Named after my Boston Terrier ‘Sodapop’ I decided the name was appropriate (SodaPop/SouthDaCola). I’ve been throwing around the idea of self-publishing a book after the first of the year that features political cartoons and political artwork that I have done, and figured I would just self publish it. I may also include satirical poems and other political ramblings. I’ll probably just do a few copies at first and have them available at my various ‘Haunts’ in town.

Watch out Jon Lauck!

Any rich Republicans want to help $$$ me out?


#1 Jackie on 12.18.07 at 7:13 pm

Love the design! Good luck with the book!

#2 Russ Fjellanger on 12.25.07 at 11:02 pm

Soda Pop is a precious puppy – lick, lick, lick – wag the tail – lick, lick, lick – pounce – lick, lick, lick…(repeat) – Terrific idea – I am a poor Republican, but you konw I will help as best I can – put me down for at least one of them there books of yours – Gus