Term Limits and Taxes

The Argus Leader had a pair of great letters to the editor today.

The first one was slamming a regular neo-con who spews about the benefits of taxcuts;

I grew up in a South Dakota community that had WPA or PWA stamped on everything from schools to sidewalks. My quality of life to this day (62 years) has been impacted more by the New Deal and the Great Society than all other presidents and eras combined.

Couldn’t agree more. Things were built better back then to.

The second letter is about the arrogance of our state leaders and their continued attempt to overturn term limits that the voters have told them twice that we want to keep them as is;

South Dakota state legislators simply don’t understand. Last year they placed a constitutional amendment on the ballot to repeal term limits. The measure fell flat with more than 76 percent of voters casting their votes against the effort to repeal the state’s current term limits law.

I think all legislators need to take an IQ test in South Dakota before they are allowed to run for office. I think it would eliminate the Gordon Howie’s of the legislature.


#1 Ghost of Dude on 02.27.09 at 8:13 am

The IQ test should be mandatory to hold any public office. I doubt the average IQ in our legislature is in the triple digits. Stupid is as stupid does – you can thank brain drain.

– Brought to you by Carl’s Jr.

#2 l3wis on 02.27.09 at 8:43 am

Ted Klaudt fortifies the argument.

#3 Watchdog on 02.27.09 at 2:42 pm

District 30 would have no representation. What they need is adult supervision.

#4 Les on 02.27.09 at 4:27 pm

Unfortunately Ted Klaudt is smarter than most in Pierre.

#5 l3wis on 02.27.09 at 7:51 pm

And 4 times the size.

“Here drink this PBR while I take a gander at your v . . .”

#6 redhatterb on 02.27.09 at 9:01 pm

My home town also had a lot of sidewalks stamped WPA. I am assuming there were other things built during that time, but the sidewalks are all I can remember. I grew up on a farm, so we weren’t in town a lot to do much exploring.