It doesn’t take a genius, but it does take someone with at least a half-a-brain

Citizens are beginning to wakeup to the city hall shananigans;

Thank you Sioux Falls Councilor Kermit Staggers for asking for an audit of outside services. Several years ago when I tried to get some answers, I was told those reports were sealed.


I find it interesting that Sioux Falls residents are asked to shop locally, but yet city government goes elsewhere to shop.


Your audit opens up some good questions, but it also starts a dialogue about morality and the bottom line.

I am afraid Mayor Dave Munson has forgotten that concept. It does not take a genius to realize that Sioux Falls is not getting back in taxes, mortgages, etc., any of that $25 million paid to out-of-state services.


And what happened to the morality issue of taking care of your own?

Remember the City of Sioux Falls motto under the current council and mayor;

“Special Interests First – Citizens Second”