Either Jeff is mis-informed or not telling the truth – or KELO misquoted him;

SF Sales Tax Boost Starts Thursday

The City of Sioux Falls will see a boost in sales tax with the approach of the New Year.

If you shop in Sioux Falls, you will be paying an extra eight cents for every $100 you spend, starting Thursday.

“That’s the way we are able to update infrastructure, water, sewer, roads public facilities, buildings, schools, fire stations, that all comes through sales tax,” Jeffrey Schmitt of Planning and Building Services said.

What!! We were told the Sales Tax increase would garner an extra $5 million for the city to build ARTERIAL STREETS in new developments on the edge of town. But I see, as Pat Costello pointed out in an Argus Leader interview, nothing legally binds them to do it – and they took advantage of it.

In fact, Jeff’s quote is so full of it, I don’t know where to start. So let’s break down the BS, corn kernals and all;

– infrastructure (this is already budgeted and has nothing to do with the tax increase)

– water, sewer (this is paid thru the fees you pay every month NOT RETAIL TAXES!)

– public facilities, buildings, fire stations (This paid for thru various sources such as entertainment tax and regular retail taxes)

– Schools (Last I checked this was paid for thru our property taxes, unless Jeff would like to tell us something we don’t know)

Not sure if I am more disappointed that he is misleading us or that he is just taking marching orders?

I will say this. Dave Munson is a kind man who I think has a good heart and truly loves Sioux Falls. But if he thinks he is pulling a fast one over taxpayers, he is sadly mistaken.

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#1 oneofus on 01.02.09 at 6:54 pm

That increase is one cent more on every $12.50.