Top Ten Messages Left On Rod Blagojevich’s Answering Machine

10) “For 10 grand can you make me pope?”

9) “Hello, is this the Blog-o-bloga-a-da-go-bl-vipich residence?”

8 ) “Hi, it’s OJ. Wanna be cellmates?”

7) “Oh, I’m sorry; I think I have the wrong Blagojevich.”

6) “Hi, it’s Larry Craig – Did I hear something about a senator’s seat being available?”

5) “I’m calling about your Senate seat on Craigslist. Wanna trade for a futon?”

4) “Hey it’s Cheney – damn, even I think you’re sleazy.”

3) “You really Blagojevich’d your political career.”

2) “I’m guessing you didn’t spend the bribe money on that haircut.”

1) “It’s Sarah Palin. Thanks for replacing me as the country’s most embarrassing governor.”

“Late Show,” CBS, 12/10

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#1 l3wis on 12.11.08 at 9:28 am

#3 is my new saying, I’ve been lost ever since people are not using ‘don’t taze me bro’ anymore.