Pastor(?) DooHickey has some competition in the ‘Crazy Department’

I guess there is still some Bush defenders left, and they have completely lost their freaking minds.

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#1 EggBert on 09.09.08 at 5:28 pm

My entire family (other than Uncle Rusty, Gramps Grump Gump and a few others unmentionable) agrees. Our beloved President G.W. Bush HAS indeed done no wrong in his and our eyes, is untouchable as compared to other leaders, and is unequal as a faithful Christian person. Get over it! The past 8 years have been the best years of his and ours’s lives. When Aunt Bertha gets back from stalking Toddy Paladin in Alaska, she will be posting more about this subject. And be clear about it when she says the following: “G. W. Bush did his best of his ability during his presidency and will go down in history as the leader who you would most likely want to sit in your favorite bar with and have a brewski…


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