Sioux Falls City Council update (3/21/2017)

It’s about time we got one of these for the prudent tax payers of Sioux Falls!

There will be 93 items on the city council agenda Tuesday night, including many abatements.

In the interest of that, six city councilors and one school board member will be having equalization meetings next week when it comes to property taxes. Councilors are asked to serve on this board and REQUIRED to do so, but somehow two councilors (one of them who is in leadership) conveniently got out of it. Funny how it coincides with their vacations. Things that make you go Hmmm.

Land Use Committee

Annual Development Summary (there was NO docs attached)

City Council Informational (once again no supporting DOCs posted yet)

Fuel Control Audit

SculptureWalk 2017

Code Enforcement 2016 Annual Report

Sioux Falls Thrive (I’m sure is the similar presentation Candy did for the Minnehaha County Commission)

Regular City Council meeting

In the Approval of contracts, I saw our annual contribution to the Sioux Falls Arts council of $47,000 (which I support) but I find it ironic that we had a good thing going with the SE Arts Council at the Horsebarn and we pulled that funding (which was less) and had a lot of great programs going thru that building that were FREE to the public. Now we are subsidizing a butcher shop museum at Falls Park that is NOT free to the public. Let’s talk about our arts funding priorities.

In the same Approval of contracts we have $1.6 million going into the Convention Center. Pretty amazing right after we just spent $100 million on a new events center.

For Parks and Rec they are getting a Snowcat Groomer (which I have no idea what that is) but she’s spendy, $300K

There are many tax abatements and 1st readings for ZONING items. Looks like a very long meeting, would have been a good time to take a vacation if you were a councilor, oh, that’s right two of them are.

Sioux Falls City Councilor Theresa Stehly guest on Belfrage Monday Morning (3/20/2017)

Theresa will be talking about several things Monday morning at 8 AM on 1320 with Greg Belfrage, including affordable housing and the downtown parking ramp.

Maybe if the City trimmed its OWN trees we wouldn’t have to worry about this stuff

There are several of these turkeys that show up in the Project TRIM neighborhoods trying to scam people;

Over the past few weeks, two separate tree trimming scam reports have been made in Sioux Falls. In both cases, the victims were scammed for more than $3,000 each. The suspect walked up to the victims and offered to trim the victims’ trees since the suspect said he was already working in the area. Unfortunately, neither victim asked to see the suspect’s state sale’s license or City of Sioux Falls peddler’s permit, which all door-to-door sales are required to have. Without those permits, it is illegal to sell goods or services door-to-door.

It’s time city ordinance changed and required the city to trim THEIR trees in the boulevards instead of turning property tax paying homeowners into criminals for NOT taking care of city property.

If anyone is a SCAM artist, it’s the city. They scammed us into taking care of their property, something we already pay taxes to do.

Copper Lounge Collapse OSHA case still OPEN

As you can see, the case is still pending.

Click to enlarge graphic.

Indivisible 605 Town Hall, March 16, 2017

If you missed tonight’s town hall, feel free to check out the live video.

Thank you to our incredible speakers: Patrick Lalley, Casey Murschel, and Drey Samuelson!

As a reminder, please add to your contacts as many of our previous emails went to spam. We will follow up with more information very soon, and plan for another town hall next month!

March Town Hall live from The History Club of Sioux Falls

Posted by Indivisible 605 on Thursday, March 16, 2017

B-N-B tries to bail out his BFF this morning. Epic Fail.

As you know, I have been enjoying listening to Bad Neighbor Belfrage and Too Late Todd before the November elections and have continued. Greg’s bat shit crazy conservatism and commentary from his frequent 4 callers or so have me in stitches. You have to admit, Greg has got it down to a science; when you don’t know your topic – lie, bully or deceive.

Most of the time he gets away with it, but this morning, he got a good ribbing and dug himself a hole.

He posed a question yesterday on I think his twitter account asking what Mayor Mike Huether’s future plans should be? The response was 40% Retire, 16% become a tennis pro, and the remainder was split between Congress and Governor.

B-N-B thinks Hizzoner is going to run for Governor. I think that is what he wants you to think, I still think he is aiming for Congress.

Besides the first caller praising him, and thinking after running for Governor he should run for President (I think I threw up in my car) it went all down hill after that.

What Greg doesn’t realize is that his callers are neo-cons for the most part, and they don’t like a spend happy person like Mike.

Greg of course started to dig the hole before he had his first caller by saying we voted on an indoor pool. He got corrected several times using the old mantra that ‘by voting against an outdoor pool you were voting for an indoor pool’. As a caller pointed out, ‘But that isn’t what was on the ballot’. Many people called in berating the Mayor for spending too much during his tenure (true), bullying his projects thru without consensus (also true), and the one I liked the most was comparing him to Obama (ah, that is a stretch).

If I could have stopped laughing for a few minutes, I would have called in and made my opposition to Huether running for future office very simple, He is a liar. And B-N-B has no problem helping the mayor peddle those lies.

What happened to the denied raises budgeted to the City Unions?

Remember the argument the city unions gave to proactively pay them? They said the money had already been budgeted. In other words the approximately $150K was already sitting in the account.

As the mayor reported on B-N-B’s show this morning, a resource officer at a local school recently shrugged off the mayor and wouldn’t look at him. Gee, I wonder why?

So what happens with the money now? I asked a local reporter and several city councilors to ask the same question several weeks ago, and haven’t gotten an answer.

One of the councilors had the idea of using the extra money on some training programs within the Police Department.

Not sure where it is, but I am still waiting on an answer, because knowing this mayor and administration, it certainly didn’t go back into the reserves, it got distributed, but if not to the unions, then to who?

Sioux Falls City Council Public Input, March 7, 2017

Sioux Falls Thrive paints a grim picture of a ‘Low Wage’ community

Well it is something we have known for quite awhile, but I guess the business community now is screaming for labor. Well guess what, you need to pay better. This is what happens when you invite people to a supposed ‘Boomtown’ that pays the wages of a town going ‘Bust’.

Candy Hanson(sp?) does a presentation for the Minnehaha County Commission (starts at 19:00-54:00)

Here is the full report. It is very comprehensive; (DOC: Affordable_Housing_Needs_Assessment_2016) I plan to start reading the report and see what I can dig up in terms of solutions for our community.

Sioux Falls city council acts like lost sheep

Wasn’t quite sure what I was witnessing last night, but there was the smell of burnt chislic in the air.

When the only two councilors to vote against the $90K Legacy money grab are the most conservative and the most liberal, one has to scratch your head a bit.

Councilor Starr questioned just how much parking we would get, and if this is just subsidizing the developer’s property and not really a benefit to ‘public’ parking.

Stehly had even more questions;

Stehly is concerned since Legacy Development owned the the Copper Lounge Building, which collapsed back in December. She wants to wait until the OSHA investigation is done.

She’s also concerned with not knowing who the investors are in the project, and using the 2nd penny sales tax as collateral.

While both Starr and Stehly make great points (and why they voted against the project). There are also many questions about the location and timing?

But even ‘IF’ we had all of the answers above, what baffles me even more is why isn’t Legacy paying these expenses? If they want the city to invest with them, then shouldn’t they be the ones to pony up?

And lastly, in reference to the lost sheep of the council, I actually expected a 4-to-4 OR 5-t-4 vote on this with the mayor fiddling around with a VETO or tie-breaker vote. Maybe that is why the council just gave in, they are getting tired of dealing with the VETO controversy. Which is disappointing, since it seems it only took 2 vetoes to whip the council back in shape.

Then there is the history of projects like this, like a lost sheep, they seem to have a short memory on how the administration has been able to ram-rod this kind of crap through. Always putting the cart in front of the horse and financing all the planning before a bond is even taken out. I told Neitzert if your family was planning on building a new home, you would go to the bank first and see what they would be willing to loan you and what you could afford before you ever met with a realtor or architect, unless of course you are independently wealthy and don’t care. Which is kind of the mayor’s mentality when it comes to taxpayer money.

The council certainly looked like lost sheep last night following the wolves into the forest. With so many unanswered questions and history behind this project, I can’t imagine any other reason they would approve something that was so obviously wrong.

Watch the full discussion. Second to last item on the agenda.