Incesticide is one of Nirvana’s best albums. You can tell they were still in their infancy. I think I actually bought this one before Nevermind – I also have a t-shirt of the album cover.

Review by Thomas Magnum

Incesticide was released to capitalize on the mammoth success of Nevermind. The album collects early singles, b-sides and outtakes. The album was most people’s introduction to the fact that the band had released music prior to Nevermind. The album’s first two songs, “Dive” & “Sliver”, made up the band’s first single. They are both short, but extremely powerful. The album contains some incredible work in addition to “Dive” and “sliver”, most notably “Aneurysm”. The song is a furious workout with squealing guitars , feedback, power drumming and amid all the noise, an incredible catchy melody. Other strong cuts include “Molly’s Lips”, “Beeswax”, “Stain” “Hairspray Queen” and “Been A Son”. There are some forgettable numbers like “Mexican Seafood” and “Aero Zeppelin”, but overall, Incesticide is better than your average compilation.

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