Waking up from the Neo-Con Nightmare

Almost at the end of Election Night Partying

I guess I really haven’t talked much about my excitement over the newly elected Obama. Though I was a Hillary supporter, I did get behind Obama in the final weeks and voted for him instead Ralph ‘Uncle Tom’ Nader (Thank Gawd!). Like I have said before one of the main reasons I voted for Obama was because he was the smartest candidate. I don’t want a president I can drink beer with. I want a president who will work hard. Which Obama has proven already by already organizing his team. He knows there is a lot at stake and he needs to work twice as hard as Bill Clinton did to get this country back on the right track. I also want to say that for once in our country young people, independents and Hispanic immigrants really decided this election – this is a good thing, it means America is finally waking up from the very long neo-con nightmare.


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