More sore losers

It seems now that the racist, bigoted, neo-cons couldn’t elect McCain (who is none of those things, BTW). They will do anything in their power to try to discredit Obama, including continuing to bring up crap that has been re-hashed 9 million times already.

It seems Obama tried to cover the fact that he never signed up for the Selective Service when he turned 18.

They continue to believe those BS emails they get about Obama, you know the ones followed with ‘You must send this email to 10 people or you will die – don’t break the chain.’ or ‘You have money from a crown prince in the country of Mawayopabblego.’

You should go visit the website this assclown mentions in his letter. It’s a really joy. It’s a crappy blog (like my site). I don’t think I would believe a blogger who refers to the next first lady as ‘Blackie O’ and gets her panties all gooey over Mickey Mouse.

Now all of sudden they are also concerned that the MSM isn’t doing their job, yet they never said a peep when Cheney and Bush were lying through their f’ing teeth about WMD’s.

I leave you to do some reading, and I implore you to do your duty to your community and forgo the mainstream media, which needs to start reporting the facts and the real truths about this man to area residents and their customers.

Please people, the election is over, Obama won. Go buy some tissues, its going to be a very long 16 years for you otherwise.



#1 comoprozac on 11.20.08 at 10:20 am

That has to be the most despicable blog I have ever seen. Nice find.

#2 l3wis on 11.20.08 at 11:52 am

Who would use a ‘blog’ as a FACTS reference? Seriously. They are obviously a place where people express their OPINIONS. Some may be based on facts, but mostly BS.