New SF Chamber Chair; Citizen advocates are ‘Negative’

In the Sioux Falls’ Chamber of Commerce News published in the Argus Leader, the new Chamber Chair Dave Fleck had this to say about citizen advocates and half the city council;

“More recently, the Sioux Falls City Council* voted for additional funding sources for the construction of arterial streets and other infrastructure projects. Instead of focusing on negativity, the council had a vision of where Sioux Falls could be and voted for our future.”

*(Only four councilors voted for the increase with the mayor breaking the tie, this equals 50% of the council, not a mandate or a majority).

This kind of divisive language is no surprise from a Chamber member. Over the weekend it was reported that the US Chamber of Commerce was one of the biggest supporters of the Wallstreet bailout, they are also the largest lobbyist in Washington, spending over $40 million dollars last year in lobbying congress. They like it when taxpayer’s give them money for projects like roads. Mr. Fleck seems to think that it is NEGATIVE for government to look out for citizens first. The amendment that councilor Costello offered to make cuts to the budget instead of raising taxes was very POSITIVE because he was saying we can build these roads without raising taxes. Talk about optimism.

Mr. Fleck goes further with his citenzry attack;

“We need to be willing to risk short-term controversy for long-term benefits.”

There is nothing negative or controversial about asking our elected officials to listen to people who pay their wages and fund this city’s government. In fact I can’t think of anything more negative then apathy.