Imagine that, the Sioux Falls MSM ignores the consulting fee story

So I will give you an update (watch video here).

As I predicted, Dave was absent from the meeting (go figure) must have been working on his deposition for the Red Light Camera lawsuit.

It all started with Councilor Staggers wondering why this mysterious memo about the audit never reached him- then a circus of finger pointing started, the only thing that was missing was a seltzer bottle, monkeys and a roaring lion. They really need to install a popcorn and roasted peanut machine at Carnegie Hall.

Staggers asks the auditor what process is used to pick consultants and professional services, he says “They don’t always use a request for proposal” In other words, some of them are just handpicked by the mayor or department heads. Now that’s fiscal responsibility and accountability, isn’t it?

Towards the end, Vernon Brown rears his head and points out that consulting fees only are .2% of the total budget this year. (but fails to mention they have doubled in 3 years. Yeah, Vernon, What’s the diff if they cost us $500,000 or $1 million? It’s only .2% of the total budget.

It’s important to note that the total amount of professional services is over 12% of the total budget ($34 million). I guess Vernon forgot to bring that up in the meeting.


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