It's NOT about WHO filed the petition, it's about the PETITION itself, stupid

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Shocked! The Argus Leader Editorial board figured it out;

This isn’t about the merits of Citizens for a Responsible Sales Tax’s argument that Sioux Falls should lower its sales tax from 6 percent to 5.9 percent.

Government’s responsiveness to the many constituencies it serves should not be tied to whether those in the seat of power agree or disagree with a particular philosophy.

No matter how distasteful or inexpedient our public officials might find the citizens group’s anti-City Hall stance, the group has the same rights to clear and concise answers that those with a lot more money and political clout have.

Uh, we are not anti-city hall, we are against politicians that don’t represent us and put special interests first. It is blatantly obvious that the tax increase was about paying back special interest campaign contributers. Pay to play is perfectly legal in South Dakota, it’s unethical, but legal. So as citizens petitioning their government, we should be afforded the same rights.

It’s clear that signatures older than six months can’t be counted, so that seems to indicate some implied six-month deadline.

However, City Attorney Robert Amundson says he hasn’t studied the issue and indicates that he doesn’t plan to until the group files its petitions.

“I don’t represent her (Stehly). As soon as I get it done, I am ready to discuss it,” he said, referring the group’s co-chairwoman Theresa Stehly.

That’s appalling.

This is not a chess match. City officials should formulate an answer to the group’s question about the deadline and tell them that answer.

You are right BOB, you don’t represent Theresa, but you do represent citizens that support this, or at least democracy for that matter. You are trying to personalize this when you know it is simply about the law and answering an election question. You couldn’t make it more clear you are gearing up for a legal challenge.

I find it almost ridiculously comical that the Secretary of State can answer a simple question to the media and the citizens without himming and hawing, but a lowly city attorney appointed by his best friend can’t answer a simple question. Makes you wonder if BOB is playing games, or just doesn’t really know the answer – would seem kind of strange (and scary) for an ex-judge.


#1 Plaintiff Guy on 04.28.09 at 12:26 pm

Democracy at Tamminy hall? At best, home rule is oligarchy. City government ignores civil procedures and state or federal constitutions. A rash of court cases demonstrates this. Home rule is socialism applied to traffic, zoning, outside contracts, and now airport construction. Since 2007, city code disallows court appeals. They made themselves disfunctional. They prevented citizen appeal but also cannot use a court appeal to collect fines or impose action. Code reads “judicial review” from “appeal to circuit court”. In other words, hearings are subject to procedures review but a circuit court cannot enforce city decisions and the city cannot enforce actions without a court.

#2 Plaintiff Guy on 04.28.09 at 12:40 pm

I not only favor withdrawing the sales tax increase but suggest getting back more tax base. Obviously they need some revenue. There must be money for general repairs and lucrative city employee benefit packages. If we have no say in how they spend and cannot force them to retract in hard times, perhaps we can form a separate government entity or secede into smaller neighborhood cities.