“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin

Metal Detectors, Bullet Proof desks? Give me a break!

Litz likes the idea of a metal detector, especially after an angry citizen confronted him after a meeting. 

“He was reaching in his coat and it gave me quite a startle a few things raced through my mind. It wound up he was going for his cell phone,” said Litz. 

Bob, can I give you a word of advice? First, drop it – troubling the majority of law abiding citizens and making us pay for this ridiculous security measure is assanine. If a crazy person wants to hurt you, they will find a way.

As for the incident you refer to, it happened outside on the way to your car AFTER the meeting, and he had a CELLPHONE not a gun. I think the quickest way to remedy this would be to have an officer walk you to your car after the meetings. When I worked at the Pavilion, security officers would often walk patrons and volunteers to their cars. It’s okay, I don’t think the other councilors will pick on you about it.

As for metal detectors I think it is just a waste of taxpayers money. Why not change state law so people can’t carry concealed weapons. My thought has always been, if you beleive you have the 2nd amendment right to carry a weapon, then you should carry it revealed in a holster on your hip or not at all. I agree you have the right to carry a weapon, but I also have the right to know who is carrying that weapon.

As for the angry citizen, doesn’t surprise me. It seems you have a lot of people mad at you lately, your voting pattern isn’t helping that BTW. I suggest you call citizens back and discuss with them the issues they may have. I have a feeling a citizen thought they were being ignored. You shouldn’t ignore the people who elect you and pay your wages.

And lastly – if none of those things work, I suggest you resign and spend Monday nights in the safety of your Grange Avenue Mansion. I have a feeling that would make quite a few citizens very, very happy.

By l3wis

6 thoughts on “We need metal detectors at Carnegie to protect the councilors from cellphones?”
  1. If you have a CCP, as I will soon, you have to go through enough background checks so that the state is satisfied that you aren’t crazy.
    If you so much as brandish your weapon in any situation except self defense, your permit can be pulled and you will go to jail.
    It isn’t the people with permits you or Bob should be worried about.

  2. I agree with that – I just think if someone has the right to carry a weapon, I have the right to know who that person is.

  3. Ghost, why are you getting a CCP? Just because you can or are you planing on taking back the streets!

  4. Mostly just because I can. I plan on buying a pistol soon (just for fun practice shooting) and I also enjoy taking my great uncles old .45 to the range. That thing has a lot of history and is probably priceless – the guy who customized it for my great uncle (and other Delta operators) is dead now. I’d hate to get it confiscated because I don’t have a permit.

  5. Oh, and if I wanted a gun for home defense, I’d keep my shotgun in the bedroom.
    But this is Sioux Falls, SD. I’m not too worried about home invasions in a place where people leave their cars running to go in and get groceries.

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