Sioux Falls Councilor Jamison shows true colors

“We are not going to negotiate anything with these guys! If they have a statement they want to share with us then let’s get it on!” Councilor Greg Jamison wrote in an e-mail to his colleagues on the City Council and Mayor Dave Munson. “No more games!”


As you can see, this is how are elected officials talk about it’s citizens behind closed doors. Like Bush and Rounds, Munson and Jamison have this mentality that once they are elected they can do anything they want. No surprise about Jamison, his father handed him the family business and his council seat, he owes everything to daddy, not the voters.

We are not the ones playing games, the city is.

During Monday’s informational meeting, councilor Knudson begged us to contact them ” . . . within 15 to 24 hours . . .” Then when we made an attempt to discuss it with the city, the above email is what we get? You are right, Jamison, we don’t play games.

When asked about his e-mail, Jamison said: “In the end, I am still committed to getting those bonds so we can get those levees built as soon as possible.”

“Real people die in floods,” he added. “Real families get wrecked for life. Not on my watch.”

Who is Jamison concerned will die? The employees of Granite City and Hollywood Video? I guess we live below sea level on the Gulf coast. Well, Greg, the last time the city flooded it wasn’t because of the lack of levees, it was the lack of a upkeep on our sewer system. The water didn’t come flooding out of the banks of the big Sioux, they came from the city’s poor sewer system.

Stehly said her group is equally committed to bringing the sales tax issue to voters. And with promises of federal money coming, the bonds might not even be necessary, she said.

“We care deeply about the financial health of our city,” she said. “We’re doing this because we care. We’re doing this for taxpayers.”

City officials acknowledge that a federal stimulus plan could include money for the flood project. Mark Cotter, the city’s director of public works, said the project is considered a “high priority” for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. But the city isn’t waiting to see. The bonds are scheduled to be sold in March so that construction can resume this spring.

“We really do need to continue moving this forward,” Munson said.

Munson just can’t wait a couple of months for an answer, instead he wants the taxpayer’s of this city to pay over $12 million in interest payments on a loan we may not need. The Feds (FEMA) created this problem, they should fix it.

I suspect if the FEDS do pony up, instead of paying off the bonds, I’m sure Munson will keep the money so he can build football fields and new monkey crappers at the zoo this Fall. He has the legal authority to do anything with the money now, because seven of the councilors gave him permission to borrow, borrow, borrow.

I ask, who do they represent? Not us.

And once again, the Argus Leader editorial board thinks borrowing money is a good idea;

As a matter of fact, the council is right on track in proceeding with its intention to sell $38 million in bonds in March in order to pay for a levee and flood control projects.

No, the council should have found alternative funding sources.


#1 Anonymous on 01.30.09 at 8:42 pm

“this is how are (sic) elected officals talk about it’s citizens behind closed doors”

Hey moron… Just because Greg Jamison acts like an idiot doesn’t give you the right to accuse all elected officals of the same behavior.
But of course, you know that… because your saviour Kermit is an elected official!

#2 l3wis on 01.31.09 at 9:58 am

I though Obama was the savior? Damn! These things change everyday!