(F)Arts Night gets Stinkier every year

Another Arts Night has come and gone this year and not much has changed. Except for the fact that the jurors names were made known to the submitting artists, some of my major concerns still have not been dealt with. My biggest complaint about Arts Night, wasn’t that the jurors were secretive, it was that the exhibit was juried to begin with. I felt that artists who have been giving since it’s induction, like myself, should not be rejected. The Pavilion was soliciting a donation, why would they reject that donation? My contention has always been, only solicit artists that you know would submit quality work, therefore eliminating a juried show. Also by eliminating the jury, you also eliminate the conflicts of interest of some of the artists. Funny how board members who donate always get selected for the exhibit (Paul Schiller in particular). It is also rumored that other board members have been included this year to. Apparently Arts Night has turned into a ‘club’ event (The board member‘s pieces also brought the biggest bids). I did not attend, but heard the prices were once again rock-bottom for the unconnected and un-established artists. This of course is the other problem I have with Arts Night, no minimum bids. I thought this was a fund-raiser, not Benson’s Flea Market? The most amazing part is that some of the wealthiest people in Sioux Falls attend the event, they probably drop a good $500-$600 just to attend, yet will only bid $100 on original art that will last a lifetime.

I guess we know what the priorities of the mucky-mucks are. Lavish lifestyles and bargain art. Sioux Falls; Arts Mecca – gag me with a spoon.


#1 Some Dude on 05.05.08 at 9:01 am

In a place where the most well-known artist is famous for painting pictures of barns and pheasants, I imagine the conception of good art is a little skewed.
I’m currently decorating my basement sanctuary, and have been taking a lot of pictures of cool stuff in SD (Sioux Falls and the Black Hills so far). Maybe I could become the next Paul Schiller.

#2 lewis on 05.05.08 at 11:15 am

or Man Ray

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