Pattycake, stick to writing about the right-wing agenda and being in second place.


Mr. Powers does an editorial toon from time to time, sometimes they are funny, most of the time they are not. I see since FolkArts quit cartooning he must have gave his Microsoft Paint software to Pat.

Pat just because I was kicking your ass for a week and now you are back on top doesn’t mean you need to try to attempt political satire (we all know Republicans don’t have a sense of humor). For the record I agree with you on the Johnson debates, he should debate and I think he is capable of it, but really, 15 posts or so about it and a bad cartoon? I also agree with Todd, great political strategy, why give FREE press to a nobody whose campaign is broke. Maybe you should hold a fundraiser for Joel, Pat.

I did one this weekend about the situation that I will post today sometime.

UPDATE: and the hits keep coming.

and some more from Bob.

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