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Remember the original plans for Phillips to the Falls?

It was going to have hotels, retail, restaurants and apartments, well that all changed. From a DaCola foot soldier;

Lloyd would like to construct more lofts to the north and south on Phillips Avenue.

Phillips to the Falls was never intended to be ALL residential. 

This is something I had posted on southdacola previously regarding the Planning Commission/Council’s approval of his current Phillips to the Falls residential project.

At the June 5th 2013 Planning Commission meeting, Craig Lloyd appeared to request a conditional use permit for the property.  It is currently zoned C-3 which allows mixed use with residential ABOVE the first floor.  He is asking for consent to develop a four story building with the first floor consisting of 4,416 sq. ft. of commercial space and 17 TEMPORARY dwelling units.

The reason for his request became clear as he was questioned by the Commission.  The Vice-Chair of the Commission, Jessie Schmidt, clarified with Lloyd that the property had originally been planned as ALL commercial on the main floor, but a conditional use permit is being sought because of financing issues.

This is Craig Lloyd’s response, “Right now DT has more than enough office and retail space VACANT, right around 250,000 sq. ft. vacant DT, and our lenders are not comfortable with having to put a whole bunch more retail.  We went through this process at Uptown, the one that we are just finishing on Main and that’s got residential on the main floor EXCEPT FOR WHAT FRONTS MAIN AVENUE.  We also have the Tri-State Building, by the end of next month most of that main floor will be vacant and the lenders just require us to build residential as much as we can because they can finance it and we can take it to a secondary market, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac who is our secondary market WON’T ALLOW ANYMORE THAN 20% OF YOUR BUILDING TO BE COMMERCIAL, so we’re trying to meet the requirements in those areas.  Looking into the future, because I don’t know how long this will all take to happen, but that’s the reason we’re putting 14 ft. high ceilings on the main floor so that we can convert this at some point in time when the market turns around and the demand turns around to build office space.  We can make a lot more money on commercial than we can residential, BUT IT DOESN’T FIT INTO THE FINANCING PROGRAM.”

Sioux Falls taxpayers have invested millions of dollars in Phillips to the Falls.  It is designed as a gateway to our City’s namesake and to one of South Dakota’s major tourist attractions.  It was NEVER intended that there be residential housing at ground level along this important street.   The vacancy rate for commercial property is obviously high in the DT area and it does not appear this is going to turn around soon.  So, this is hardly a TEMPORARY request for a conditional use permit.  It is not the taxpayers responsibility to modify our City’s Vision for Phillips to the Falls so that Craig Lloyd can secure financing for his project!

In addition, he is also requesting that 25 diagonal parking spaces be placed along Phillips Avenue.  This will create the same kind of situation as on South Phillips Avenue with cars backing in and out of traffic.  Is this really what Phillips to the Falls was designed for?

Now that he’s gotten away with it once, he’s going to try to do the same to the north and to the south!!

It certainly is NOT very visionary of the Planning Department to allow him to do all of these “cookie cutter” apartment buildings both downtown and throughout the City.  I wonder if years down the road they will become known as “Lloyd’s Shantytown”?

Live at 3:30: ’100 Eyes’ discusses city election

Join the Argus Leader’s Patrick Lalley and blogger/city hall watcher Scott Ehrisman as they discuss the ballot initiatives and the candidates on the ballot, as well as the latest on the pro-outdoor group that is challenging wording on the ballot. They will also compare endorsements from the Argus Leader editorial board to Ehrisman’s picks.


Let’s Roll Old Skool to boot Walmart!

Save Your Neighborhood has posted home-made signs in support of their position on Referred Law 4, urging people to vote against the rezoning at 85th and Minnesota.  The signs are located near I-229 and Minnesota, and on 85th Street, between Minnesota and Western.

While the group is at a severe disadvantage financially when compared to Walmart and its ballot question committee, the group is relying on its volunteers and a grass roots effort to bring facts surrounding this issue to the public’s attention.


Dr. Bosworth laugh of the day

I guess now she is homeless. WTF?

Some peeps disagree . . .


Music Club w/ First Aid Kit. Swedish sisters love/folk music

Let’s kill some birds

While cattle pile up in the West (because the Repugs won’t pass a farm bill) and relief is not coming (because the Repugs decided to shut down government for 16 days) Noem, still in denial, and can’t comprehend why cattle ranchers are not getting relief (you shut down the government, McFly), she still finds time to shoot dumb, skinny, flavorless birds imported from China.

As I heard someone say today at a gathering, “How can someone be that stupid?”

Old Stuff

A friend bought a vehicle recently on an auction, and while cleaning it he found this. I found it ironic it was in the center console of a law enforcement vehicle. Weird.

How much do municipal outdoor pools cost taxpayers during the winter?

I have had it with this talking point from city councilors and people in our local media;

“It just makes me sick when I drive past Drake Springs pool during the winter and see it sitting empty.” (sic)

First off, get over your sour grapes already. Voters CHOSE and outdoor pool over an indoor pool. It’s a done deal. Secondly, an indoor municipal pool will cost $$$ to operate year round. How much do our outdoor pools cost us during the winter when they are closed? NOTHING.

“It just makes sick when I drive past Elmwood in the middle of January and don’t see anybody playing golf, what a waste of a good golf course.”

Is ALEC trying to sneak thru the backdoor? Of course.

YouTube Preview Image

Do you think it is okay that this organization is influencing our State SOS, PUC, AG and legislature? You be the judge;

The Republican Study Committee is laying the groundwork for a new informal partnership with the American Legislative Exchange Council, even as dozens of major corporations cut ties with the conservative nonprofit for its support of controversial voting and gun laws.

The RSC is working quietly with ALEC to host a gathering next Friday at the Heritage Foundation in hopes of establishing an ongoing relationship with the group that would allow federal lawmakers to exchange ideas with state legislators.


RIP Neil Armstrong

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