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Obama Has His OWN Computer

Congressman: I struggle on $174,000 a year. Constituent: That’s three times what I make!

“I struggle to meet my bills right now… The benefits that were offered to me as a congressman don’t even compare to the benefits that you get as a state employee. I just experienced that myself. They’re not nearly as good.”

— Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI), quoted by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, defending his congressional salary and benefits to a constituent who responded, “But $174,000 — that’s … three times what I make.” 

GOPers Demand Sean Duffy Salary Tape Be Pulled From The Internet

Frozen Flash Mob in Sioux Falls, SD

Christian Side Hug


South Dacola Music Club with John Hiatt

Though not as well known as Bob Dylan or Tom Waits, John Hiatt has written and performed some of the best songs of the last few decades. His songs span the genres from alt. country to rock, to folk, to blues and R&B. He’s kind of one of those guys whose songs you recognize, but can’t think of the artist.

Here are a few essentials for the uninitiated:

Perfectly Good Guitar

Master of Disaster (the Dude’s personal favorite, though I think the album version is better)

Slow Turning


Have a Little Faith

Feels Like Rain

Tennessee Plates

Dust Down a Country Road

Watch the videos, listen to the songs elsewhere, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me. John Hiatt is one of the greatest American singer-songwriters ever.

School officials were misled about playing for Teabaggers? SHOCKER!

Yeah.. that’s the ticket…. Thune arranged it.. and it’s a non-partisan event…

How could you not trust this guy?

Click the Ass Hat to see his HORRIBLE “reenactment” of the Patrick Henry speech.

Al Franken Zings Ann Coulter

This clip is kind of old, but considering both Franken and Coulter are in the news today, I figured it would be worth a laugh.

We continue to support Video Lottery as a revenue source? Why?

So people like Kirby M. can get rich, extremley rich. Though I think VL should be abolished along with taxes on food and clothing (which could be replaced by an income tax on high income people like Kirby) as long as we have it as a funding source I think it should be equitable for the state. The state takes only half of the revenue, it should be closer to 70-80%. Last year that was $111 million dollars. That means a handful of casino owners and investors are taking the other half. It is estimated that there is roughly only about 20 major owners in the state. If you do the math each of them is pocketing about 5.5 million a year. Even if they shared half that wealth with other vendors you can still consider that a pretty good living considering once you have the casinos setup and paid for you don’t have to do a damn thing for the money, except watch the poor miserable f’cks walk through your door and gamble away their paychecks. Must be hard to sleep at night. The worst part about this money faucet that only hurts our state in social costs is that the owners of these casinos can do it all privately.


One name that stuck out in the Argus Leader story was Don Drake. Earlier this year I did a story about Brad Drake, who owns Ultra, Inc. and once(?) had the servicing contract for the laptop program. Not sure how Don and Brad are related but they both gave significant amounts of money to Mike Rounds campaigns. And if you go to the laptop link, there is a link to the Rounds campaign financials, it appears that Don is one of Mike’s biggest campaign contributors. It seems all you have to do these days to find out how Mikey governs is follow the money.

Vinnie Jones Fracas with ‘Roly-Poly’




This is the best story about it (I love all the British terminology).  In England when you get a pint glass smashed in your face, it’s called ‘glassed’ There is also more picts and video.

Oyateunderground-Siyotanka: A Voice from Within

Wanbli WiWohkpe (James Starkey) has been making a series of videos. This is one of them. James makes and plays his own traditional flutes often out of found objects.


Wanbli WiWohkpe grew up on the streets of Rapid City, an illegal squatter town built in the Sacred Homeland of the Lakota Nation.
Growing up amidst what was commonly called “The Feud”, Wanbli WiWohkpe was caught between two worlds: the wasicu world of academia, where he excelled and blossomed, and the world of the reality around him, where he was looked down upon for who he and his Family were.
Wanbli WiWohkpe saw the utter disrespect afforded the Indigenous Male. He was told constantly in school to eschew his kin, and to grab hold of the American Dream.
Through a series of events, Wanbli WiWohkpe chose instead to follow his older brother, Warren Rich, and the two became very close, almost as if they melded into one person. He learned to be strong, to be swift, and to be loyal.
The Youths ultimately became entangled in the system of incarceration perpetuated by the Invader/Occupier. The Youths grew into Men, and the violence continued and escalated. Knowing something was amiss and unable to articulate what, these Men learned to lash out upon others of their kind. A tragic spiral of lateral violence continued unabated until they were all again incarcerated by the illegal squatter government.
Wanbli WiWohkpe went to prison for 1st Degree Manslaughter in 1986.
In the subsequent years, Wanbli WiWohkpe has seen those closest to him as a Youth perish. Most escaped their oppression via suicide. None lashed out at the Invader/Occupier in the terrible ways other oppressed Nations do. None went amongst the Invader and exploded. None took the Occupier with them to their death.
Instead, being from a beautiful People not familiar with domestication, a People not wishing to inflict damage upon their tormenters; not wishing anything from their tormenters but for the torment to cease, they imploded.
They imploded and they continue to implode. The Invasion/Occupation continues unchecked, and the Lakota Nation, especially the Lakota Male, remains pauperized.
Our Lives were stolen by the Occupier. Every thing the Invader has is stolen.
Every bite of food, every warm bed, every happy home, every scrap of power, every nuance of anything enjoyed by the Invader is taken directly from the Health of the Indigenous. The Invader’s prosperity is taken directly from the Hearth and Home of the Lakota Nation. A Hearth and Home now non-existent as the Lakota People wander their own Homeland as homeless.
As the fortunate give thanks for the blessings of God and their American Dream, the Lakota Nation, the less fortunate, continue to simply exist as pesky and useless vermin in the Occupier’s world.
Through Lakol Wicohan, the Friendly Lifeways of the Lakota Nation, Wanbli WiWohkpe began to see. He began to understand the difference between his Nation and the Occupier. He committed himself to Sundance and Vision Quest, and now after completing 4 years of Sundancing and a 4 day Vision Quest, Wanbli WiWohkpe has made a true Relative with the Siyotanka, the Ancient Lakota Flute.
Wanbli WiWohkpe believes the Siyotanka is part of Lakota Man Power, a component of our Being that has been kept from us. To label the Siyotanka as a “courting flute” and to play it as feebly as “Native American Flute” players do, keeps us emasculated as Indigenous Males.
Look around, most “Native American Flute” makers/players are not Indigenous, and those famed Indigenous flute players often play a non-Indigenously made flute.
The Invader/Occupier is literally chopping off a part of us, emasculating us; thereby rendering us impotent. Wanbli WiWohkpe has learned directly from the Winged and Four Legged just how to play the Siyotanka, how to regain Lakota Masculinity, and how to Heal.
OyateUnderground Productions: World Class Representin’.

Wanbli WiWohkpe, he emaciapelo