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Oh, Ironic Johnny Thune Bag


Williams VS. Thune


Just finished watching a ‘Discussion’ between the two candidates on SDPB.

First, let’s look at the cold hard facts, Thune is probably going to beat Williams in the election, it’s sad but true. The unfortunate part about this is that Williams is a strong candidate, and if the Democratic party in SD got their S— together, they could have gotten behind him early and made him a true contender. Jay, unfortunately had to fight this battle almost alone, and came in way late in the game. He is virtually a political nobody, as he has admitted in the debate. To tell you the truth, I had no idea who he was until he announced his candidacy.

All of my truthiness aside, Jay kicked John’s ass tonight. He is a tech savvy business man that is a Vietnam vet who believes in diplomacy. Just his words about humanitarian aid to countries who may hate us, spoke volumes about his position on how you treat your enemy.

But two things stood out in the debate that further cements my nickname I gave to John years ago, Ironic Johnny Thune-Bag cannot help himself from being ironic.

First he talks about how Democratic policies have hurt the (working) poor of our state. That debate aside, does John realize it is 40 years of policies from his party that have created these people in our state with failed programs like EB-5 and tax cut, trickle down mentality. It just doesn’t work.

He also talks about ‘de-regulation’ then tries to counter Williams by promoting the regulation of the internet, etc. So which is it John?

Just like his flip-flop about voting for Trump, Thune has been in DC for too long, and all the things he accused Daschle of, he has embraced.

Oh the Irony of Thune.

What the rest of the country thinks of Ironic Johnny Thune-Bag


Not a lot of love for our senior senator;

Senator John Thune; My bill would eliminate the taxes you’ll owe on your winnings when you get home

Jeff; Wow, douchiest congratulations ever. Like getting socks for Christmas.

Jackie; I’ve never felt like someone’s given me a toothbrush on Halloween more, not even when it’s actually happened.

Christopher; Sitting US Senator tries his hand at mansplaining. Goes poorly.

Karl; tell her how your party has been working hard for the last 25 years to make sure her whole family can’t vote.

Once again we are blind in South Dakota to the embarrassing things John does in the name of our state. He should be offering us a citizen arrest of his fellow senator over EB-5.

Ironic Johnny Thune Bag, The Vulture


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John is at it again;

What’s the best way to prevent more babies being born with horrible deformities from the Zika virus? Preventing the pregnancy in exposed women in the first place. That means allowing Planned Parenthood, which helps prevent approximately 579,000 unintended pregnancies every year, to keep doing that job. But it’s Planned Parenthood and it’s an election year, so Republicans are specifically banning Zika prevention funding from being spent at Planned Parenthood. 

Planned Parenthood is not a “special interest.” It’s a first-tier health care provider for millions of men and women, and in particular low-income women.

It always amazes me that a father of two daughters is so anti-women. Maybe John is suited to run as VP with Trump?

Ironic Johnny Thune-Bag; Pick the lesser of two Evils


Oh, John, how you make me laugh, you have been in Washington for 200 years now and you still don’t do anything or know what you are talking about. You go and endorse Trump, because like, he is better then Hillary, but other then that you really have nothing else to say about Donald except that Hillary would be like Obama. Kind of sounds like a enormous endorsement of Hillary to me (because she won’t be like Obama, which worries me). But this statement really had me rolling in the hay;

Obama doesn’t adequately address terrorist threats and, as a result, the country has been put at risk.

Ok, John, I hope you washed your hands after pulling that from your ass. There has been no major terrorist attacks on US soil since Obama has been president, or at least attacks that can be directly traced to Alqueda or the Taliban or ISIS. They have either been thwarted or by lone wolves. We can’t say that about GW 911 Bush, who was warned of the World Trade Center attacks and did nothing to thwart them, then attacks Iraq which bankrupts our country. Then there’s that whole catching Osama Bin Laden, some one GW “Didn’t think about that much” You know, he was only the leader of Alqueda and the mastermind of 911. Who was president when he was caught? Oh, that’s right, Obama.

Should be no surprise that John spewed his pathetic excuse for an endorsement for Trump, like everything else that comes from his mouth or hands, as worthless as teats on a boar.

Asleep at the Wheel


I couldn’t resist the FB snark for my conservative friends


Mike Myers to challenge John Thune?


I guess Mr. Myers has been throwing the idea around. I like it. Let’s admit it, he will pound Ironic Johnny on Obamacare, and the Healthcare industrial Complex. The one thing I would hope Mike considers is running as the Democratic candidate. Even this hardcore Indy would love to see him get party support.

Over the past couple of years I have gotten to know Mike. He is dynamic. I can’t tell you the amount of stimulating conversations we have had. His biting cynicism makes me jealous. His grasp of the issues is mammoth. I say, send the old man to DC.

Why does the local media treat politicians like royalty?


Meet the Thune Monarchy

I have often balked at the notion that a politician is just that, a servant to the people. But somehow our media has to make them into a monarchy.

Trust me, I could could go on and on about Mr. Do Nothing Obstructionist Ironic Johnny, but he has done so little lately, except climb the leadership ladder, that I am in a loss for words.

So, our Senior Senator figured out reproduction, and now we should do a story about it.

Gripping, investigative reporting. Purely Gripping.

Letterman’s ‘Stooge’ of the night, Thune

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