The red light cameras in Minneapolis are coming down. I’ve long said red light cameras are borderline illegal. This gives precident to sue the city for any money lost due to red-light tickets as well as increased insurance premiums. Hopefully, the days when the city can just set one of these things up and watch the money roll in are over.

On a related note, if you intend to park dowtown in the forseeable future, make sure you keep feeding the meter. Studies have shown that parking ticket enforcement increases as other city revenue decreases. The same can be said for the ratio of warnings to citations issued for minor traffic infractions.

Who knew law enforcement couild be so profitable?

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  1. You are also assuming that our cops are gonna pick it up a notch and do actual work during the recession . . . blahahahahahah!

    and on a separate note, according to state law it is perfectly legal to take a right on red as long as you yield. I know several people who have had their tickets dismissed because of that law.

  2. Ghost of Dude on January 19, 2009 at 12:45 pm said:

    They will if they’re told to. You can tell whether their goal is to keep people honest about hte speed limit or to write as many tickets as possible by the way they hide. If the cruiser is in plain view, they’re trying to prevent speeding. If it’s hidden behind something or just over a hill, they’re out to write a few tickets.

    Their paychecks depend on fines, at least indirectly.

  3. I have a feeling tommorrow we won’t see a lot of cops working in towns that have the Krispy Kreme franchise.

  4. Ghost of Dude on January 19, 2009 at 3:16 pm said:

    But pity the fool who tries to rob a Krispy Kreme tomorrow.

  5. Busted!

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