It’s about time!

Imagine my surprise when I got this email today! They finally admitted it 🙂

And you want to be my latex salesman (Mayor)?

City of Sioux Falls announces this morning transit system going to shuttle service

Not sure if this will be a short term experiment, but the Innovation office announced this morning in a DTSF meeting (According to councilor Stehly) that they are going to an on demand shuttle service using phone aps.

While I know they have been discussing this for places that are NOT served well by the bus routes, I don’t think going ALL shuttle service would be a good idea. You are going to still need fixed routes, and what about people with NO phones?

Also, what would be the cost of eliminating full-size buses and moving to shuttles?

It will be interesting to hear the details of the plan. I guess we will find out in an informational in July.

Should ‘ALL’ Sioux Falls City Councilor emails be considered confidential?

I have been of the opinion that city correspondence should be public record unless it is addressing legal counsel, personnel or discussing possible legislation.

City councilors have been sharing discussion emails with the media and this blog for well over a decade. Since the council’s email and use of it is taxpayer owned property, there really isn’t any harm in sharing discussion emails with the public, I would even argue it is our right to see it.

Lately there has been some internal discussions on the council whether or not sharing discussion emails is appropriate. Not only is it OK it is essential to open government and seeing what our council is doing. This is also a reason why texting during the meetings should not be allowed. Any correspondence during these meetings, whether through a text or email should either not be allowed by ordinance or shared with the public since it seems to be a part of the public hearing.

It’s hard to ‘Leak’ confidential information to the public if it’s NOT confidential to begin with.

City of Sioux Falls FB videos NOW available on our YouTube channel

You will notice in our video area to the right that we have started to upload FB videos into our YouTube Channel. So now if you can’t access FB or just don’t like going there, you will have access to those videos on our YT channel. Thanks to Cameraman Bruce!

Let’s do it!

Okay, this is just in jest. But I pitched this idea to some of my friends. We have bacon, beer, BBQ and chislic festivals, why not CABBAGE?! I consider myself a cabbage lover, as someone of German, Irish, French, Russian, Swiss and Czech decent, cabbage runs through my blood. And it is delicious. I have even joked that SD Chamber President, David Owens should be the honorary chair (he hates cabbage).

Just think of all the different dishes you could serve! Coleslaw, and lots of it! Soups, pigs in a blanket, the list goes on and on! Let’s do it!

Sioux Falls City Council Agenda • June 11, 2019

Council Informational Meeting • 4 PM

We have a lot of great presentations, but no supporting documents yet;

• Daycare registration

• Emerald Ash Bore (still waiting for my stump to be ground)

• City Council Budget Update

Regular Council Meeting • 7 PM

Just to warn you, the newly elected council chair, Selberg will be running the meeting. Which is interesting, especially since there is some controversial stuff on the agenda (we will get to that).

Item #6, Approval of Contracts/Agreements. $22 Million for main pump station replacement. Seems appropriate on a ‘consent’ agenda.

Item #7, Change Order, another $119K for the failed HVAC system at the City Center. Still wondering who is paying for this F’ck Up?

Item #16, 1st Reading. Ordinance, E-Bicycle changes. It seems, and maybe I am wrong, that the city is going to allow any kind of E-Bikes on the trails. Waiting for more details.

Item #17, 1st Reading, Ordinance, so I guess the city is trying to play a little game of ignoring state law by requiring pawn shop owners to collect serial numbers of ALL merchandise, not just guns. In an essence not calling them ‘gun dealers’ anymore but just peddlers of merchandise, which includes guns. I guess this has infuriated the gun nut chucklers and they have been bombarding the mayor’s office with commentary. They don’t like it that he is going against his neo-con, 2nd amendment base. But I never thought he was that. I have always felt he was just another marketing guru like the last guy, and could care less about those philosophies, he cares more about money. It will be interesting to see who shows up Tuesday night to debate this ordinance. I think I will watch from home 🙂 I suggested the city do the same thing with an ordinance that charge residents a fine if they have guns stolen from an unlocked car, but instead of saying ‘guns’ use the word ‘weapons’.

Item #18, Resolution to have diagonal parking at 9th and Main. I guess a compromise was negotiated on Friday.

Item #19, Resolution to increase taxes on cable service. This will likely pass since the RS5 would never miss an opportunity to raise your taxes. Ever.

Item #20, Resolution, the infamous ‘Boulevard Tax’. Residents who live on the McKennan Park 21st Boulevard pay extra in frontage fees to have the city maintain the center boulevard. So why can’t we just raise everyone’s frontage fees just a few cents to help pay for project trim?

Item #21, Resolution, We are beginning one of the most expensive infrastructure projects in the history of our city. Something that should have been started 4-5 years ago, but Bowlcut & Bucktooth needed to build his palaces of pleasure which have turned into palaces of pain.

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Did the city get new Falls Park cams?

A foot soldier sent me this picture tonight she took online at 8PM (they are from SF but live out of state now). She has noticed the the camera shots are better quality.

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Events Center Campus Survey is government overreach, but that’s just one example

There is nothing wrong with online surveys. If you are willing to give up some form of security to help marketing companies make a little extra money, that is your bizzo. But when government hires a private company to do a survey that requires a name, address and phone number, then we have issues;

Today, Mayor Paul TenHaken’s Events Campus Study Group launched a public survey to gather input from the community on the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center Campus.

Available at, the short survey asks for input on the current status of the campus and looks for feedback on potential improvements. Survey respondents will be entered into a drawing to win one of many $25 gift cards.

One of the other key questions is if you are a registered voter. None of this information is pertinent unless the city and the marketing company (Lawrence & Schiller) needs to collect data on you as a registered voter. Remember, Mayor TenHaken is serving his first term in elected office of any position, he has a long political life ahead of him (I hope not). L & S also does political consulting for a wide range of candidates across the state. This kind of voter data would be very valuable to both PTH and L & S. It is also not needed. Simply marking a box saying your are a SF resident should be good enough for this survey.

But this isn’t the only place the city is gathering data on you. They are also doing it with the phone app for reporting potholes and other issues. They are also doing it HERE on the city website and HERE on the GIS website.

They have also gotten away from posting really any video on the city’s main website and very few in YouTube. They have been basically using FB as their main source to getting out information. Besides the fact that some people don’t use FB, it goes back to not having to have a ‘login’ to access public information. They can also track you via FB.

The Brexit campaign to leave the EU used FB to manipulate the vote. It is under a massive investigation because of complicated UK laws that deal with voter protections. Using FB to collect voter and citizen data isn’t some fairytale.

There is absolutely NO reason a citizen should have to have a login to get public information. Public information should be available for FREE and without sharing your identity.

While I could go into several constitutional reasons why what they are doing is wrong, the bigger question I have is ‘WHY’ collect the data? Why does the administration and certain people within city government, and now apparently private companies, think they need our home addresses, names, phone numbers, age, email, voter registration? What does that have to do with a dying ball field?

This is a ploy to collect as much data as possible on us to manipulate future elections. It’s very Karl Rovian and certainly in PTH’s ‘wheelhouse’.

DON’T sign up to receive data. Don’t fill out these surveys. And if the government comes knocking on your door, tell them they need a warrant.

Golf Course Shed Fire investigation ‘NOT CLOSED’

In the April(?) parks board meeting, Parks Director Don Kearney told the board that the Elmwood golf course shed fire investigation was ‘closed’.

I asked a city councilor if I could see this ‘closed’ investigation report.

Officials from the fire department told them that the investigation is still open.

I find it a little strange that Don said 2 months ago that the investigation was closed and I think the insurance company has completed it’s review. So is the investigation complete? If so, is it filed with the non-mow list?