposed needs to be tied into with how we spray for skeeters. It has been proven time and time again that spraying is very harmful to ALL beneficial insects, just not bees. The residue left on gardens and vegetables is also harmful especially to small children. We need to take a more natural approach to limiting skeeters in the city.

Sioux Falls City Councilor Stehly on Inside Town Hall

Stehly Report • January 2019

Available in the SF Shopping News.

Click to enlarge

UPDATE: Deconstructing ignorance

When I saw this cartoon first come out, I told Stehly to just ignore it, as I did for awhile, until I ran across it again today. I will try to decipher it’s horrible construction. First off, when it comes to editorial tooning, I don’t place much on it’s artistic value. If something is in the right place, it works. The artist does have a style, but I find no need to go after his/her draftsmanship, it’s his/her content that troubles me. Like a typical right-winger cartoonist he/she takes the words of the latest headline to pen their observations without actually researching the topic at hand. Like most of this chickensh*t ANON’s work, he/she misses the point. Can’t wait for them to make fun of me, it will be fun deconstructing that toon also.

UPDATE: Theresa actually asked the SFSD to have Bob Litz machine tabulate the votes to not have the appearance of manipulation by hand counting the votes themselves. We know how that went . . .

Stehly Report • Jan 2019

Metro Council Meeting Update

Councilor Stehly’s Notes on Facebook about the meeting;

Resigning 911 Metro Communications Director Paul Niedringhaus discussing the future structure and governance and oversight of Metro Communications.

Sheriff Milstead now discussing why Metro 911 went independent from the County.. now apparently, they want to come back to the County because of lack of funds. Sounds like the City might be asked to cough up some money as well.

Should Lincoln County come in?…now the Mayor wants to know how the other communities in Minnehaha will feel if the City of Sioux Falls takes over. I say..this needs public scrutiny, discussion and common sense spending.

Beninga now is stating that the Hope was for a regional effort. Surrounding counties might be “turned Off” if this was a Sioux Falls,Minnehaha project.

heriff talking about Metro being on probation…years ago..Gary Hanson time as Mayor..

Four members deciding what the future of Metro 911..I Hope they open this discussion up to the community and all of us on the Council and County…

Barth now talking about a new location..first time I heard about this..How much Jeff and who will fund it?Also Barth inferred that s having the Mayor of Sioux Falls leading the Metro 911 could be a turn off for other communities.

Beninga now asking about the City of Sioux Falls talking on the health care costs for these 911 employees..(a side note..City Council members can’t join the city’s health care.plan. I even offered to pay the total premium, but they said no).

Metro Communications Director Paul Niedringhaus states that health care costs are the number one concern for metro 911… Unfortunately, we all have those concerns in our lives.

Barth is proposing that all governing bodies have one payroll department.

The Argus also covered the MEETING.


NOEM continues to ignore the request to repay the city

Is this a portrait of Harry and Meghan or Bryon and Kristi? Well the Republicans have made a habit of turning Pierre into their own little Kingdom.

The only thing Kristi has publicly said about repaying the city for her private fundraiser security detail is she ‘appreciates the generosity of Sioux Falls’. Awwww, that makes me feel so much better about giving you $20K for your private fundraiser that you pulled in $500K on.

Ironically, Kristi’s silence is funny since a majority of Republicans, some who even supported Trump and Kristi have said the right thing to do is pay back the city, even if the SFPD was Federally mandated to provide security to the President.

I do know that Councilor Stehly has had a followup call to the Noem ‘team’ and they gave her the runaround on it. I think they are hoping this just goes away quietly in the night. Notice SD’s #1 Political Blog (LOL) hasn’t said a peep about it. Usually he would be carrying on and bashing the RINOs in the party like Stehly (which he has taken the liberty to do several times) yet he is mysteriously silent about the issue. “Yes Master Kristi, I won’t say nuthin’ I will be as quiet as a church mouse.”

Maybe Kristi can hire Donald Ross to paint her Royal Portrait.