Bob calls it quits to politics?

Bob at Politics and Hypocrisy says he has had it with political blogging;

Well after over 2 years of blogging on politics I have come to the realization that my heart is no longer in it. I thought that writing about the hypocrisy displayed by our elected officials would somehow be therapeutic when in fact it had the opposite effect. Reading the hate, the lies, and the spin that both parties try to pass off as policy has finally turned me off to the process altogether.

Bob still has his other blog though – so that’s good. I have always enjoyed Bob’s writings.

This is too bad, but I do share his sentiment, sometimes. Which brings up a conversation I had with fellow contributor Johnny Roastbeef lastnight. After the November 4th election you will see some changes on SouthDaCola, some of it has already started with additions of music and art. You will see more pop culture on SouthDacola, but you will also get a good dose of politics and cartoons. If Obama becomes president, I guarantee I will have more cartoon ideas then I know what to do with, not to mention the South Dakota legislative session is coming up, always a great breeding ground of satire, just with what Gene Abdallah says alone.

So stay tuned – things are going to get funnier, I hope.