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Ag United Food Professionals Day

Picture from 2011

“Food Professionals Day Out on the Farm” tour is open to anyone in the food industry: chefs, nutritionists, restaurant owners and managers, food service professionals as well as those who enjoy cooking in their own home and dining out. At each stop, the farmer will talk about the steps they take on the farm to ensure a quality product is delivered to you … and ultimately the consumer.

Participants will tour area beef, dairy, hog and egg farms. This event is free and lunch is included.

Each participant will receive a gift bag with several items in it including $50 in beef and pork certificates. In addition, four lucky participants will be awarded a $125 gift card good for purchasing supplies at a local kitchen supply store.

This year “Food Professionals Day Out on the Farm” is July 30, 2012. To register click here.


RIP Andy Griffith

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RIP Pepper

One of my dear artist friend lost her dog, Pepper. My heart goes out. Pepper was such a sweetheart.

OWS informative video

I often try to explain the OWS movement and facts about the super-rich to non-political people, but they seem clueless.

This video is for you.

So it takes a former SNL comedian turned MN Senator to defend the Lewis & Clark project?

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What a joke, ironically;

TEA, SD – Construction of the Lewis and Clark Regional Water System is just past the halfway point but federal funding problems are prohibiting any upcoming progress.

Minnesota Senator Al Franken toured the Tea project Saturday to gain better insight before taking his concerns to Washington.

I would agree, what a great infrastructure project, that should be paid for by the Feds, except, Sioux Falls already decided to bail out the feds on this project to the tune of $80 million for a pipeline we will hardly ever use and we will not be able to watch reunion Cher concerts at. What is more troubling is that it takes a Minnesota Senator to bring this to awareness.

Understanding Anders Breivik

Listen to this NPR interview for the lastest. (Click on: Norway Attacks)

From the SD Peace and Justice Center:

As most of you probably know, on Friday there was a bombing and mass shooting in Norway; an attack that left 76 dead.  Anders Behring Breivik, a self-proclaimed “leader of the National and pan-European Patriotic Resistance Movement” and opponent of Muslim immigration and “cultural Marxism/multiculturalism”, claims responsibility for the attacks and has been charged with two acts of terror.  Many in the media are already describing Mr. Breivik as a “right-wing monster” and it is easy to understand why: the crimes were horrific, and we have difficulty comprehending how a person like you or me could do such a thing.  And by taking personhood away from Mr. Breivik, we can treat his crimes like acts of nature–events that others could not have impacted and, therefore, can claim no responsibility for.  But the truth is that “monsters” do not exist, and that Mr. Breivik is a person.  It is important to understand how a person was able to commit this crime, what could have been done to prevent the act, and what should be done, both overseas and here in the USA, to stop others from killing again.  In this newsletter, I have linked to many articles that give background on Mr. Breivik, suggest possible influences on him, and show the dangers of viewing others as objects of our possible disdain (murderers, Marxists, capitalists, terrorists, illegal immigrants, Republicans, etc.) before we see them as persons.



Equal Rights Advocate Betty Ford dies

Image: AP

She was an amazing women – and not your typical Republican.

Congressman: I struggle on $174,000 a year. Constituent: That’s three times what I make!

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“I struggle to meet my bills right now… The benefits that were offered to me as a congressman don’t even compare to the benefits that you get as a state employee. I just experienced that myself. They’re not nearly as good.”

– Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI), quoted by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, defending his congressional salary and benefits to a constituent who responded, “But $174,000 — that’s … three times what I make.” 

GOPers Demand Sean Duffy Salary Tape Be Pulled From The Internet

In memory of KONG

Not sure if you knew KONG, but he passed away last week. I’m sure he gave your drunk ass a ride home over the past 10 years at some point, he was a local cabby fixture. He was fantastically sarcastic and funny. This was a poster image I did for a benefit concert.


This is one of the most hilarious videos from the Wisconsin union protests. I’m sure this guy is probably drinking pretty good these days.