Huether Family Match Pointe; Still a polished Turd

I see the Tennis community in Sioux Falls received another innocuous National award;

Sioux Falls’ own Huether Family Match Pointe is one of 12 winners in the 36th annual United States Tennis Association Facility Awards program, which recognizes excellence in the construction and/or renovation of tennis facilities throughout the country.

In 2015, the City of Sioux Falls invested $500,000 in equipment for the indoor tennis facility. Public/private partnerships make a difference in the quality of life of our community, and this investment allowed for more year-round recreation offerings for Sioux Falls and the region.

I still question what our investment has done to better the community. As you know, the parking lot is often blocked during events at the Sanford Sports Complex. I have yet to hear anybody who has used the facility. I still think we should be paid back, especially after a sitting mayor plastered their name on a non-profit facility that was subsidized by taxpayers. It just doesn’t smell right.

It is time Minnehaha County Commission has its meetings at night

Don’t think they have not tried. Commissioners Barth and Kelly made an attempt to change the meetings to 5 PM a few years ago. The vote failed 2-3. My suggestion would be a 5:30 or 6 PM meeting on Monday nights.

The reason? Well there are several. For one, the working class of this county could attend the meetings. One complaint I hear from several people is that no one knows what the county is up to. If you watch the meetings in replay (which usually takes 2 days to post to YouTube) like I do, the County makes some pretty serious decisions when it comes to how your property taxes are spent and criminal justice. While the city is the road builder of the city, the county is really the caretaker.

So why the opposition? I could use the ‘Republican’ excuse and their desire to keep government as closed as possible, but that excuse doesn’t hold much water since Uber Republican Kelly supported the night meetings. But I do think there is a strong desire by leadership on the county to keep the meetings during the day when the public struggles to attend.

I think they should take another shot at it.

Sioux Falls City Councilor Erpenbach; We’ll get you coming or going

This kitty likes dry and moist cat food both.

Michelle shows her true colors once again. When the Republicans speak of the ‘Tax and Spend’ Democrats, you only have to point your finger at the wine and cheese peeps in the group, or as I refer to as the ‘elitist’ Dems. Huether was part of the club, and just because he changed his registration doesn’t mean he still doesn’t wear the badge with his bestie Erpenbach.

Last night at the SF City Council meeting they were hearing the 1st reading on the fee increases for zoning applications (Item#32), during the discussion, Stehly said this;

“I will be voting NO on this, I’m committed to affordable living . . . (she was the only one to state this).

Erpenbach quickly responds by saying;

“I encourage my colleagues to vote for this. Continue to require people to pay the fee, that covers our cost, helps keep our taxes down. This is a user fee only.”

In other words, if we can’t nail you when you build, we will get you after it is built. Ironically, it seems Erpenbach supports both ways since she has NEVER voted against a property tax increase in the 7 years she has sat on the council, or for that matter a fee increase. So which is it Michelle. Seems you want your cake, and you want to eat it to.

UPDATE: Washington Pavilion Annual Meeting

UPDATE: So this is interesting. About 2 weeks ago someone told me that the Pavilion holds their Annual Meeting in June of each year (traditionally) usually the 3rd or 4th week of the month. So I get one of my city friends to ask one of their Pavilion friends. They confirmed it was today, but never got a time. My assumption was it would be at noon during a board meeting. I called the general information line yesterday to confirm a time, I told the operator I was looking for the time of the ‘Annual Meeting’. I was very clear that was the meeting I was looking for. He politely grabbed the schedule for today and said, “Yup, 8 AM, Belbas Theater”. While I found the time to be unusual, I stopped holding my breath about the way they do things at the Pavilion years ago.

This morning I showed up to the Belbas, and before the meeting started I noticed on the big screen that it was a meeting about radio protocols. Darrin Smith was there, so I asked him. “Isn’t this the annual meeting?” He said, “Oh no.” I asked if they have an annual meeting, he said, “Well, kinda.” I asked when it was? Darrin replies,  “We just kinda make one of our board meetings an annual meeting.” Then he offered to have lunch sometime.

Maybe lesson learned here is not to post about meetings before they have them? But trust me, I know the bigger lesson here.

Stehly to be guest on the Good Ship Lalley Pop Show

Day 3 of the KSOO radio show experiment will feature Theresa Stehly (about 4:30). I will admit, for being a green horn at this, Lalley is doing a pretty good job. Shout out to Dan Peters for his excellent production and guidance.

It’s about spending priorities and COMMON sense

I came across this article by a fellow I don’t know when I was on KSOO’s site looking for Lalley’s new show about bicycling and other things.

I would agree with much of what he is saying;

So if the mayor is worried about $1.2 million shortage, wouldn’t it be easiest to cancel a pricey luxury item project like new playgrounds?

We live in a nice city. Our parks are great but they don’t need to be perfect. At least not right now, if this deficit is such an issue.

This project was probably planned and green lighted before the budget shortfall. But even without the revenue shortage this is still wasteful spending. If something is broke fix it, don’t replace it. I’m not even sure anything is broken.

Reminds me of the city council approving a new snowcat for Great Bear when the new one works fine (though it may need some replacement parts in the near future).

As I have often said good government, fiscally responsible government comes from COMMON SENSE. If we are having revenue issues, we don’t go out and buy things we don’t need. This of course comes from the person who puts the budget together, the mayor and his priorities. We have a NEW events center that already needs repairs and is closed for the summer, we have a NEW swimming pool that has low attendance numbers, and soon we will have a $25 million dollar administration building that we don’t need. None of these projects made any fiscal sense, they were all simply on the Mayor’s wish list. That’s it. And that is a bad way to run a city, especially it’s wallet.

A local economic impact study that actually shows us the numbers

Of course, it did NOT come from city hall. That would go against their fierce opposition to transparency.

Findings reveal the non-profit arts and culture industry generates $104.5 million in total economic activity in the Sioux Falls area, supports 3,567 full-time equivalent jobs, generates $71.1 million in household income to local residents and generates $2.8 million in revenue to local government.

The Study found that on top of admission costs to events, arts and culture audiences spend an additional $30.35 per person per event. This figure is up from $21.57 reported in a similar study released in 2012. The effect of these dollars is felt throughout the local economy: organizations pay employees, purchase supplies, contract for services, and acquire assets within the community while audiences spend money locally on meals, hotel rooms, and gas, among other things. The ripple effect of arts and culture spending in Sioux Falls amounts to $84.8 million annually.

Add to this the $20.8 million spent by arts and cultural nonprofits themselves, the result is $105.4 million in cumulative economic activity in Sioux Falls.

What I found interesting is that while the Pavilion participated, SMG (Events Center) and the Convention Center did NOT. You would think that if both or either one participated, these numbers would look very different. But like I said already, that would require letting the public look at the books.

I have requested a full copy of the study.

South DaCola Podcast, Episode I

Top of the Tracks HERE.

SPEAK OUT about the Referendum and Initiative process

Great opportunity on Wednesday, June 21, for some state-level advocacy for people power: The Legislature’s interim committee on initiative and referendum is taking public comment in Pierre Wed Jun 21 from 9-11 a.m. If you care about your ability to petition and vote on ballot measures, if you like having some check over the power of the Legislature, you should attend this meeting and speak up for direct democracy! 

WeCare-SD seems to think Australia looks a lot like Lincoln County

Who has time to dig up a graphic designer? Australia, Lincoln County? What’s the difference.

Ironically Australia embraces wind energy, you know, like the rest of the modern world.