I thought ‘REAL PEOPLE’ die in floods?!

Not so much anymore. I guess the 1,600 (retail) properties in the floodplain are not much of a concern anymore either;

The city has delayed issuing more than $40 million in bonds to pay for flood-control upgrades because officials are optimistic the federal government will send money for the project.

This is where I do my ‘I told you so’ dance. Will you join me Councilor Costello?

“I just really think there’s going to be more funding from the stimulus bill, so we’re going to wait,” Sioux Falls Mayor Dave Munson said Tuesday.

Wait! Wait for what! Another flood where water is flying over the spillway and basements are getting flooded* and people are DYING! APOCOLYPSE NOW! *(My bad, that was because of faulty infrastructure not lack of levees)

In a letter dated March 2, FEMA notified the city in an official letter that the new floodplain elevations were completed.

Huh? So we didn’t need to build these new levees right now? Get outta here. Are you setting us up for another Katrina, Dave? I heard our current president doesn’t care about ‘white people’.

“Whatever we get, we’re going to be appreciative of,” Munson said.

Because my knees are beginning to hurt, real bad.