The Nutcracker wins contest without even singing one line!

The Gargoyle Leader announces Rock Star contest winners. Imagine that, Some Tuthill Fairy teenagers win first place, go figure! But I’m still wondering when the Nutcracker is going to sing.


#1 Ghost of Dude on 01.12.09 at 2:50 pm

How do you know they’re from the tuthill area? Most of the people I see when I’m out walking the dog are empty nesters.

#2 l3wis on 01.12.09 at 2:53 pm

Oh, I should probably clarify, I came up with the term ‘Tuthill Fairies’ when one of my friends used to work at Spezia with a bunch of rich kids, I used to give him shit about trying to be like them when he hung out with them after work. I called them that.

By the looks of their practice space, I am assumming that isn’t a very small house.

#3 Ghost of Dude on 01.12.09 at 2:58 pm

There are quite a few such neighborhoods in town, but I understand what you mean by the term. I used to live amongst them. Never really got into the whole social status “who’s parents bought them the coolest toys” thing. Half of them turned out to be total losers anyway.