Hi good folks:

If you and your fellow South Dakotans (mostly the KELO TV-Land World viewing audience) are bored tonight since there is nothing else to watch on the television (or what my Gramps Grump calls the “booby tooby nipple screen”), my Aunt Bertha alerted our family to the special episodes showing tonight on Lifetime, the Channel for Women (or as my Uncle Rusty says – Lifetime, the channel for sheep and manly goats). 

Just look at the lineup tonight: 8PM – Wife Swap where the Burkhalter and Elliot men swap wives. My Aunt Bertha tried doing the same with GOP V.P.’s hubby Hotty Toddy Paladin but Uncle Rusty vetoed it because, although he thinks Hotty Toddy’s wife is surely a HOTTY, he thinks she is dumb as a doornail.  And at 9PM, How to Look Good Naked is showing and Granny Gumption is so darn excited that she is popping up some Jiffy Pop popcorn on the stove, melting loads of butter in the microwave, and is using some kind of battery-powered stick-looking thing (that looks like an ear of corn without the kernals) and is sticking the entire thing down the front of her pants – oh, that silly Granny).

It doesn’t get much better after that with special episodes of Will & Grace and Golden Girls…

See the photo below of my family watching the Lifetime channel 4 years ago –  tonight (isn’t that special?) – VOTE YES for LIFETIME Channel, each and every 4 years!!!

Stay Tuned and Sincerely,

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