This comment was on my KELO page from a well known SD Conservative;

Webmaster, Haven’t we had enough of Mr. DaCola? He NEVER has a positive word about anything. He bad mouths public servants and now those who put their lives on the line to protect us – the police. He continualy makes off color remarks, frequently amd excessively use curse words, and occasionaly posts with racial overtones. It reflects badly on KELO and all of us. Enough is enough!

Joel Rosenthal

Better call the Whambulance Joel.

By l3wis

16 thoughts on “Hey South Dakota, haven’t we had enough of Conservative Republicans in our state that only believe in free speech when they are sharing their misguided views?”
  1. I just went and took a peek at joels site, “south dakota straight talk”. I think there is just a little bit of professional jealousy at work here. Nearly all his blog entries have ZERO comments attached to them. And for good reason. He’s boring. Here’s his favorite daily read.

    The Washington Times

    Here are a couple of extra curricular activities enjoyed by joel. And they’re listed one right after the other. How appropriate is that?

    South Dakota Governor’s Council of Economic Advisors

    South Dakota Pork Producers

  2. Fitting.

    You don’t know how long I have been waiting for a well known conservative in this state to come after me. This is gonna be fun. I don’t care if I get kicked off of KELO, I get 5% of my traffic from there, who cares.

    I still laugh at conservatives and their stance on FREE speech, it’s okay as long as you are positive, polite, share their old skool views, and keep it in the form of a check.

  3. Free speech is a double-edged sword, Herr Rosenthal.
    Besides, for every guy like Mr. L3wis, there are three conservatives who all sound exactly alike. The SD blogoshpere would be boring and monotonous without sites like this.
    I wonder whose site gets more traffic?

  4. Just looking at some of joels topics reminded me a lot of another site that gets it’s talking points straight from am spin radio, the argus forum.

  5. Am I supposed to say something about Jews here? I feel like we’re all whispering about the Rosenthal in the room….

  6. Am I using ‘racial overtones’ when this dumb white liberal is making fun of dumb white conservatives? I also did not realize that Police in SF are ‘putting there lives on the line’ when they are selling fake joints to teenagers or getting FREE meals at the hospital – who knew. I do agree with him about one thing though, I use a lot fucking goddam, mother fucking curse words. My bad.

  7. Just looking at some of joels topics reminded me a lot of another site that gets it’s talking points straight from am spin radio, the argus forum.

    At least the wingnuts there are mercilessly teased for being stupid.

  8. I’m with you on this one L3wis. I think your stuff is pretty reprehensible at times 🙂 but I am an “extremist” when it comes to the First Amendment. People should be able to say what they want when they want (except for the proverbial fire-in-a-crowded theater thing). Take a step toward limiting the free speech of one person, and it is not a long way toward limiting it for everyone.

  9. Joel has a right to complain – but I also have a right to throw it back in his face. He wouldn’t be the first or the last. I also find it ironic he would complain about me when Lund and Hemingson say far more reprehensible things then I do.

  10. Well, not really. he sent the comment 5 TIMES to my email and only put his name on one of those times. As a fellow KELO blogger, he should know that we moderate all of our KELO comments – so why send it 5 TIMES!? That, and if he was trying to tell the webmaster something, maybe he should have emailed the webmaster instead of me – I’m just saying.

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