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Todd Epp’s silly little blog war

Anti-blogger (blogger), pro-censorship, praying at the altar of Hildebrand, Todd Epp has suddenly become a cheerleader for Mike Huether. I have to laugh, and warn Mike, everyone Todd supported politically usually loses. As a Sioux Falls resident who has lived in the central district the entire 8 years of Staggers’ council term, bought a house in the central Sioux Falls and has watched almost every informational and city council meeting over the past two years, I can tell you that Epp doesn’t have a clue about Kermit;

The choice facing Sioux Falls voters in two weeks couldn’t be starker.  A career politician who has never been able to build consensus and opposes every single innovation for Sioux Falls (Dr. No) versus a political newcomer who has actually run businesses, managed multi-million dollar budgets, knows how to bring people together, and is still a nice guy (The Heat).

Huh? First off, Epp, doesn’t have a dog in the fight, he is a resident of Harrisburg. Secondly his comment about ‘consensus building’ is completely off base. Has the rubber-stamp city council opposed Staggers? Sure. And everytime he has proven that he was right and they were wrong. See, Kermit votes on what his constituents want, not on what a mayor, a council or special interests want. His NO votes have always equaled praise from his constituents, why do you think he got first place in the general? Often Kermit presents amendments before voting NO. It’s not like Kermit just votes no without presenting a logical solution to the problem. And that really is Kermit’s advantage on his opponents, his progressive solutions and alternatives to going along with the flow, and that is why I think he will make a great mayor.

As for saying that Mike knows how to ‘bring people together’. Back it up with proof. I didn’t have a freaking clue who Mike was until he started running for mayor. Why is that? Because Mike is hardly a man of the people. He worked in an industry that raked in billions of dollars taking advantage of poor people with bad credit. Not sure how that qualifies him to be mayor, in fact, it scares the living shit out of me.

I often wonder if Todd’s opposition to Kermit has to do with Kermit’s strong beliefs in the 1st Amendment and transparent government?

Sorry, Todd, I am not buying it

Todd David Epp has announced he won’t be blogging much anymore, to the shagrin of Doug Lund of course. Can’t blame him, besides Palin drooling on herself and Obama getting his ass kicked in the healthcare debate, there is not much going on in politics, that’s why I post the occasional turd or fart picture just to keep things lively. I find it ironic that Todd, a guy who would change the look of his site every other week would stop blogging. Sorry Todd, I’m not buying it. Sure, you will hold off for a couple of weeks and spend some romantic evenings out at the Casey’s deli counter in Harrisburg eating pizza with the wifey but you will soon be drawn back to your true love Mr. Googles and Ms. Hussy Internets.

Have fun with your time off. Advil works pretty good for DT’s.

Now if we can only get Pity Pants Pat to quit, I might just throw a party.