I’ve been saying this past election cycle that the KCPO local political talk show ‘The Facts’ has just been a mouthpiece for the SD GOP. The one time they let someone from the other side on the show, Jan Nicolay, she gets pumelled by everyone’s favorite cartoonist turned book illustrator, turned plagiarist, turned TV host, Jason FolkArts. While Brandi Whine Gross from the anti-choice side gets to spout whatever crap she wanted too.

Well it didn’t work. It seems your show is about as successful as your cartooning.

And BTW, a special note too Kristi (Stewart) Golden who appeared on the show awhile back with her election predictions – John McCain didn’t win in a walk. Maybe it had something to do with your ex-employer, Larry Pressler endorsing Barack Obama. (Gawd, that has to burn)

2 Thoughts on “Eastern South Dakota’s Neo-con, Anti-choice mouthpiece wasn’t very successful

  1. Honestly, what would you guess are the number of folks that tune into that show? A couple hundred max? I’d guess the Caribou Show had more of an audience than this show does. Church-goin’ types are having their brunch after church — or if like us, heading over to the latest service. I suppose there are a few family members, etc. — but the only time I made a point of watching was one time when Todd was on. Folkerts was not the interviewer. It’s kinda like a cheapy, neocon, cable access Wayne’s World Fox wannabe, isn’t it?

  2. Maybe viewership is low because he hardly ever has on other points of view.

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