America’s Favorite Christian interviews Palin

I threw-up laughing. By the way, Betty isn’t a BETTY.

H/T – Rocco Tcshetter

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#1 EggBert on 09.22.08 at 8:21 pm

Dear i4wiS: My family loves Betty. She came over last Sunday and lap-danced with Grampa Grumps Gump. He grabbed her ass, and she sang her a scolding Christian love song (remix) – when and if Aunt Bertha comes back from Alaska (after stalking Hotty Toddy Palidan), then Betty and Bertha are going to hit the streets and preach taxes and sinfulness to the non-developer citizens of this city ’till the angles flock on high…


EggBert Tib. Fran. Icha. Goo.