Franklin, one of our greatest founding fathers was a diest

This letter writer tells Catholic Bishops where they can go when it comes to dictating legislation to our newly elected president.

In a secular society no one religion or moral view is given any special legal status or constitutional grounding. Christianity is not codified in our legal system or laws.


In a theocratic society (as is the case in the current Middle East and our own Middle Ages), theological beliefs and dicta are codified in the legal and institutional foundations of the society. As history amply has demonstrated, such societies are the source of rampant bloodletting, violence and discriminatory practices.

But, do you think the theocrats will get it?

2 Thoughts on “America is a secular nation; Deal

  1. You better watch out. The dude over at Voices Carry might think you’re talking about him.

  2. Mr. Preach policy and politics from the Pulpit? I thought churches were supposed to teach people about Faith?

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