And Conservatives wonder why I think they are jackasses

More proof here;

I’ve nothing against “the arts,” as such. I’ve everything against using taxpayer monies to fund them.

I partially agree with that statement. For instance I think it is a crock of shit that the city of Sioux Falls helps fund SculptureWalk, but leaves the public out of crucial decision making, like picking the sculptures that would be on display each year. But I support public funding of the arts when it goes towards education, which most of SD Arts funds do.

We are going to spend chump change (by DC standards) on this,

Yes McFly. The feds match our paltry funds and private donations are in the millions. As the WHO would say, “Call that a bargain, the best I have ever had” (or something like that). It is estimated that arts funding will cost each resident of SD $.78 next year. Whoa Nelly! Talk about Pork!

but we are also going to charge people more for visiting?

Sounds good to me. Think about it –  most public art is enjoyed by tourists. Why shouldn’t they be chipping in? Of course (rich) conservatives think the best way to pay for things in SD is by fining people to eat.

And you wonder why the Conservative brand is turning into one big pile of crap – the lack of ideas and common sense.