When will the ash tree scammers roll in?

I was already aware of several direct mail pieces that went out this past week. For the most part they looked like local companies. But remember when the ice storm rolled in? It was like an army of out-of-state companies rolling in to trim trees. They will be back. As I understand it from talking to a city official today you must be a licensed arborist in the city of Sioux Falls to legally treat trees professionally. Remember this when hiring someone to treat your trees.

I realized today that I have two ash trees. One got mutilated during the ice storm, so I will probably get it taken down before the emerald ash bore makes it to my neighborhood. The other one is in the boulevard and has been nothing but a pain in the ass, constantly sprouting small branches. Hopefully the city will just come and take it out for me. It IS the responsibility of the city to remove dead or diseased trees from the boulevard. Fortunately my mature backyard tress are Maple, while messy provide beautiful shade.

The sad part is that everyone is running a scam these days, just be smart. Always hire an experienced, LOCAL company to do work. Get references and recommendations. Also report the scammers to the BBB and even authorities. You can’t get these people to stop unless you turn them in.

NOW Rex Rolfing wants to hear from you, that is if you have a check

So he sends out a contribution letter and doesn’t even put his phone number on it? He has learned absolutely nothing his 8 years on the city council. There was nothing ‘grassroots’ about Rolfing’s election to the council. I was surprised he knew what the word ‘lean’ even means. With the mayor’s help and the rubberstamp council Rolfing never backed down from spending your money. Racking up over $200 million in bond debt (He never voted against any controversial projects like the DT Parking Ramp and Administration building) and going along with the over 50 increases in taxes and fees. If you liked Rolfing on the council, you’ll love him in Pierre.

Mayor TenHaken’s Deputy COS not a fan of liberals

What has PTH said in the past about your employees posting questionable things on FB?

This is why political appointees are not a good idea. It’s probably a good idea to separate your campaign and transition team from your leadership team. I saw this with Darrin Smith when he was appointed to Director of Community Development and Parking after he cooked up a false ‘junket’ story about Dr. Staggers during the mayoral campaign. I also feel this is where Jolene failed by using a Democratic political operative to run her campaign instead of an independent consultant.

As for the comments about liberals, I would agree, he knows little about them. BHO was not a liberal, I would actually consider him a moderate to right leaning progressive, but definately not a liberal. I tell people one of the several reasons I left the Democratic party is because there are no liberals in it anymore, haven’t been for decades. But being a ‘liberal’ isn’t some dirty thing. We believe in helping each other, the social net, universal healthcare and education, embracing the arts, culture and diversity and we also believe in the right to free speech and peaceful protest. True liberals also detest war and try to solve problems diplomatically, we also accept all creeds, a major reason why we promote peace over war.

Good luck T.J., posting this will make it a very rough road for you and your boss.

I verified the comment, posted on July 11, 2017


UPDATE: Seems someone on the council is nosing around about public input

The Sioux Falls city council will get a presentation from a city attorney about House Bill 1172 (no supporting documents exist yet) on Tuesday at the 4 PM informational meeting.

According to this BILL it has to do with public input. I found this paragraph in the bill;

The chair of the public body shall reserve at every official meeting by the public body a period for public comment, limited at the chair’s discretion, but not so limited as to provide for no public comment.

In other words, as I read this, if the city council wants to change local ordinance about public input, they have some hurdles with State Law. It seems to me that they may be able to change the time limit or move the public input to the back of the meeting, but they CANNOT get rid of it. I say leave it as is and if someone is being disruptive, gavel them and have them move on their merry way.

UPDATE: It looks as though this may be beneficial to public input by allowing it at ALL public meetings (like the informational). We will find out more on Tuesday. The the State Law goes into place July 1st.

There will be also presentations on alcohol ordinances and public safety studies.

NO regular meeting will be held on Tuesday.

Don’t think our sign regs in Sioux Falls are ridiculous?

Last year I found out that you cannot hang a sign on a business unless you are a certified sign installer with the city (There is a yearly licensing fee) And this isn’t just signs that require electrical hookup, this is any permanent sign. A downtown business owner told me that after having one of his employees make a custom wood sign for his business (no electrical or lighting) he was NOT allowed to hang it himself, he had to pay a certified sign installer to bolt it to his building. I guess drilling a couple of holes and holding a level requires a special license.

(Image: Siouxfalls.business)

Now the city is considering a pipe in a statue’s hand as a ‘sign’

Initially, city officials told him that according to zoning rules there wasn’t sufficient square footage on the property for the addition of the fiberglass statue. He hired a lawyer to work through that issue, but he couldn’t get the city to budge on another one: Mr. Bendo will go up without the pipe in his hand because that makes him a sign and the business already has one.

“I’ve never heard anything so dumb in my life,” Wallenstein said.

That’s because code enforcement under Former Mayor Bowl Cut & Buck Teeth didn’t want to allow people to have anything that looked out of place or to kitsch. That’s why people were getting tickets for 8.5″ grass, including a city councilor.

Some on FB have suggested they dress up Mr. Bendo. One person said they should make him into a Pirate. I have suggested they make a giant dress for him and have him in drag. Or put a bullwhip in his hand and a bondage ball in his mouth. Let’s see what code enforcement says than?


After watching the regular city election and the Sioux Falls City Council leadership election this past Tuesday, this cartoon seemed appropriate.

Moving Sale?

5/17/2018 (c) southdacola.com

UPDATE: Sioux Falls School District proposing $180 million bond

Full Video working now.

If I was outside looking in, I would say the bond will fail, big time at the polls. Why?

• $180 million dollar price tag (some on the task force suggested a lower price tag of $150 to build 3 immediate needed schools.

• A stand alone election in September (some on the task force said this will certainly doom the bond) but Maher maintains it needs to be done before November so the construction can begin ASAP. Another task force member testified that when West central(?) had a stand alone bond election it failed and continued to fail until they tied it in with another election.

• It needs a 60% passage. That will be virtually impossible. The EC, which wasn’t even a legal bond vote didn’t even get that, AND NO TAX INCREASE WAS ATTACHED TO THE Events Center.

• It would be a $100 a year tax increase for every $100K home valuation.

They really need to scale this back even more. My suggestion would to build TWO new schools (leave out the HS) and get the number under $100 million. What I can’t understand is how an elementary school would cost $17 million but a new HS would cost $84 million?

I would also find other resources to pay down the bonds besides property taxes. I think if they get that $100 increase to under $50 a year they may have a better chance.

Hold the election with the General in November.

I wasn’t able to watch the whole meeting, so please feel free to correct me if I got any of this information wrong or left anything out.

It’s time for the Sioux Falls City council & mayor to put an end to ‘STEVE’

As everyone and their brother has complained about the decorum of public input I have often maintained that many of us (most of us) stick to city topics. I rarely repeat myself (except when it is about those f’ing trains). Some of it can sound like complaining, but as long as we are redressing out grievances about city issues it is well within our rights.

I don’t approve of cussing people out, and when people do that, I have suggested they are gaveled and thrown out. I have also encouraged the chair and certain councilors should stop making smart ass remarks (those two fellars are gone).

But one guy, comes week, after week, after week, to accuse the city of trying to murder him and wonders why he can’t get assistance (FF: 29:00). First off, his assistance should come from the VA. His needs and wants are their responsibility, NOT the city government. Many employees from the city and county have tried to help Steve, so have several city councilors, but once they make a suggestion Steve refuses to follow through, so we are back to square one, coming to the council meeting each week to bitch and complain.

It is time that the Mayor (chair of the meeting) and the council put an end to STEVE. They need to send him an immediate letter saying he is no longer welcome to speak at the city council meetings, and if he tries he should be escorted out by security.

I know he may suffer from mental illness (his words, not mine) but he is wrecking public input for the entire community that want to find solutions to problems in our community not whether or not the VA should assist Steve.

Please, put an end to this. TODAY!

Former Mayor Coors Light & Olives ‘FRANKS’ as he walks out the door

While I found this letter on the internets facebooks, I guess several business people in town got the letter. I found it interesting that FMCL&O would use city resources to thank possible donors to his next campaign. That’s called ‘Franking’ – and frowned upon, but no surprise coming from a guy who takes $500K from taxpayers for a tennis center that he puts his name on.