I wish John Thune would just go away and take the PUkeC’s with him

Ironic Johnny is at it again, saying one thing in DC and another at home;

Sen. John Thune did not support the stimulus package but does back Lewis & Clark.


“Although I did not support the stimulus spending bill because of its size and the fact that very little of the funding was truly stimulative, I did support alternative proposals that would have provided important infrastructure funding. Without a doubt, funding for infrastructure creates jobs and has long-term benefits. … As a longtime advocate for this project, I know this money will no doubt expedite that progress and bring water to areas in need,” Thune said.

“Because there is one thing I have learned about being an ass-kissing hypocritical Republican, you really can have it both ways without the voters even knowing.”


And South Dakota’s up and coming Republican ginger doesn’t help matters when it comes to the rhetoric;

“First off, we want to advocate smart policy coming out of Capitol Hill,” state PUC chairman Dusty Johnson said of the report. “The way cap-and-trade policy is being presented now, South Dakota residents could see a 48 percent increase in their bills, but there’s all kind of tweaks that can be made to ease the impact on South Dakota.”

Because energy costs haven’t gone up that much in the last 6 years? Give me a break. My electric bill has almost doubled in the past 4 years and my gas bill has gone up about 30%. Why. Because we are not looking for green energy solutions. Stop spreading the BS. Cap and trade will increase our energy bills for a few years, then they will start dropping. It’s an investment and it should be sold to the American people that way. Not more FEAR & SMEAR.


#1 PP at the SDWC on 04.16.09 at 9:48 am

Lewis – I believe it’s unanimous on the PUC being against it.

“We’re not arguing against reducing CO2 emissions. Instead, we’re asking how we best do that without causing unnecessary harm to any one region or state,” PUC Vice Chairman Kolbeck said. “We need fair and balanced regulation of carbon emissions, and not regulations that cause greater harm to one region of the country over another.”

#2 l3wis on 04.16.09 at 11:22 am

Regulation won’t work, too many loopholes. Hitting the coal companies in the pocketbook is the only way to go. And IF our energy costs go up, it will just encourage Americans to be more efficient. Just look at all the scooters Lewis Drug sold last summer when gas prices went thru the roof.