Why John McCain will lose ‘In a Walk’

Besides having a bunch of ignorant, idiotic, arrogant, greedy bastard lobbyists running his campaign and picking Governor Moose Drool as a running mate there is a bigger reason why John McLame will lose this election; not hammering home the issues that are known to be true.

John has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at Obama, but it has mostly been stupid fluff and weirdo associations. Are they important? Yes they are, but most Americans don’t give a shit.

The one thing the McSpain campaign has yet to bring up is the fact that both houses of congress will be controlled by Democrats, and having a Democratic president would eliminate checks and balances when it comes to legislation.

Maybe the RNC told him not to talk about it (so they could keep their seats). Maybe they enjoyed the first 6 years of Bush’s presidency when they had the same advantage. Who knows? But I think it was fundamentally stupid not to bring it up. I think most voting Americans understand balance of power, and I think John could have made a good argument.

Even though I am an indy who usually never votes for a Republican, it still concerns me that we will have both houses controlled by Dems and the White House too.

Who will be watching the hen house? No one.