– End the food/utility tax
This could easily be done by simply raising the tax .5% on non-essential goods. We could also charge the 4.5% tax on ALL non-essential items. Right now we have lower rates on certain items, this needs to be equalized.

– Implement an Advertising tax
This could help with budget shortfalls. We could also use the money to pay for roads or schools.

– Fix the weight charge on vehicles
Instead of raising registration fees across the board or implementing a gas tax fix the inequality in the weight charge. Right now people with lighter vehicles are paying a 25-50% higher rate  than people with heavier vehicles? Aren’t larger vehicles causing more damage to our roads? Charge them more.

– Smoking Ban
a majority of South Dakotans don’t smoke and support this measure, don’t buckle to a handful of casino owners and lobbyists, do what the populist wants for once.

– End no-bid contracts
This is a no-brainer. Not only would this save us millions, if would eliminate conflicts of interest and the competition would result in better quality contractors.

– Bump up the Video Lottery cut to 70%.
As long as South Dakotans are willing to keep this as a funding source, we might as well get our use out of it.

– Cut state government FTE contracts by half or more
Rounds has over doubled the size of state government, but has it made services better? Nope. Just look at the Vehicle Registration debacle. Big government helps no one, it just costs us more.

– Impeach Mike Rounds

Even if you skip all the other things on this list, if you do this one first, all the others do not matter.

2 Thoughts on “South DaCola’s 2009 Legislative Session wish list

  1. Randall on January 10, 2009 at 2:58 pm said:

    I disagree with the smoking ban. Don’t believe in bans. People should vote with their feet – if it stinks in there – don’t go in; walk on down to the next place.
    The businesses will eliminate smoking if there’s more profit in it for them.
    I’m an ex-smoker my own self and think they stink now, but I also believe in freedom. Just because I don’t like it anymore doesn’t mean that everyone else has to stop now, too.

  2. Randall-

    There are 3 things you have to consider;

    1) Our legislators and lawmakers should be listening to and legislating on what is best for the majority. A majority of South Dakotans support a smoking ban. Mostly because of health and public safety reasons.

    2) I really don’t consider it a ‘ban’ I just think of it as another ‘regulation’. The health department and fire codes already regulate bars and restaurants, this is just another regulation.

    3) Last I checked, bars and restaurants main business is selling food and drink, not cigarettes. In fact even if a ban went into place, bars could still sell cigarettes. It’s not like they are banning beef or vodka.

    There is absolutely no proof that a smoking ban would hurt business. In fact studies have shown the exact opposite is true.

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