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Stehly VS. Cotter, Greg Belfrage show, 8 AM Thursday (4/21/2016)


Councilor Elect Theresa Stehly and Public Works Director Mark Cotter will be on Belfrage’s show KELO AM 1320 talking about the water/sewer increases. Greg will turn on the phones for public comment at 8:30 AM. Should be interesting.

Press Release, Council Elect Stehly


Mayor Huether Claims he doesn’t know the new councilors, I do.

Once again, in the weirdo elitist tennis playing club the Mayor lives in, he says he needs to get to know the newly elected councilors. In other words, he needs to meet the people he wasn’t expecting to win. Maybe he should put the same effort into it as one of his directors did yesterday coaching O’Gorman Tennis at McKennan Park in full tennis gear at 5:10 PM. It’s sure nice that Mike lets his 6-Figure directors knock off early on a Tuesday to coach tennis to private school kids. At least he wasn’t guzzling beer at Monks.


The look on Mike’s face during this interview says it all, I’m screwed;

While he was happy with the number of candidates, Huether admits that at first he didn’t know everyone running for City Council. He says more candidates means more effort in getting to know them. Perhaps that’s why we saw such a low voter turnout on Tuesday.

There was a low voter turnout, because city leaders are more concerned about holding press conferences about cleaning up your yard for NCAA basketball tournaments then they are about telling people to vote.

And let’s not act surprised, our research at DaCola showed us this would be a low vote turnout to begin with, historical data doesn’t lie, but salespeople hate history, they only live for today, so Goddammit, why didn’t people vote!

As for encouraging ALL people to vote, I’m not big on that. Uninformed voters tend to stick us with stuff we really don’t need, like a $180 million dollar debt from an Events Center, with 11,000 of those yahoo-voters never showing up to vote again. GOOD! There is nothing scarier then an ignorant voter.

Let’s look at the winners. Obviously two of them I know well, I ran their marketing/graphic design/ and mail coordination campaigns with cameraman Bruce. We also assisted Pat Starr with some various strategies.

Pat Starr I think will be the surprise on the council. He’s sharp, witty, articulate, well informed government nerd. He is also a proud old school Democrat. I think you are going to find that Pat is a bridge builder, and he will strive to form coalitions. He also is well read with local, national and state politics. We have had many great convos over tots and burgers at the Lil Colinga, the voter should be very happy he was elected, he will serve us well.

Greg Neitzert is the encyclopedia of zoning and planning in Sioux Falls. I don’t think Greg will allow the public to be buffaloed by directors on these issues at public meetings. Greg also is a man who loves transparency and integrity, and he is very adamant about it. If we see improvements in lighting some sunshine in city government over the next 4 years, it will probably be because Greg initiated it.

As for ‘Big T’ as I nicknamed her years ago, besides being a dear friend and mother figure to me, she is a fighter, and she will stand up for the little guy, I’m sure the mayor knows who she is.

Joe and Ellis from the AL did some good stories about her, first Ellis;

Since her arrival on the local political scene nearly 10 years ago, Theresa Stehly has savored victory and swallowed bitter defeat.

Last night’s victory for an at-large seat on the Sioux Falls City Council was her biggest win of all. This time, it was a personal triumph over the so-called “establishment,” the well-heeled business and cultural elite that has held Stehly and her followers with varying levels of disdain since the piano teacher emerged from nowhere to defeat an indoor swimming pool planned for her neighborhood.

She ran the superior campaign, focusing her limited resources on targeting the small pool of voters who reliably turn out in local elections rather than blowing money on unfocused television ads, billboards and mass mailings. The targeted mailings she did send out were also superior. They talked about who Stehly is as a person and reminded voters of issues she’s championed over the years, including the ever-popular snowgates.

For once in a city election, the anti-establishment saw a breaking point, but I will also agree with Ellis, if you drive the winning race car, with the winning driver, you will probably win. I felt the needle point strategy was important, not just to save the candidates money, but to prove if you take the time to campaign to those who care, and you are a stellar candidate, you can win.

Theresa also talks about her health scares, as a friend I remember this time well, something I discussed with Theresa in length before she decided to run again. There were some moments when I thought I would be speaking at her funeral instead of guiding her thru another campaign of promise for the average Joe. For the record, I assisted Theresa and Greg as clients of the print shop/direct mailer I work for as their customer service rep. I was paid my employer to assist them as clients.

Sneve also takes a shot at Theresa, this time letting Vern Brown’s sour grapes over Drake Springs squirt all over the pages of the Argus;

Vernon Brown, a former City Council member who ran against Stehly in 2008, said it’s no surprise Paulson played better with voters in affluent neighborhoods like the ones found on the southern outskirts of the city.

“Where John won was in wealthier portions of the city, where they have a stronger interest in quality-of-life issues, parks and things for families,” Brown said.

WOW! I find the irony of Vern’s statement staggering. Vern and his wife come from very humble beginnings, and for Vern to make the statement that ‘us working class’ don’t care about parks and such couldn’t be further from the truth. Just peruse our park system any weekend this summer, the rich and affluent are not overtaking our parks, it is the working and middle class who use this wonderful free service that they truly value.

But then Vern pulls a 180 and admits, there are some things you cannot beat;

“I don’t think endorsements do a ton for local candidates, but in the case of Councilman Staggers endorsing Theresa, he always has a group of people who walk strong – loyal supporters of his.” Brown said. “So in the election with low voter turnout, that plays a big factor.

“John is known in the business community but on the street the average voter doesn’t know him that well. Ten years of being at public input and in the news benefits Theresa.”

The irony of all this is when Vern beat Theresa, the low voter turnout was about the same. And name recognition played to his advantage.

Funny how these things work out.


Council Candidate Stehly to meet with voters at Benson’s Flea Market this weekend


Theresa will have a booth at the Market this weekend, come by and say hi and have your questions and concerns ready for her. She will also be accepting contributions.

Stehly sends out an ‘early voting’ message to voters today

Theresa told me tonight that it is her birthday tomorrow, Thursday. She jokingly told me in lieu of gifts she will be accepting campaign donations :)



I have voted early in almost every election for the past 4-5 years, ever since musical precincts started. The nice part is it is at your convenience, and it is fast (I have never had to wait in a line) You simply go to the County Auditor’s office, show them your ID, they hand you a ballot for your precinct, you vote at at the box and turn in your ballot. A lot easier then trying to find time on election day.

South DaCola’s voting guide/endorsements;

Entire City (Minnehaha & Lincoln County)

School Board: Randy Dobberpuhl (The two top vote getters win seats)

At-Large City Council: Theresa Stehly

Amendments to City Charter: YES on all (A-C & E) EXCEPT NO on ‘D’ which could have a mayor serve up to 10 years. Full explanation in this PDF Document; charter-amend

District Races

Northeast: Pat Starr

Northwest: Greg Neitzert

Southwest: Manny Steele

I believe all the candidates I have chosen will be the most ready on day 1 to serve the public. I also believe this group of candidates are good legislators who would build bridges, get important work done for all citizens and support open and transparent government.

Remember, in the council races, a candidate must receive at least 34% of the vote to avoid a run-off election.

Stehly to be guest on Jon Michael’s Forum this Sunday


You can listen to the Podcast here or tune-in Sunday morning on KELO AM or FM.

Her interview on the SE Podcast is up to;

YouTube Preview Image

Elitist Sioux Falls City Council candidate, John Paulson rears his hissy-fit head

2009 Ford E-Series Super Duty Ambulance Prep Package. (03/03/09)

Just because you used to work for a healthcare provider, doesn’t mean you can call the whaabulance whenever you want.

I knew it would only be a matter of time before one of the council candidates would have a public hissy fit over much to do about nothing, just never expected it to be John Paulson. I mean, this is the candidate who has been attending council meetings lately and usually uses the time to take naps. He must be getting public service advice from De Knudson (ironically he probably is).

Today the CVB had a membership meeting(?). CVB director Teri Ellis Schmidt invited council candidate Theresa Stehly to attend and gave her permission to speak during public input towards the end of the meeting. Theresa was unaware if there would be other candidates there, but appreciated the opportunity given to her by Teri to speak about her candidacy. John Paulson was the only other candidate to show.

Theresa went up at public input, introduced herself, talked about her community service (pushing for boulevard ordinance changes – snowgates), her endorsement from Kermit and his support of the CVB, etc. No bomb throwing of any kind.

Then John Paulson stands up and says, “That was out of line. I have nothing to say after that.”

She must have woken him up from his nap talking about actual policy and issues.

Sioux Falls City Council Candidate, Stehly, garners Staggers endorsement


Okay, no big surprise;

A City Council candidate is getting campaign support from the official she hopes to succeed.

City Councilman Kermit Staggers opted not to seek re-election for the at-large seat he’s held since 2012 due to a series of health issues that have plagued him of late. But the veteran policymaker isn’t done trying to influence city politics.

Community activist Theresa Stehly, one of three vying for Staggers’ open seat, this week sent out mailers to 10,000 households showcasing the endorsement her candidacy has received from Staggers, a veteran policymaker who’s spent decades in public office, including 12 years on the Sioux Falls City Council.

“I know (Stehly) is a person of real integrity, hard-working and wants to do the best thing she can for the citizens of Sioux Falls,” Staggers said Tuesday.

Staggers worked with Stehly in the lead up to the 2014 vote when residents mandated the use of snow gates. Stehly said she and Staggers have been allies for more than 10 years.

“Kermit has been one of the few elected officials I’ve ever known who’s been able to keep the hooks of special interest out of his skin,” she said.


Theresa was also the exclusive speaker today at a meeting of the Sioux Falls Retired Teachers Association, about 40 teachers were in attendance.

Theresa Stehly to be featured on Knobe, 4:30, Wednesday


Theresa will be talking all things citizens, her Staggers’ endorsement, snowgates and transparency in government. Tune-In.

Joe Snevameetingcrasher wrote a story about the At-Large race tonight;

Theresa Stehly sees her campaign for City Council as part of a David-and-Goliath contest.

“And there’s two Goliaths,” Stehly said.

Well, when it comes to money that is . . . ask De Knudson how that worked out when she lost to Kermit four years ago.