Is there a disconnect between Rounds and Munson?

It’s about time Mayor Munson gets a clue about the economy

One has to wonder after watching events this week.

First the week started off, all fine and dandy, with our esteemed Mayor telling us that Sioux Falls will weather the storm, even though people are getting canned left and right. Then towards the end of the week, Rounds came out to tell us the budget had to be trimmed by $50 million and our shortfall could be $85 million next year in revenue.

So what spreadsheet is Munson reading from? Or better yet, what is our city finance director Eugene ‘Montgomery Burns’ Rowenhorst providing him?

It’s no secret that Pierre has a hissy fit everytime Sioux Falls wants to limit revenue sources. They threatened us with a lawsuit when we wanted to limit Video Lottery telephone booth casinos.

Why is that? Because a monster chunk of money comes from Sioux Falls to fund state government, and ironically from Iowa, Minnesota and probably even Nebraska.

So what isn’t Munson telling us? I think Rounds’ estimate of an $85 million dollar shortfall is conservative and fluff at best, I think it’s gonna be a lot more. And since most of that kitty comes from Sioux Falls, wouldn’t that mean Sioux Falls is gonna be short on revenue also in 2009? Well logically one would come to the conclusion that yes, professor Ehrisman, it was the candlestick in the billard room.

So when is Munson gonna drop this bombshell on us? I suggest he does it, ASAP, I also suggest the council goes into emergency session and amends the 2009 budget to clean out all the extras, like arterial roads we don’t need, $750,000 suspension bridges, million dollar historical windows for the Pavilion, fancy-smancy trim on the new library, new parks, and the list goes on an on.

I may have been hard on Northside Davey over the last few years, but this is no time to play politics with the city’s budget, this is serious shit, and needs to be treated as such.

Amend now Dave, or the only legacy you will have is a failed one.